By akasha - Canada - Hamilton
Today, my patient had her call bell on. When I went to see what she needed, she replied that she was very itchy and could not reach to scratch the itch. I basically got called in to scratch my patient's crotch. FML
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By  yanksby7  |  6

So you're upset that some poor woman was so uncomfortable that she had to swallow her pride and press a button to get someone else to scratch a private area? Perhaps patient care is not the right field for you. F HER life, and grow up OP

  kportal69  |  5

Being a nurses aide I understand. And hey when you're 90 years old, shit and piss yourself, and can't scratch anything you'll be asking for someone to scratch your crotch too. Guy or girl doesn't matter. We have the hardest yet most caring and compassionate jobs out there. And I say GO YOU OP! For being that caring and compassionate to scratch an old ladies crotch :)

  br0dawg  |  6

And in an exciting twist, you find out that the "sexy nurse" is actually a pre-op tranny! Aww yeah, son.

Wait, no? Did that not...that doesn't do it for you? OK, welp, bring on the thumbs down.

  doink  |  0

I once had a 30-something year old man ask me to hold his penis while he peed into the urinal. I thought he was joking so I chuckled. Well, turns out he wasn't...

  l0v3p4in  |  7

18 - As a novice nurse, I couldn't say no and was too naive to realize the difference, but as I learned the tricks of the trade, I found ways that many able-bodied men found it extremely hard to resist not calling me again (i.e. ice cold bed baths/showers, rough handling)

*In a sweet innocent Betty Boop voice* "Oops, I am so sorry, sir, was that too cold for you? Let me scrub away all that nasty dirt and get you all good and clean." *Scrubbing vigorously making him as pink as a newborn baby while batting eyelashes and talking sweetly*

  stevenJB  |  25

Lower...ahh..lower...lower...TOO LOW!...lower... :)