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Today, my school year book awarded "cutest couple" to my boyfriend and I. We broke up yesterday. FML
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Become crazed with obsession, copy and plaster the photo all over his car. Follow him around all day, every day. He's sure to want you back.


chlorinegreen 27

I say there is some serious potential this #1

rallets 22

were you playing solitaire the night before?

Compete against each other for next years couple.

I don't really think they actually award those things, it's more of a random popularity thing. Atleast in my yearbook it was like most likely to be a Rocket Scientist was awarded to some basketball player, and it was like 3 pages of random stuff like that and they were all the same people.

darlingdollie 24

I applaud you for your very original comment.

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61... You REALLY didn't catch that?

mduffy08 8

the same thing happened to my school...

It happened *to* your school, not *at* your school? That must have been interesting. Who was the ex? The adjacent middle school?

61 I applaud you for your knowledge of sarcasm.

Become crazed with obsession, copy and plaster the photo all over his car. Follow him around all day, every day. He's sure to want you back.

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yes that sounds like a great idea

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if you're gonna be a grammar nazi at least do it right. it's not 'me and my boyfriend' or 'my boyfriend and me' it's 'my boyfriend and i' :)

Captain_Zorro 7

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violetdabomb 0

Dude... If you don't know how to correct, then just don't. -.- It's 'my boyfriend and I'

all4pooh 4

She is right...if you break the sentence up and take the word boyfriend out, it makes no sense. So it's 'me and my boyfriend'. Just sayin...

No, 4 is correct. It's 'my boyfriend and I' if that is the subject of the sentence, for example, "My boyfriend and I were given the award," but when it comes in a prepositional phrase as an object, 'my boyfriend and me' is technically correct.

why does that even matter? ... the word boyfriend is in the sentence so who cares if it doesn't make sense if you take it out ... as long as you understand it then its not important

I completely agree gayboii. But since people insist on being grammar nazis when they are, in fact, wrong, I thought I should correct them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it DOES matter. It isn't about whether or not you understand something. If I wrtie teh sennetce lkie tihs, yuo cna stlil undersntad it. But it doesn't make it right. In this case, it should be "my boyfriend and me." If you don't want to get corrected by a Grammar Nazi, then don't make a grammar mistake.

rallets 22

why would anyone want to be corrected by a grammær nazi? their annoying (see wut i did thar) *hides and waits*

rallets 22

it's funny how a mini war started cause of one grammar nazi!!!

McAninch35 9

I used to be a bit of a grammar Nazi. But now I see how goddamn annoying you people can be.

Well, it is annoying when people don't know these things. It is "my boyfriend and me." There's already a subject in that sentence, so the "I" should be "me." Yes, it does matter. I see this mistake time and time again, whether it's being said or being written, and no one ever seems to know that it is wrong (except for the three people up above me).

rallets 22

its annoying how you make a big deal about it

rallets 22
guckylynn 19

No it is "my boyfriend and I." It wouldn't be "my boyfriend and me" because if you took out the boyfriend part you'd be saying "Today, me was awarded cutest couple." You would want it to say "I was awarded..." Therefore, OP is correct.

guckylynn 19

Ooh I take that back. I forgot the way the sentence was structured. In this case, it is me. I was thinking it said "Today my boyfriend and I were awarded cutest couple." Never mind! I agree with Doc!!

rallets 22

Caitlyn, you're stupid. It would be "me" because it's the object of a preposition. You would say "I" if it were the subject. It's not, so just shut up.

supermankisses 1

if you would, please, refer to 27, and stfu

you always include the other person first and use i so it is "My boyfriend and I" unless your one of the douchebags on Disney channel and youd say me and my boyfriend or my boyfriend and me so ya #4 is right

I just thought I would share with you all how good of a steak I just had. I marinated it all night and cooked it on the barbecue. I didn't even have to use a knife but I did anyway because I have a dishwasher and dont care about having to do dishes. Isn't it funny how people write and reply such dumb ass posts as if someone gives a flying fack!

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This is exactly why I hated all of my English teachers. Who cares..

ashweezy1 0

if your going to be a grammar nazi then you should -also- know that, it's not 'the awards --was- given to me, it's the the awards -were- given to me.

this whole arguement was a pathetic waste of time... there is way more important stuff in life than grammer so everyone ******* get over it

zakkyzebra 11

86, if YOU'RE going to correct a grammar Nazi, learn the difference between you're and your.

The_Moustache 6

86, it doesn't even say that in the FML...

alexisbabby 7

bahahaha that's what I was thinking. ^^

The_Moustache 6

Well it says "...the award "cutest couple...", but not "...the award was given..."

alexisbabby 7

ohh, alright. now I understand.

"My boyfriend and me" is correct. If the sentence were structured "My boyfriend and I received the award...", that would be right, however because of this, it is "my boyfriend and me".

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erveonye plaese im not tyrnig to be a grmamer nzai but plesae SUHT THE FCUK UP OAKY?!? now tehn tihs is not egnsilh casls but i see the pniot of waht poelpe are triyng to say but eonugh of the Garmmer nzai

u also don't say the awards was given. so stfu u stupid grammar Nazi

I'm glad someone said it... I hate it when people say things like that. "Between you and I," it's annoying as hell.

Me like to make grammer Nazis pissed.

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you're so stupid. it's people like you that make this country look ******* retarded. go back to English class.

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I believe this site is called, not . & besides this is ****** summer time who the hell wants to think about grammar? chill out. just saying'

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SpeechQween94 14

Oh, sorry. I meant for that comment to be for 5. 4, you are correct. People really do need to learn how to speak proper English. We have become so sloppy in our language.

SpeechQween94 14

You are partly right. It's my boyfriend and me.

All of you arguing about the right way to say this just look stupid yourself. stfu, thanks. (:

that1kid82 2

Well as long as you can understand it.

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Wondering who the dumbasses are who downvoted this comment.. It's right, basic English.

liy223 6

well, it's not the yearbooks fault...

KennKenn 0

nice to know you two looked together.

whyask 0

well did you expect to stay together forever? it happens you might take your bf to prom but its possible you will break up just like this situation.

SmittyJA24 26

Fact: Teen romances don't last forever. Duh. Statistically speaking: the AVERAGE teen romance lasts less than 3 weeks. (For every one teen couple that sticks together for a year, there are 12 other couples that have a 1-week romantic fling.) Congrats on that "cute couple" award, anyway!!