Blocking time

By tommyboy783 - 20/10/2011 01:38 - United States

Today, this weird girl started texting me. I really didn't want to talk to her, so I texted back, "This message could not be delivered because of a temporery network setup error. Error 2128-226110." She replied, "You spelt temporary wrong." FML
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russellboy 0

Good plan. But bad execution. Lol

There are so many things wrong with this. For one, a response from the same number.


At least she stopped after that right? Or she didn't even get the hint?

hilary56 0

That's a burn brotha

Just say blame it on the cellphone company.. And text me. >:)

This is actually a great idea, bummer he failed. Maybe next time OP.

enonymous 8

Error 404 comedy in this reply not found

nerdpower_fml 1

Just stick to selling brake pads, tommy boy. You obviously aren't good at anything else.

Maybe OP had a temporary moment of silence?

he just put his phone number on the internet

it's your own fault!

How did "this weird girl" get your number in the first place. YDI for that, and your terrible spelling.

russellboy 0

Good plan. But bad execution. Lol

Looks like he forgot to turn on auto correct

nonelikeworms 0

Spelling Nazi

"Spellcheck yourself before you wreck yourself." -Someone random

There's an app for that

No, it's not an App it's built in.

Whats da name of that app? Lol I want it

I believe he was quoting the iPhone's "there's an app for that" commercial.

Bahahaha YDI!!!!! That's funny though

Thank you for not contributing anything to this post -_-

djmigues 7

Same to you, 64.

xosportsgirl14x 8

And you, 66. Ah, hypocrites. OP: why not just not text back...?

djmigues 7

I was going to say, "And the same to myself as well," but I had already posted my comment and didn't want to double post.

kiakia0131 23

You could have edited your comment, unless you are using an Ipod or phone. (I don't know if you can edit comments on those devices.)

guckylynn 19

You can edit comments on iPhone and iPod.

There are so many things wrong with this. For one, a response from the same number.

samiwammy 5

Lol, YDI. Spell check next time ;P

Maybe you just send a regular "I don't feel like texting" or "I'm busy" text. It's shorter and you don't look like a douche. Unless you misspell something. Oh wait....

Or just don't text back..?

rae_munchkin 6

I think all he has to do is say he isn't interested and move on. Unless she's a stalker, she would give up after that.

Didn't think that one through very well there bud..

Haha very true. Kind of a jerk move in my opinion

That was a brilliant move! Just...not a very smart person doing it.

alejandratx 8


She's being OP. Btw I'm coming for you

I think she misspelled it on purpose as some form of humor

Or... you could have just not replied