By Black Cat 13 - United States
Today, at work, a little girl was misbehaving. Her dad told her that she would look like me when she grows up. The little girl look horrified while Daddy laughed and kept reassuring her he was "just kidding." FML
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is it just me or does anyone else think all these stories are made up because they are unbelievable and even after calling bs the op never defends their story or answer questions directed at them as to how or what the op reacted ..... mssg me with your thoughts because I will moderated ...... just think op never answers ..... and we have never posted a story or no anyone who has

  ungoy  |  0

Oh god, 65. Shut the fuck up. You don't know if she was ugly, she even could have a scarred face or whatever. And even if she was ugly (whatever that means to you) it's still not his right to offend people like that.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

hahaha you guys are offended so easily. it's funny I wasn't even talking to you and I hurt your feelings. oh and by the way people I was kidding, but if you wanna take something I say on an app seriously you must have some serious sensitivity issues. you can cut yourselves and cry now ok thanks bye.