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Today, I asked a short girl to prom by making a "You must be this tall to say no" sign. She grabbed a chair, stood on it, and then said no. FML
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Looks like your plan fell a little short of the mark


Thank you for your incredibly intelligent, articulate response. I'm sure that all who read your comment will have their vocabulary skills grow indefinitely. (Translation: *sighs loudly*)

You'd have to be an 8-year-old not to understand that

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FML isn't where you should be going to enrich your vocabulary. FML is for fun and enjoyment. Don't be so serious.

you sure look like the person who has witty humour

Looks like your plan fell a little short of the mark

I guess OP doesn't measure up to her standards.

But the girl OP was asking out sure rose to the occasion

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Well it clearly wasn't above her to say no.

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Could have kicked him in the groin to make him lower the sign lol. OP got off lucky

Yeah OP you sound wack, you targeted her height in order to get a date, desperate lmao.

Yeah, this was a super gross way to do it, "say yes because you're too weak to say no!"

This isn't gross, he was just trying to be funny. I'm not trying to defend him because I hate people like this, I just don't understand how you came to this conclusion.

66, he was trying to be funny by treating her as if her height defined her and not allowing her the chance to say no. Neither of those things are funny, in fact "gross" is a much more apt word. Offensive, dehumanizing, and self-centered are a few other possible words. The fact that he thought it was funny is not a defense, in fact it says terrible things about his character that he would think something like that was funny.

That's a gross comment. You're saying all short people are weak.

I think he meant it like those "you must be this tall to ride" signs at amusement parks

You guys do realize that crap like what OP tried to pull is how rape culture gets perpetuated, right? Saying it was a joke only makes it worse. I'm proud of that girl for her response, but sad she didn't decide to kick him in the balls to get him to lower the sign instead.

79, I'm sorry you're so offended by a joke, even one as blatantly shitty as this one. And calling it a joke or saying he thought it was funny is a defense, it's just a really shitty defense and shows how stupid he is.

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He made fun of her height by basically saying "You can't say no to me because you're short." I don't care what anyone says, that's kinda ****** up. Even if it was supposed to be funny and cute.

Or maybe he just really wanted to take her to prom, she could've said no without standing on the chair but she did to go along with it.

Wow. Making fun of her height and denying her the right to refuse you in one go? How could a girl resist? Yes, I realize it's a joke, but... seriously not funny.

maybe to somebody that doesnt have a sense of humor.

Its called a sense of humor... People need to stop taking things so personal

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I personally find it extremely adorable lol. As a short girl who likes tall guys, I'd have loved it.

I really think it depends on their relationship. If they had been flirty and there was some light hearted teasing by both of them, I think the idea is really cute. But if she is self conscious about her height, or if they haven't had much interaction with each other, it comes off as rude and controlling.

51 exactly. If you didn't interact with her much before or aren't close, it's kinda rude and creepy. If you were close and it's common for such jokes, cute. Just because an idea CAN be cute and funny doesn't mean it will be in every case. You have to think over your relationship with the person and how they might react to such things.

#18 and #20 "Here, I'm gonna make a joke that may be quite offensive to you, here's how I want you to react to my offensive joke"... Self-deprecating jokes are only ok if the person is secure and comfortable about the subject - as a short girl she may have been very sensitive about her height. And that's the thing - when you make a joke at somebody else's expense - you CANNOT then stipulate what sort of reaction you should get in return, from the very person who was the subject of your mocking.

Short people usually don't like their height being mentioned. Don't know why, but they just don't.

#20 because commenting on physical, unchangeable parts of someone's body is rude...

Except he way more likely than not has no idea if she's comfortable with that being made fun of. If somebody asks me out by publicly making fun of something I'm insecure about why the **** would I say yes?

It depends on the girl you are doing it to. There are some who would find it funny, and some who would find it offensive. It's nothing to do with having a sense of humour because there are a lot of girls in the middle who would change their mind depending on who did it and when. OP deserves what happened because they tried something that any fool could see might be offensive without working out which camp the girl would be in.

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There's typically reasons why people are insecure about things. Like assholes targeting it for example? It has nothing to do with "growing up".

#137 Yes I am insecure about my height, but it has nothing to do with "growing up" or anything. Being a short person, especially when always around rather tall people can be intimidating. Being mocked for being short can hurt. A few people in my life always refer to me as "hey short to the ground" and that hurts coming from someone who is supposed to love and care for me, I couldn't imagine something like that from a stranger. So please get off your high horse and "grow up" yourself if you can't understand such a simple concept.

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Maybe not the best way to ask a girl to prom. I think your idea was a little short on planning.

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As a short person myself, I wouldn't advise pissing us off. It may be as high as we can reach but it'd hurt you a lot more than anywhere else 8)

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Some people are sensitive about their height. You could've went with a more creative less rude way to ask.