By Kaeyne - 24/03/2009 15:41 - United States

Today, I had an elaborate plan to ask this girl to Prom, and it was going to take a few minutes to set up. I asked my friend to distract her. He decided to distract her by asking her to Prom. She said "Yes". FML
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what a bastard.

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wow, what a dick. that sucks dude...


what a bastard.

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HEY EVERYONE, Calm the vagina waffles down. This is a stort story. Are we even sure OP's friend knew? OP: Sucks to be you. Hey, There are many fish in the sea, It's just that some of them may be sharks! Sorry Bro.

WTF is a vagina waffle? Just STFU.

give it about 10 years or so and Fuck his wife.. even Steven

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wow, what a dick. that sucks dude...

poor you. he's an asshole.

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haha - hes a dick. Next time, just ask her as soon as you see her instead of all that distracting and waiting jazz..

Get that punk back.

i'd punch that friend in the face.

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Not much of a friend of now.

dump that friend

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Your friends a dick. I'd say drop him, lol. Not much of a 'friend.' Next time, ASK HER. (: And tell her he has herpes. :)

don't ever trust your best friends when it comes to thing like this