By markymark - 17/05/2011 17:36 - United States

Today, I took a final for my law class. As I was taking the test, I noticed the girl on my left copying off me. I wrote all the wrong answers on my sheet while writing the correct answers on my desk hoping she would copy the wrong answers down. I forgot to write the correct answers on my test. FML
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jennifer93 0

all you had to do was cover your paper...ydi

Hold on; You forgot to write Chuck Norris in your answers?


she'd better if she wants to make it up to him

Tell the examiner that she was cheating, & maybe write the correct answers on your paper. It might help :]

heyheywaddup 7

yeah... watta genius.. how'd u kno all the answers were righhttt??

you deserved it for being an ass, either cover up your paper or let her copy...

kiaralove53 0

Who has the time to do that in a final?

Very clever, except for the follow through...

yeah I agree with 45. way to be a ********

imacreeper 3

you were in your Law class, and she was cheating which is against the rules. you've just had your first case..and you've failed.

Takador 3

Drop it to the floor 61, drop it to the floor…

carmieloulou 0

on the bright side she wont cheat off of you again..:)

carmieloulou 0

i mean on any test not just that

Takador 3

77 leave me and my drunkedness alone

^ this is just like the FML about lying to the Internet about being drunk/hangover

How sad. As to OP, I did that in biology, in which the test had two parts, multiple then free response, and we had to go up in the middle to place our scantrons in a pile then pick up section two. In the first test I noticed that a guy was picking up my scantron instead of turning his in, copying it, and then returning it. So the second test I gave him a 0, went back, picked up my scantron, and fixed everything. I was really good at Bio tests, so yes, he got a 0, and I got a 100.

@ 143 wtf how can you give him a zero for a written response, and how are you allowed to each touch each others scantrons...

deliciouscake 3

165- my class has a teacher that assigns something then sits back and waits for the next class to start. that would be one way

Why are there so many unnecessary Ts in your commentttttt?

That's what you get for being a douche op

m0tl3ycru3 0

i had a similar experience except it was an aptitude test.

Its okay OP, you'll probably get a better score now anyway

staceysgenesis16 0

thats incredibly stupid. i understand what you were trying to do , but that wasnt a good way to take care of the problem.

VinegarStrokes 0

Holy shit OP!!!! You're a ******* idiot! Wow...

CptGap 0

at least that person didn't pass either

bjohnst12 0

firssstttttttttttttt. and too bad nothing clever to say

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this person is going to be that court appointed free attorney that poor people get sent to jail because of... your honor, I object to this person becoming a lawyer!

actually, an idiot is a perfect fit for lawer

no respect for u #4 calling him the idiot let's see u try

So glad they failed -we dont need more idiot lawyers. Also what kind of person cares that much about being cheated off of? if you worried about yourself first/covering your own ass you wouldn't be in this situation.

lakaiskate 12

Hey going to law school doesn't necessarily mean OP is becoming a lawyer. Also my high school offers a law course.

just because he's trying to become a lawyer doesn't mean he's going to be one and if he doesn't have the mental capacity to remember to get the right answers, then he's not that smart

#240 he was getting cheated on and it wasn't his fault Dumb A it's not like u could of done better I would expect him trying to get the girl to get the wrong answers she was to dumb enough to answer her own dang Questions

Hold on; You forgot to write Chuck Norris in your answers?

alright!!! CHUCK NORRIS IS GOD OF EVERYTHING!!!! especially test answers

alexg823 0

I think you mean Jesus. No joke, one time I used Jesus as an answer to my vocab test, and my teacher marked it correct. I still failed, but now I know, Jesus is the answer to everything.

MagicGiraffe 12

And that is also her dirt stache

atomicbaboon 0

no, those are her imaginary eyes.

love your comment picture, so anti-comicbook and i for one am not particularly fond of that crap.

and don't forget the duck billed pout

79- just, just don't talk about Jesus. please, it offends me as a hate mongering satanist

A valid point but I found that black Jesus works better, because if they say it's wring it's racist, politicaly incorrect and religious descrimination. Black Jesus

Jammy01jams 2

One of my teachers has a secret word that you can fill into any question on a test and get that one right, if you didn't know it. once per test it can be used, even on the exam.

jennifer93 0

all you had to do was cover your paper...ydi

if op doesnt have this much sense, how good a lawyer would they make?

don't think it takes much anymore. there is a third year law student at my university who didn't know that a football team named Manchester united came from Manchester,UK. she thought they were a Spanish club....

CateXOX 0

58- I don't think that's essential knowledge for becoming a lawyer.

58- what does that have to do with becoming a lawyer ? SO WHAT. maybe this girl doesnt really pay attention to football.

Iknoweverything 29

58, you're an idiot. Not everyone knows every English city. and 7, I would think it would make more sense to just call out the student in front of the professor. Most colleges have no problem putting a big black mark on permanent records. Not only would she have never gotten a job, the rest of the students would have an incentive to keep their eyes on their papers.

58, some people try to learn important things that will actually get them somewhere.

free2speak 14

Exactly what I was thinking! It does get frustrating but couple of years ago, when I was in college, I took this Chem class where we had assigned seating for test days and even after numerous complaints, the prof always sat me next to the guy who always tried to cheat off me. We had ACS tests so it was a lot easier to cover up the scantron with the blank paper but it still got annoying at times.

IadamkI 3

There's a brand new invention called covering your paper with your arm it's cool I used it before and my mind was blown.

Funny thing...I just bought that invention yesterday. xD it works mighty well.

YouReallyDeserve_fml 0

mine didn't work so I sent it back for a new one and then the new one worked :)

Just let her cheat, it's not worth the risk of failing. She will get what she deserves later in life for not knowing the important material.

marix54888 0

yea plus he can just tell the teacher the truth now. maybe he will get to retake it.

iloveboyswittats 10

doubt he'll get to retake it

Honestly, it really depends on the teacher's personality.

I doubt they'll let him. The professor will probably just think he's an idiot.