By demaris - / Saturday 30 October 2010 23:46 / Canada
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  duhh10  |  0

I bought Proactiv from a vending machine in the mall for 45 bucks and it just made my acne worse. I ended up just going to a dermatologist only to find out they give you proactiv. luckily, my acne went away on it's own eventually.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

1-obviously, or u would put a real picture up! xD
12-itallics r cool!
46-yes, yes it is me(I)
47-Im sure it ain't difficult to smuggle proactiv into Canada
49-he said "would have"
50-we may or may not have the same birthday!
51-no, it looks nothing like me.
52-buying medical/cosmetic products in vending machines prolly ain't the way to go..
54-aye! the little devils!
55-go to 57
57-you you tell her who's boss! (me)
63-apparently she(I) kissed a girl and liked it(;
75-have fun testing that theory!
90-don't you love whe she(I) sing(s) about the moderation of comments?
92-dass right biiitch!
me-reall damn bored, obviously...

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

every makeup video that I have seen in YouTube it always says to put on foundation first then concealer and trust me I have watched ALOT of makeup videos on you, and so if she was following the steps of the video then she probably did have foundation already on

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

obv concealer doesnt match ur skin perfectly thats why your supposed to put powder on top of concealer. the steps are: 1.foundation, 2. concealer, 3. powder. when you put concealer first and then foundation on top, then they both get mixed and the concealer doesn't give you the coverage you want. so what your supposed to do is put on is put on ur foundation then take concealer that best matches your skin tone and apply it on problem areas and after that you powder you face so the foundation and concealer aren't obvious!!

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

and just because you think someone that doesn't mean that "every girl" thinks that way too or agrees with you, everyones different it's more of a preference. and were not taking about what you learned in cosmo school, were talking about what they do in makeup videos. and not everything u learned in cosmo school is the perfect way.

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

oh shut up anorexic barbie, WTF kinda username is that? and videos aren't the only way I gain makeup knowledge, I have taken many courses in this field, and I also plan to go to college next year and become a esthetician. but for now I do freelance makeup on friends and family.

  ell_oh_ell  |  0

in my above comment when I said were not talking about what you learned in cosmo school were talking about what they do in YouTube makeup videos, by that I meant that the op was talking about YouTube vids and not cosmo, didn't think I had to spell it out for you!

  lalagirl912  |  0

I know this will make you feel "fuzzy" inside and you be all like :}
but anyways...; your a annoying little bitch that thinks your tough shit, when all that you do is sit on the computer chair, or a couch! I WILL not say anything about your looks because that hurts me when people say stuff like that to me xD and you didnt do something thatttt babd so you dont need it..lol but anyways....
You need to STFU sometimes! She was just making a point! Not arguing (at first.. >.>) so why do you have to try and start something!?
thanks :)

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