By mcdeez - New Zealand


Today, I had to cover for a coworker who didn't turn up for work. He's always late for work and I was pissed off about having to cover for him again, so I said to my colleagues, "He better be either in hospital or dead." Turns out he was dead. FML
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  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

I remember when took this class, Working with Children II, last year and I absolutely hated the teacher who taught it, and I recall my myself wishing she would drop dead. This year I was forced to take the class, Working with Children III with the same teacher, because AP Bio was full. Turns out the teacher I hated and was supposed to have this year was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over the summer and would be out for a long time. No, shes not dead or anything (thank god), but OP, it's still not you're fault, it's just a coincidence, because you had nothing to with your coworker's death.

  Reyo  |  2

I say shit like that all the time. Same thing with the "You're adopted" joke. It's just a horrible coincidence. Act like you're ashamed for an hour and move on with work. If anyone at your office has half a sense of humor, they'll understand that you didn't actually want him to be hospitalized or dead.

By  plexico  |  3

Yer magick is indede powerfull, Dark Lord mcdeez!

Now, you're going to have to cover for him forever, or until they hire a new who wishes you dead, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

I wonder if your dead coworker is going to be late for his own funeral.

By  emmmilyyy  |  0

Laugh it off. It's funny. I once heard a coworker saying that in her grandmas will she would leave her no money if she had a tattoo, and I told her to kill her grandma and then get ink.. Turns out her grandma HAD died. Poor taste comments are always hilarious.