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Today, my 6-year-old son asked me what a "sex toy" was. Not really knowing what to tell him, I said it was a game. He's asked for one for Christmas. FML
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i don't see why OP didn't say something along the lines of it "being for grown ups only" or "you will know when you grow up like mommy and daddy."

He could just pretend it's a rocket!! Which is definitely fun for the whole family!

I suggest telling him not to say it at school

I'm more concerned with where he heard or saw the word.

It's very odd that he knows about that kind of stuff. Public school? If he keeps talking about it, tell him it's a game for grown-ups only, and maybe teach him another game he can play. I'm sure he'll forget about it in no time.

It would be the same even if it were private school.

Don't tell him it's only for grownups! Then he'll want to play it even more and start talking about it all the time.

He's a little boy. He may not even be rebellious

Well you could probably just get him anything and call it a "sex toy". Not exactly good in the long run, but it works.

Until he says to his friends at school "Santa got me a sex toy for Christmas..."

Just don't get him one, then. Say that it's an adult game, and Santa only gives presents to kids.

Or you know, tell the truth. Lying to your kids never ends well. They eventually find out the real definition and won't have the same trust. Op's kid is only 6 so I would suggest just saying "it's for adults, I will tell you when you're older". Simple.

#79, I don't think telling a kid it's an adults game is exactly a lie. I mean it's not a game per say, but you can make it a game, and it is for adults.

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That would be quite a surprise when his grandparents watch him open it. Merry Christmas! Here's a *****.

I think a flesh-light would at least be gender appropriate. And don't ask how I know what that is.

Because a fleshlight has a pocket for Legos and could help him see in the dark! ....Right? We'll just have to hope Dad doesn't mistake it for his own fleshlight later.

Yea, because if it hurts to walk on legos, imagine how it would feel if they were in the fleshlight

Everybody over 18 knows what a flash light is. Why would anyone ask how you know what that is?

everyone ever knows what a flash light is, no one younger than 18 should know what a flesh light is

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"I think a flesh-light would at least be gender appropriate." Unless he likes it up the butt. There IS that possibility he'll wind up swinging that way in the future.

Just don't mention it again. If he does let him know it's not for children, and offer something else instead.

As long as heard it in an innocent manner (the only way that comes to mind is from an adult joke) it isn't that big of a deal if just explain to him it's something only for grown ups and it's impolite for him to talk about in public