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By  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

I would find it easier to ask the wife first, since she's in the car. However I can understand running to your daughter to see if she was okay. Tough situation but you should have asked your wife first for convenience sake.

  junkman6  |  22

That or the mothers head was spinning and she really didn't notice her daughter was the other driver. I've had a few concussions in my time and let me tell you car wrecks seem to deliver the worst kind.

  Rodville  |  28

Not really. It is sort of custom in her family that anything that happened in a previous marriage disappears. It has caused several fights when we were first married and I wanted to see my daughter. She tolerates it now. But her grandmas husband hasn't seen his kids in 30 years.

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

Maybe #28 is pretending to be OP, if they were op their comment would be blue and it would say author. and yes it is possible they're using another account but what ate the odds of that?

  TisAPenguin  |  16

#28 I understand what you're saying, but it is strange. My dad's girlfriend of about 8 years gets jealous and pissed off when he comes to see me or texts me, which is rare. She believes she should be the center of his attention, and for the most part she's gotten what she wants.

Just as long as you never forget who the most important female in your life has been before your current wife. It's very difficult to rebuild a good relationship with your kid after you've lost it.

By  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

There's situations where somebody looks completely fine but isn't, it's kind of common knowledge that after an accident like that, you ask everybody if they are okay to make sure nobody had sustained injury

  Firewielder  |  17

I think OP did check that she was okay, but the wife was angry that she wasn't the first he checked on. Honestly it sucks that the wife was like that and didn't even bother about the daughter.

By  psycho2012  |  7

so your daughter t-boned you? ouch that's gotta hurt and I can only for see trouble amongst the family in the future if that's the case. hope everyone is alright and you guys can work through things

  DocBastard  |  38

Wait, why would there be family problems after an unlucky accident involving a father and daughter? I must be reading the FML wrong or something. Or do you know something more about the story?

Or are you Superidiot, with the superpower of leaping to stupid conclusions in a single bound?

  Piranhagirl  |  9

Actually 26, I believe 5 was referring to the wife's reaction not the accident itself. The wife only cared that she wasn't the first one her husband checked when his daughter also could have been hurt. The wife seems a little selfish to me and it could probably hurt the mother-daughter relationship and cause arguments.

I thought it was a perfectly valid observation and prediction.

By  \  |  28

Sounds like a needy-ass wife.