Thanks dad…

By Anonymous - 26/09/2012 20:27 - United States - Fort Lauderdale

Today, I was on the toilet, when the girl I really like decided to call. I'd left my cellphone in my room and my dad answered. All he said was, "He's taking a shit. This might take a while." and hung up. FML
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jkozzy 8

If his boss ever calls, say the same thing. ;)

If you are a regular here, you ought to know better. I thought it was standard for FMLers everywhere to take their phones with them into the bathroom.


biglittlehead 12

Damn that sucks dude. Good luck!

What a great comment #1. Maybe you shoulda wrote that "Stinks" it would make a nice pun.

Inb4 shitty puns

SApprentice 34

22- This isn't 4chan, nobody wants to deal with the 'inb4' comments.

It isn't that bad. We are only human. Some people enjoy it. Fetishes all around.

This is why I always try to have my phone on me. I understand that you can't ALWAYS have your phone on you, but you'd be surprised that stuff like this doesn't happen when you have your phone.

If a girl disregards you just because you were taking care of business at the time she called, then don't bother. But if she has genuine interest in you just call her back and forget about the stupid thing your dad did.

X_Codes 11

I have to agree with 37. It's common knowledge that it's a parent's job to embarrass the hell out of their kids, and if that's the worst that he can come up with then you're lucky.

It sometimes seems like parents do all of this embarrassing shit on purpose. [Edit]: No pun intended.

I have to agree with 37 as well. Everybody poops, and almost everyones parents can seem odd. I have stories for another time, but if shes really into you, she will just ignore what she heard and will move past it like a mature person would. If not, well then shes probably not right for you...

Probably not a good idea to bring up anal just yet...

jkozzy 8

If his boss ever calls, say the same thing. ;)

I have had this happen to me and the next day the girl wouldn't talk to me

2- Bad idea. This is what would happen if OP did that: 1. OP gets revenge 2. Dad gets fired 3. Dad can't find job 4. Dad decides that his only option is to start his own emu farm 5. Emus have a mutiny so emu farm fails 6. OP is forced to take care of family 7. OP joins the circus 8. OP is attacked by an angry bear riding a tricycle 9. OP dies. This is serious shit here.

I like the way you think lol

68- Fired for taking a shit?

#2, what if OP's dad is his own boss, Then what?

LO388 7 were dropping one without your cellphone? But what other time would you be on FML?

#68 - You get it!

68 - so creative! I love it!

Well that escalated quickly.

I think that's too much only because pops risks losing his job. Then the shit will hit the fan. Both the girl and the boss should understand shit happens and defecating is part of life but people love to act like they're the shit nowadays. Maybe op should do it just so pops knows how it feels when things go to shit like that?

Crappy father you have there.

To solve this problem have your phone always on you, and or have a passcode set.

Or have on vibrate, or don't own a phone, or tell her next time you see her wrong number.

Doesn't matter if he has a password, though. You can still answer calls regardless

habibiiiiiii 2

It's like parents try to embarrass their children for their own entertainment!

Your dad could have just said you were busy, not say you were taking a shit. That's embarrassing >.< Sorry OP.

Yeah it's such a shitty thing to say!

iOceanus 18

Awesome profile pic, #4!

Everyone poops. Hopefully, she is mature enough to look past your dad's immaturity.

LiyIa_fml 8

You say immaturity, I say complete honesty.

While it was true it is extremely crass and classless. It's those facts that make the response immature.

sleepinginclass 8

I do not poop because I am a girl. And girls do not poop.

101: there's a book I would like you to read, it will be very enlightening for you. It's called "Everybody Poops". You can find it at your local book store in the child's section.

Hopefully she won't care. It was explained to me at an early age that "everyone poops."

If she really likes you it won't bother her

CreepInTheCorner 11

Maybe she wants to watch though.

Woah... You are totally creeping this corner! That's some messed up fantasy...

JustDerpin 11

That's some kinky shit

CreepInTheCorner 11

Well that's totally what I do in my free time, just sayin. I'm kidding, bro. Jeez -_-

Have you heard of a "blumpkin"

If you are a regular here, you ought to know better. I thought it was standard for FMLers everywhere to take their phones with them into the bathroom.

cabadas11 2

Of course im reading this fml as i poop

Same, FML = bathroom app

Oh crap I thought that it was one of unwritten times of fml. to read fml while taking a shit

zadie 6

So it's not just me!

SApprentice 34

But many of us don't have smart phones. :( We're too poor for such extravagant toys.

Unless they did earlier, and dropped it in the toilet.

Next time someone laughs in the stall next to me I'll know why...

50- I'm not poor and I dob't have a smartphone. I have an old cracked Ipod though

cabadas11 2

Nope its not just you i never go in the shitter without my phone its the modern newspaper

Dude that sucks

OP I think your dad should apologize . Maybe you could tell the girl that he was joking. I wish you luck with the girl.