By ridella - 08/04/2011 10:35

Today, I was in the emergency room. The doctor told me that my injuries and back problems are the intensity of those after a car accident. I slipped on a grape. FML
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watch those grapes, I nearly had my penis amputated because of one. true story

mrmerino 0

oh my gawd that reminds me of that episode of spongebob where he slips on an ice cube


watch those grapes, I nearly had my penis amputated because of one. true story

you two are very frail individuals, I consider life insurance, if you had slip on a banana peel you woulda been done

MaskingTape 2

maximum grapage. he's just lucky there was no giant chicken.

Why would you suck on a grape with your penis? You think wine would come out from your arse?

must have been a big fuckin grape, like maybe the "fruit of the looms" grape

gutzz 0

ya, op mugged him then accidentally tripped over him trying to chase down the apple, he gave her worms.

the grapes of wrath lol or however it girs

fizzhead 4

very true(:

hotscar 3

you've been graped

79 - But he wasn't tied to the radiator!

I hope you're okay :)

mz_booty 0

preety dp :

is that even possible for slipping on a grape? I find this very funny but fyl xD

Yes, very possible, I once broke my ankle and foot in 12 places, had to go into surgury to get it pinned in 4 places, rebroken twice, and was on crutches for 6 months all because of a cardboard box

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hahahahaha a grape... FYL

mz_booty 0

hahahaha a grape... really a grape  fyl!! ^^

hahaha grape. fyl!!

hahaha grape. fyl!!

gutzz 0

oh wait... did op say they slipped on a grape?! I get it now!!

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hahhaha thats funny!

sexxy147 0

3- u r sexyyyyy!

angiedancesalott 8

102, your picture is fake. Bieber does nottttt* have abs. lmfao @ believing he does.

sharpshooterace 3

that must have been one hard ass grape

no shit...have u ever stepped on a grape and had it do anything but flatten under your foot? slipped on a grape....come on

that grape was hard, so it graped his foot :)

nothing92x 13

The grape has gotten its revenge.

helloletsgo 0

that's pretty impressive

aavatar10 0

Grapes are cool

FriskyTaco 0

And nutritious!

Your profile pic is kindof fitting for this thread....

Did the grape also let out a little whine?

jtini001 4


hahahaha! nice picture too :D

SuckerPunchurMom 0

XD funniest shit evar!

you just got graped.

There's the true story. Injuries sustained from being tied to the radiator and being graped in the mouth.

awardZu 0

Better than being graped in the ass.

RedPillSucks 31

Your sentence wasn't complete. You meant you slipped while driving a grape Bugatti, right? ... Right?! Because it sounds pretty lame the way you originally said it.