By Anonymous - 19/01/2016 23:36 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I was told that if I was caught yawning again, I'd be fired. FML
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That was also my exact reaction to this FML.

Hey OP, I would really suggest looking for another job, toxic people like that are something you should try to avoid as much as possible in a workplace.

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May be OP is yawning in front of customers....we don't have enough context here...

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whatever you do, don't actually think about yawning. if you think it, you will do it.

what if OP sees someone else yawn? we all know they are contagious

That's ridiculous OP!! I'd find a new job ASAP..

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I yawned after reading this FML.

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These comments are so boring I not only yawned I fell asleep.

Cover your mouth when you start yawning. I guess that's the best alternative.

Well, that'd be unlawful termination, no?

Unfortunately, not necessarily. Some states are at-will and don't need a reason.

Yes it would be, this is in Canada we don't have at will termination. I actually live in this province. Provided they are not still in their 3 month probationary period they can't actually be fired for yawning. However that said I've seen bosses make something up, which then you have to prove was false.

Sounds like this is your hundredth and final yawning.

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It's their own fault... your job is too boring.