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People who comment "i see what you did there" are Douche bags. Like curls said they are attention whores. A simple lol would be enough.

As for the OP. That must have been some nasty ass Explosive Diarrhea if the guy heard it.

  biass  |  0

Yea, YDI on that one. Though I wouldn't of dumped you, I'd just make fun of you every now and then and make it an inside joke... Unless it sounded really, really bad then I'd dump you. #

  gutzz  |  0

very witty my friend, I dont think he's not talking to you because he's disgusted, he's probably trying to top it! it takes concentration.

  shhortmomma  |  0

Eeks, you kinda deserve it for not hanging up to do your business. Aside from the fact that it's rude to leave someone waiting on the phone for that long (since the average dump has got to take like at least 5 minutes...? Or perhaps you tried to rush it, hence the killer noises that didn't escape his ears...) boys aren't supposed to find out about girls' bodily functions until much later on in the relationship. LOL. ;)

  tona01  |  16

girl attack!!!! be careful men of the world, they are angry and are going to kill you for every macho joke you ever made