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By  NorfolkDude  |  2

Don't stress it. Biology is boring to talk about though. Next time you do this, and he says, "NEXT" like that, you get up and speak as loudly as you can, "OH MY GOD, IT'S THAT SMALL! NEXT!" and proceed to laugh then talk to the next guy besides him.

  Peachy2392  |  26

It's only boring if you don't have an interest in the subject. Just like everything else in life. You have to find someone with the same interests as you. It was very rude of him to just say next and move on to the girl beside you, hopefully she witnessed his behavior and turns him down. Anyways, best of luck finding someone, OP! :)

By  quiksta  |  0

what's the matter with women? you feel the need to prove something to assholes while you probably know about 5 real gentlemen who secretly love you and want to actually treat you well, and probably cast them aside as "friends"