By tongue tied - 11/02/2013 08:57 - United States - Meadville

Today, I was talking to an attractive guy, but I was so nervous that I got tongue-tied and then blurted out, "Stupid autocorrect." FML
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If there only was autocorrect for some conversations.

Technology and its mindfuckery: 1. Poor woman who fell to technology: 0.


If there only was autocorrect for some conversations.

I'm kind of intrigued, how would autocorrect in audio conversations work... And what if it changes your words to something completely random, "so how's the logjam today?" Hmmmm

There is... Just chew it over with a Snickers.

decidedlyvague 11

Waldo Nipples! Damn autocorrect, Hold the Pickles!

Honestly if a girl did that talking to me, that would be really cute...

Technology and its mindfuckery: 1. Poor woman who fell to technology: 0.

People are way to obsessed with phones and technology nowadays. The more people use it, the more apt it is to influence their speech, communication, social skills, an social life.

androiddestroya 7

Siri tells me what to think now anyway.

26- no, I was definitely mocking our technology use; if you think about it, we're quite insane. And I'd be a huge hypocrite :P

androiddestroya 7

31 - nonsense good sir! Merely because you engage the masses in a pass-time involving the technologically enhanced guilty pleasure of schadenfreude!? (laughing at people's misery; i.e. FML)

KiddNYC1O 20

Technology will never be in deficit.

Sometimes I wonder how the hell people can just blurt ot technological terms in real life...

It's like when people say "lol" instead of laughing, it's depressing...

I will say 'lol' or 'lulz', but generally only ironically. Like when I think something isn't actually funny. People who say it and mean it scare me.

kellygirl83 11
androiddestroya 7

Because if you were genuinely laughing out loud, you'd be too choked up with laughter to speak the acronym.

Irony is saying the opposite of what you mean. Therefore lolling or lulling ironically would be doing so when it's quite clear that the joke or whetever wasn't funny. You could do a really exaggerated lol that is really scathing or whatever to put someone in their place about their unfunny joke. I dunno.

Irony: People keep using that word, but I do not think it means what they think it means. ButI could be wrong.

I once actually said "xD" when my brother said something funny. Like, literally. I said those two letters out loud instead of laughing. Luckily he didn't hear me, or else I'd never hear the end of it.

I never understood how people get THAT nervous. But anyway, that's embarrassing op, some things only work while texting.

I find it just as annoying while texting. I think everyone has used that phrase too much; they're just trying to make excuses for mistakes we all make. Maybe it's time to simply correct our mistakes and move on? I'm guilty of it myself, and of course the "Damn Homophones" excuse when I use the wrong "there," but come on, guys; it's getting old! ;)

tmmundy 17

4...I suppose not everyone is like you and some people do get THAT nervous, believe or not. I'm sure that they would all like to be like you and not get THAT nervous and be able to control their nerves, however we are all different.

jogihoppa8343 23

I don't see why this is getting thumbed down, he was making a witty joke about autocorrect (you deserved it)

Well hopefully he thought it was cute, I definitely would have laughed!

I would have slapped her and push her off a cliff and then laugh about it after, but that's just me.

If she laughed after, it would have been awkwardly cute!

Ouch, I know that feeling of nervousness.. Your legs feel like jelly (I didn't even know it was possible until I experienced it), you start getting hot under the collar and you stutter a bit..

solosohigh 15

hopefully you just went with it and made a joke out of it. if he has a sense of humor, he'll laugh with you. if not, he's just another attractive guy.

perdix 29

You should have laughed and said, "Semi-colon, close parenthesis!" If you reveal yourself as a nerd, you might as well go all-in and see what happens.

Your comments are half the reason I read FML :) thanks for brightening up my day!