By imafrickenidiot - France
Today, I was supposed to talk to my girlfriend's mom to ask permission to date her daughter but I chickened out. We've been together for almost a year, but have not been on a real date because I am too damn scared of her family. FML
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  michie56  |  0

no I actually agree with the OP. my parents are the strictest people in the world. all my friends are scared of them, that's why my parents don't know that I have a bf.

  bluefairy_fml  |  24

It has already been explained several times, they're not really from France, they've been sent from a mobile phone. When this happens, the site sets the location to the default, which is France, because, well, the site is French.

Though if the location had been "US", I doubt you would have said "what's wrong with these Americans"...

  turtles0706  |  0

that happened to me. my boyfriend was scared of my parent and he got mad cuz I broke up with him. I told him if he's scared of my family then how was he supposed to come over for parties etc.

  underaegis  |  0

hate to agree with the masses but if you don't "man up" then soon enough the fml will be "today I found out I got my girlfriend pregnat, her parents never knew we started dating... a year ago"

  metalfan333  |  0

who cares what her parents think?!? seriously dude grow a pair. you dont have to ask her parents permission to date. thts one of the stupidist things ive ever heard.

  Raeser  |  7

It's fucking ridiculous, American jumbo. Why just don't date, fuck and do whatever with anyone you want, since it's none of the parents business.


that's a crying shame old stick, perhaps your tendancy for traditional politeness and manners is frowned upon, but in all honesty sir, YDI for fearing a young ladies mother, take a bottle of champagne to her family and prove your gentlemancy! x

  rgt154  |  0

it's starting to look like it. hey little boys and girls, no one gives a shit about ur gay life, nothing u do is as important as u think, stay off fml. and op, obviously u don't care bout this chick, and FYI parents arnt that bad, grow a pair

  LilaBear  |  1

Actually, I've come across several young adults (eg. college aged) who will ask parents permission to date a girl. Not common but it does happen, it's just a respect thing.