By well fuck! - 14/8/2019 22:00
Today, I was grocery shopping with my kids. As I was buckling them into their car seats, two men jumped out of a truck, hoisted my cart and sped off. According to security, this has become a regular occurrence at the store. My entire month of groceries gone in seconds. FML
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By  nrvanagrl  |  6

I worked a charity event where they were playing a kind of scavenger hunt in the grocery store and everything was to be donated to the local food bank. Someone took off with one of their carts after they paid and were distracted!

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

If it's such a common occurrence, sounds like they need to do something about it. Like beef up their security. I doubt they'll reimburse you for what was lost though, even if you show them your receipt and get the exact items. Still, we live in such a sad world. :( At least they didn't get your kids!

By  Nhayaa  |  21

Well, now you know you have to put the groceries in your car BEFORE your kids... I think they won't try to steal the cart if the kids are still in it!

By  Sarah Morrison  |  3

They just took off running, full tilt with your cart, didn’t take any time to load a FULL MONTH’S GROCERIES into a car or truck or whatever (where, even if you couldn’t stop them, that would sure take enough time to ID the vehicle in the security tapes), just sprinted off down the road and no one was able to catch them?

Every grocery store I’ve been to in the last 10 years or so has their carts set to trip a car boot type break the second it hits the perimeter of the lot.


If nobody's trying to steal kids, what's the AMBER Alert all about? And what really happened to Elizabeth Smart if she wasn't abducted? What about Etan Patz? I assume that was a sick joke by whichever company's milk cartons his face appeared on?