By StillDrowsy - 09/10/2009 12:29 - United States

Today, I woke up in the hallway. I took a sleeping pill the night before to get a good sleep in for work, but it turns out it was too strong. I got dizzy and passed out on my way to my bed, fell in the hall and chipped my two front teeth, and slept there - straight through work the next day. FML
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DoomJeff91 2

Well now you know what you want for Christmas.


DoomJeff91 2

Well now you know what you want for Christmas.

which will be? a mattress in the corridor?

Reyo 2
Sun_Kissed18 25

...two front teeth? Though a matress would be nice ;)

Hey, that is true... I was prescribed some sleep aides by my fail of a doctor... they didn't work in the /slightest/. I took them with food, with water, when relaxed, and even said "**** it" and downed the last eight pills at once and it didn't do a damned thing. Ohhh I was so pissed. Nowadays masturbation works wonders.

azhein 0

if you don't go to bed soon after taking them they will make you dizzy and unbalanced

i think she just tanquilized herself instead of using pills

How strong are your sleeping pills? Give me one.

No kidding. I took a sleeping pill once. It gave me insomnia and hallucinations. What the hell did she take?

They probably got some real work with you not there, since they usually waste a lot of time carrying your sorry ass. You can take a pill and be unconscious for 16-20 hours? And you are here in Texas? Interesting... Unfortunately, with the chipped front teeth, I'll have less fun with you.

Damn, you beat me to it! I was going to say something like "someone took your sleeping pill and replaced it with a roofie. Are your panties missing and your ass sore?"

That's your story and you're sticking to it, eh? Sounds like an Ecstacy OD to me.

if it was an ecstasy OD you wouldnt fall asleep, youd be wired until you started probably seizuring. your heart would be going crazy, you wouldnt fall asleep and then wake up eighteen hours later, youd most likely be dead.

oooooh! check mr "i am a swedge master" over here.

sweetie, im a girl first off, so no "mr" title for me. as for the "swedge master" bit, i know the effects and dangers of certain drugs because i think its a generally interesting topic and unfortunately, ive had the horrible misfortune of losing a few close people to several different types of addiction. and if you (in general, not you specifically) knew anything about ecstasy, one would realize that you can not fall asleep on it. so call me "the swedge master" if youd really please to do so.

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i've fallen asleep on x i've fallen asleep in the mri tube

really? was your roll already done? because thats never happened to me or anyone i know.

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YDI for taking sleeping pills, but it sure fells good to take um

sounds like someone took some roofies

It's raining, it's pouring, the poor girl is snoring. She went to bed and bumped her head and couldn't get up in the morning.

But he could get it up in the morning.

The best kind of sex is when your partner is still unconscious. What? read up on your shit before you talk out of your ass, thank you. REPLY TO #13, silly fml keeps screwing up the replies.

are you arguing with yourself? because #13 was you... anyhoo, no one is arguing with you about the effects of ecstasy as far as I can tell so you can chill out now

jk, i meant number seven. sorry i just woke up when i wrote that. and if you read 7s comment it says "sounds like an ecstasy overdose to me" so maybe read everything beforehand, okthanks.