By Benjamin - 28/10/2011 01:22 - Canada

Today, I was rear-ended by a girl barely out of her teens. I got out of my car and went to get her insurance details, only for her mother to get out and up in my face, screaming at me to, "Get back in your fucking car and get the fuck out of here!" I panicked and did just that. FML
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wow you are a coward.

Mother used ROAR! Wild OP ran away!


wow you are a coward.

rallets 22

what a pussy

I literally facepalmed when I saw you were a guy.

More like a little bitch.

YDI - next time tell her to shut the **** up and let her daughter handle the adult situation she put herself in or you're calling the cops for a hit and run.

you might as well have gave her a foot massage and hand her a 100 dollar bill for having to waste her time... you need man up

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Ahh i got hit by a lady turning out of a parking lot last year. She turned out and went across two lanes and hit my car. She was scary as shittttttt and had 100lbs on me. Maybe I'm a pussy?? I let the cops get her info and waited for the print out. :/

@18: That's the problem. If he were a female, he wouldn't have to worry about being hit in the happy sacks. In this case, there was an actual chance of instant incapacitation.

armorf0r 7

Why were you driving in a kitchen?

armorf0r 7

Ahhh, I guess i deserved that to be moderated. I wanted a flame war!

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Wow dude your a little bitch. I woulda been up in her face yelling back about her daughters shitty driving

DUDE!!! rip off the panties and put some big boy boxers on!!!

Canada already had a bad name

I'm hoping OP at least got the plate number. But seriously, why do as she said? smh

She knew the password, eh?

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Idk about y'all, but I've had the same experience. only, as soon as I got out of my car, the girl yelled at me to stay inside, and attempting to take a pic of the plates, she hit me. interesting how they were both women...

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It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy. Both should be held to the same standards on this. Op should of stood up for himself and if the situation escalated then he should of called the cops and got out of there If it got worse but not just because a mom was yelling though!

Nobody says happy sacks anymore

didn't I see this on bud light commercial? man up.

OP needs to nut up or shut up.

tjv3 10

that's when you get out the cell phone and call the police .... oh and you are a wimp

Judging by your avatar and tattoo, you are a giant douche.

Get that bitch a ticket Bitches love tickets

Ya, that's why I carry a gun. :) Should have called the cops to get her information.

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I apologize for my unfunny comment I am ashamed for filling the comment page with such bad jokes

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It's ok 17 the Internet won't forgive you, but I will :D

17- Damn bro, that's the best recovery I've ever seen. No joke. *thumbs up second comment*

RA661 8

*pitty thumbs*

# 33, bacause your dick was stuck in it.

nope, the softest thing on earth is a chinchilla. I am being totally serious.

That sucks, but you gotta stand up for yourself

u look cute lolol

You look like a douchebag. This ain't E-Harmony bro.

Seriously stand up for yourself. You let this lady get away with a hit and run, basically

no he's a pussy

no he's a pussy

nollid7 5

Can we say pussy!

fthku 13

Spustit'sya! Nope, can't say it. I can say get down in russian though, apparently.


*cough*cough* bit*h *cough*cough*

crazygurlzz1 5

Haha i know right?! That would so be me!

Mother used ROAR! Wild OP ran away!

This made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

You make anyone who has played a Pokemon game proud.

Damn, that was like the best comment ever simply because it was a Pokèmon reference :'D Good job

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Glitterhinoceros 14

It was super effective

KnewPerdomo 4

roar can't be super effective.. sheesh..

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Lol @199's avatar Perfect for this situation

You should of said "I'm gonna pop the trunk on your hitch ass!".

leadman1989 15

And then she pops hers. Now she's holding a sawed off twenty gauge and he's holding his umbrella. :p

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You just made my day

did you go buy some tampons after that?

Omgplz 3

If he/she went to go buy some tampons then they'd be "on their period", thus making them ten times as bitchy and hostile as the mother. Your argument is invalid.

je_suis_fml 11

never mind technicalities in a JOKE.. the gist is: he's acting like a woman by having his balls handed to him, but I'm sure your comprehension skills led you to that conclusion before you posted your bitchy comment... or not. Chill out, all jokes aren't based on actual "facts". grr

Run bitch run she's gonna eat ur soul

That's when you say...."oh, I'm sorry my car was in the way of a girl who drives like her mother, now shut the f up & get back in your f'ing car while I call the police to report her for hitting my car, & you for threatening me bitch!"...then take a pic of the car license plate w/your phone & drive off while dialing 911 & tell the operator you're being chased by a psycho who has already hit your car.

Uh, dude, weren't you just telling a different OP off for wanting to have sex with his girlfriend? And you think this is better? Wow, get your priorities straight. And seriously, would you really say that. NO, you would politly tell her you only want insurance info, get it then walk away. I don't know single person in the world who would say that. You must be ******* crazy.

armorf0r 7

10 - Cool story bro. Tell it again.

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47- well actualy theres about 30 people here right now that'd probably do that, myself included

Llama_Face89 33

I'd do it just to see the look on her face!

Your the guy that just admitted to stalking your own daughter... Why would anyone take your advice haha..

zoezola 0

i definitely think i would say that. it made me laugh so hard! just the thought of someone doing that makes my day

Yeah man, you should probably change your profile picture or something because a good majority of people on here now know you as that man who stalks his daughter to shit, and we can't take any of your comments seriously. I can't, anyways.

Xquisite1 28

You were more pussy than the both of them put together.