By imafrickenidiot - 08/03/2010 08:33 - France

Today, I was supposed to talk to my girlfriend's mom to ask permission to date her daughter but I chickened out. We've been together for almost a year, but have not been on a real date because I am too damn scared of her family. FML
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you have to ask their parents to date someone?


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that is so not fair... you definitely just said what i wanted to say. soooo... i agreed with #1 MAN UP

sad bro sad .. u need to grow a pair of nuts and go over and suck her moms dick

It's ok Justin... the internet still loves you...

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haha. when my guy first met my dad threatened to kill him with a loaded gun :] now they're good buddies

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Just walk up to his house and scream "I WEAR THE PANTS AROUND HERE AND I'M TAKING YOUR DAUGHTER FOR DINNING T O N I G H T !!!" If he grabs his gun, get the heck out and RUN!

go ahead and break up with her man. she's either going to dump you or cheat on you in the future because you're a NoBallPussyLoser and demand no respect.

wow. I think I'm becoming dyslexic. I just read #1 as what's up man

lol it looked like that to me too :p mudkipz :3 op grow some balls. ;)

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Are her parents desi? Explains so much... *sigh*

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Are her parents former marines/bodybuilders on roids?

lol #64 I meant Justin Bieber... I'm guessing you didn't get that one If the OP's real name is Justin that would be funny...

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no I actually agree with the OP. my parents are the strictest people in the world. all my friends are scared of them, that's why my parents don't know that I have a bf.

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seriously?! If I where her, I'd break up with you. Be a man and ask her family!!!! it's not exactly that hard. GROW UP

why are these almost always from France, what's a Frenchie doing with a real girlfriend?

It has already been explained several times, they're not really from France, they've been sent from a mobile phone. When this happens, the site sets the location to the default, which is France, because, well, the site is French. Though if the location had been "US", I doubt you would have said "what's wrong with these Americans"...

dude if ur not willing to talk to her mom for her then u don't deserve her. nut up or shut up

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Quit being a pussy so you can get some pussy.

haha, I don't blame him. my family scares away dates all the time.

I wold be hard if u were in his shoes

that happened to me. my boyfriend was scared of my parent and he got mad cuz I broke up with him. I told him if he's scared of my family then how was he supposed to come over for parties etc.

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well if ur ******* scared of her family, that isn't gonna work.......

hate to agree with the masses but if you don't "man up" then soon enough the fml will be "today I found out I got my girlfriend pregnat, her parents never knew we started dating... a year ago"

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This is probably written by some kid in high school. Grow up.

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who cares what her parents think?!? seriously dude grow a pair. you dont have to ask her parents permission to date. thts one of the stupidist things ive ever heard.

you have to ask their parents to date someone?

bro? ha, maybe they're like, religious or something.

well when your like 16 maybe but when you get older or If you live like across the country, parents don't really matter.

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Last I recall we aren't in the 1930's.

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Im 16 and my family does it, it's all about resect. If you can stand up to my Dad and military brothers? You're in. (:

It's ******* ridiculous, American jumbo. Why just don't date, **** and do whatever with anyone you want, since it's none of the parents business.

yeah i again reiterate the previous 2 MAN UP.

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Maybe it would make you feel better if your girlfriend asked your mom if she can take you out on a date?

thatd be probly even more embarrassing lol

then he can hand his girlfriend his nuts cuz at that point he won't deserve em

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don't even trip about it :0 my mom always looks angry -_- so naturally everybody is scared to go near her :0

that's a crying shame old stick, perhaps your tendancy for traditional politeness and manners is frowned upon, but in all honesty sir, YDI for fearing a young ladies mother, take a bottle of champagne to her family and prove your gentlemancy! x

Are all FMLs written by 14 year olds now?

it's starting to look like it. hey little boys and girls, no one gives a shit about ur gay life, nothing u do is as important as u think, stay off fml. and op, obviously u don't care bout this chick, and FYI parents arnt that bad, grow a pair

ur the one that has a pokemon as a picture... just saying

Nothing wrong with pokemon. Whining about non-existent problems? That's juvenile.

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"Now?" There's two categories of FML idiots with kids and idiots who are kids.

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WHOA. WHOa. WHoa. Whoa. Whoa. Wait you two have been together a year, and have never actually been out? Hmmm. Screaming "fake" to me.

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Normally I'd say so too but I know a couple like this and surprisingly, they are failing. Well what do you know! Sex doesn't keep everything together.

115- Sometimes both, those are the funniest ones.

Actually, I've come across several young adults (eg. college aged) who will ask parents permission to date a girl. Not common but it does happen, it's just a respect thing.

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pussy, just ask, the worst they can do is say no

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Or, it can be like another FML where the worst thing wasnt no. it was himm getting kicked inn the nuts and getting called a douchebag. Justtt sayin'. ;)