By Jer - 11/10/2009 00:30 - United States

Today, my oldest son answered my phone call much to my surprise as we haven't spoken in a year. The first words out of his mouth were, "I didn't mean to pick up the phone." He then hung up. FML
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If your going to reply to be seen at the top atleast reply to the 1st comment instead of the second one, but I guess its ok seeing as your ******* retarded.

Um, look at the name. Jer (man). That usually means hes a father, not a mother ;)

Calling someone "******* retarded" whilst using "your" where you should have used "you're" is....

#32 is awesome for thinking #31 is awesome

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You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.

Well.. These days you can kinda chose both.

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Yeah, they have an iPhone app for that.

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hahahaha #32 is awesome for thinking #31 is awesome

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I think all of you are awesome :)

#39 that's pretty awesomee that you think we're all awesome. :) dammmmmmmn, that word is starting to sound weird. :/

Not enough details to decide if FYL or YDI

This is FML. His father never showed love to him, probably spent all his college money on gambling and drugs, pissed off all his girlfriends and made them leave him, made him feel guilty for every bad thing he has done and the minor things that make up 90%.. the usual stuff.

Agreed with #2. Maybe if you stopped calling him once in a while, he might phone you instead. Unless this was the first time you have phone which I bet it was not. Leave your son alone.

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Do you really think a parent is going to just let their child slip away when they care? No. Even if things had happened between them, that dad still cares about his son.

We don't know if the dad cares about the son or not there's no details stop assuming he does just because he calls.

there's a reason you two haven't talked in a year... if it's his fault then let it go and wait for him to come to you... if it's your fault then I'd say youre screwed and go pray about it

why the hell doesn't your kid speak and how do you accidently pick up the phone? the real fml is how stupid your child is

Um. By having it next to you or not checking from who was the call beforehand? Are you sure it's the son the stupid person here? :D

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Poor lad. He probably had relationship issues with you. Like I am with my dad. I would do the same if were to be like that, but FYL. I hope things get better in the end. (:

Welcome to the American culture. In every continent but North America you actually care for your parents as they went into the trouble raising you... Europeans, Middle Easterns, Asians and so on know that family is love.

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Really? Because I live in Germany and two of my coworkers hate their parents to no end. Over something stupid like not buying them the blue baby stroller instead of the green one, because "they always do this! they have to have it their way"

generalization...and why blame the kids, anyhow? it's an over-indulgent parenting style and trying to be "friends" with your kid that makes them lose respect for you. plus, the OP could have done something totally awful to his kid, you don't know the back story. way to automatically jump on the soap-box as soon as you see a hint of an opportunity.

Oh, not to mention, a lot of those continents have societies that have this thing called "polite speech" (or something like that) where shit like child abuse (along with sexual and spousal abuse) is kept hush hush because it's not proper to talk about. Surely, there are times when parental hate is unjustified, like perhaps here, but to assume everyone who dislikes their parents is just being a brat is really ignorant of you.