By solitaire - 20/07/2013 08:14 - United States - Enumclaw

Today, I was playing solitaire when an achievement popped up on my phone. "You have just completed your 1000th game of solitaire!" Never felt so alone in my life. FML
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Who needs friends when you have solitaire!


Who needs friends when you have solitaire!

Anyone else thinking solitary confinement?

Or someone who sucks at solitaire

my record time is 55 seconds


I love solitaire :D

Mine is 51s :D

Maybe you should uninstall Solitaire.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

And install Zoosk.

Make sure to put in you are a professional solitaire player in your description. Chicks love that shit ;)

Or put Zoosk next to solitaire so you can play less.

Where do the porn and Bible apps fit into this lineup?

great game. I play it all the time. also a great song.

People still play solitaire?

Sure as hell looks like it...step off...

Now do it with real cards!

Wizardo 33

Well they call it Solitaire for it being a two player game, try some online poker instead and make some poker buddies.

I found your missing "don't". you're welcome

Wizardo 33

Yeah I was going to correct it but I reached the time limit and it wouldn't let me reply to my comment regularly, anyway thanks for finding it, bitch is always getting lost.

Sounded sarcastic. I laughed.

BlueFlatts 20

If you think about it that's only about 2 games a day spread out over almost a year and a half. Not so bad if you ask me.

graceinsheepwear 33

Or 333 games a day over a long lonely weekend.

That's better than collecting cats.

MolesterStallone 13

Or collecting dandruff

graceinsheepwear 33

Or cat dander.

Did you know solitaire was introduced to windows to teach people to drag and drop?

And yet you could still get away with playing the whole game simply double clicking on everything :p.

Haha, I actually was impatient with solitaire so I played spider solitaire with one suit because it was easier for me. Hoho

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I actually didn't know that.. You learn something new every day.

You have blown my mind. It all makes sense now

Maybe you could find our start a card game club? That way you could socialize and make friends with similar interests