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Today, I was smoking a cigarette while watching the meteor shower. I was just about at the filter and as I was taking my last drag, my friend decided to scare me from behind, and I accidentally sucked the whole thing in my mouth. They don't go out immediately when in your mouth. My tongue hurts. FML
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AndelleRae 9

Ugh, that's awful. I can only imagine how that tasted. I'm not going to be a bitch and be one of the high and mighty who say "ydi because you smoke!" because it's none of my damn business. FYL for the disgusting taste and FYL for burning your tongue. At least the meteor shower was pretty, right?

Today, I was eating a hamburger while watching the hot waitress. I was just about done and as I was taking my last bite, my friend decided to scare me from behing, and I accidently sucked the whole thing in my moouth. They don't go out immediately when in your throat.I almost choked to death. FML YDI for eating greasy food. Fast food kills slowly! Poor little cows...


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YDI for smoking while having Clay Aiken sexual fantasies!

hello mister troll above me, do you feel satisfied now? OP: auuuuuuch, that sucks!

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Exactly. Those were the first words that came to my mind as well...

YDI for listening to Clay Aiken while smoking. TRIPLE YDI for obviously want to get cancer or have your lungs turn black and lose about 10-15 years from your life.

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Today, I was eating a hamburger while watching the hot waitress. I was just about done and as I was taking my last bite, my friend decided to scare me from behing, and I accidently sucked the whole thing in my moouth. They don't go out immediately when in your throat.I almost choked to death. FML YDI for eating greasy food. Fast food kills slowly! Poor little cows...

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Jackadi 0

Well obviously smoking and cleaning your toenails are much different things. One is a hobby of sorts and one is an action of sanitation. If he were watching a meteor shower while holding a running chain saw, and his friend scared him, then FHL for having a stupid friend, but really HDI for holding something so dangerous to himself and others. Smoking kills. Secondhand smoke kills. Anyone who doesn't have enough respect for themself and the people around them to stop smoking deserves any smoking-related injuries they get. You don't gain anything from smoking, you just lose lives and money- both yours and those of others.

heavenandhell, you just proved you're a moron. OP, #1 is right. Don't smoke.

We must all work together to try and keep the peace and respect each other's opinions. Put on a Clay Aiken CD before you let your emotions get out of control. Think before your write. Do you not agree?


hahahahahaha best post yet. We needed some comic relief in here. I'm comepletely against smoking but some of these people are giving some of us non-smokers a bad name! I like everyone who can debate about this mature fashion :)

i don't really see the point in debating it on the forum of an FML comments section since it won't actually accomplish anything and neither side will ever admit they're wrong, but since it will invariably happen, i do prefer it to be in a more mature and reasoning environment rather than every churfle mcdurf coming in and saying "GLUGURHGURLG YOU SMOKE I HATE YOU I HOEP YOU DIE"

You have a good point, although the debates under FMLs are one of the reasons i here, its a plus for me. But yeah, debating in a more mature way wouldn't harm anyone! =)

juicyjay, ydi for having a couch outside.

You lose nine years off your life for smoking on average. You also lose 6 years for being left handed. Maybe we should not let anyone be left handed. No one cares if you die at 70 instead of 80. That's ten years of pain and aging you don't have to suffer

Jackadi 0

Point 1: No one commented anything as moronic as "OMFGEE DUUDE U WER SMOKIN U DEZERVE IT LOLOLOLOLLERSKATES!" That is much different from someone saying "YDI for smoking." It's nice how you assume everyone who is against smoking is fruity and spells deserve with a z. Point 2: Sex doesn't kill the people around you. Second hand smoke does. It killed my grandfather. So the way I see it? Smokers are suicidal and homicidal. An extreme opinion, yes, but deep down that's the way I see things. Pity. You don't understand how dangerous smoking is to the innocent people around you.

Unless you work somewhere where everyone smokes or you live with someone who does, you are not going to die of second hand smoke. Just passing by a few people that are smoking will not kill you.

juicyjay00 0

have you not heard of stds? hiv? aids? any of that ringing a bell?

lmmmr 0

Today, I burnt my tongue. FML.

Actually, the left handed thing has been disproven, but regardless, smoking is a choice. oh, and smoking won't just make the suffering end sooner, it will also make it START sooner.

strawberryswirl 0

Smokers are so predictable. They have the McDonalds/fat people defense, the alcohol-is-worse defense, and the my-life-sucks-so-badly-I-have-to-smoke defense. I really don't know anyone who has to eat a Big Mac or do a shot of liquor every two hours, so those are moot points, and my boyfriend had a horrible childhood and should be the POSTER CHILD for a drug addict, but he never touched even a cigarette. Just give it the **** up - it's pretty much the same thing as eating rat poison, or seeing a sign that says "You'll die if you push this button" and pushing it.

shut up hippie! i was watching the meteor shower last night and my cigarette fell down the sewer. it was my last one. FML

they're ydi trolling, you know where you ydi no matter what the situation is.

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I smoke and have for two years, i acually hate it and wish that i never have started but it is the persons choice im sick of everyone saying YDI for smoking its pathetic, go **** yourselfs and inject your herioine

You know who else hated smokers? Adolf Hitler. Enjoy practicing National Socialist ideology, oh almighty givers of YDIs.

ARE YOU SERIOUS there is no way you are serious right?

Stupid idea dude.. and even if it were illegal it wouldnt stop people from doing it. Never has, never will.

lol how is anyone gonna survive up to marriage if they can't drink! (I take it marriage of babys are illegal too?) Besides, assuming you meant alcohol, what have smoking and drinking got to do with marriage? People would marry at ages like 15 and who would be in favour of that?

you know what, just because of this i am going to go out and have poorly intentioned, possibly inebriated premarital sex. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE MAKING ME DO. GOOD GOING ASSHOLE

ryan100 0

yyou are ******* stupid 189 you are probably like a ten year old ******

Zakky_Ketchup 0

I don't mean to ruin the ending for you but you're all going to die anyway. Whether you smoke or not. You're gonna die. There's no point in arguing about whether it's bad or not. People are still gonna smoke. Then they're going to die. Albiet a few years earlier, but still. All of you. Gonna die. Good day :D

Someone's sexual orientation and someone's unhealthy addiction are two different things.

Blah blah blah. I was sure someone would come up with this bullshit. Being gay is a "natural thing" right. Well cancer is too, just like enjoying the nice warm taste and mild buzz and relaxing effect of a good cigarette. People have smoked literally for milleniums you know, and they didn't always need the help of them evil baby-eating tobacco lobbies. Anyway, just because male homosexuals disgust me, and are still nowadays far more likely to get and spread AIDS than heterosexual people, doesn't mean that if a gay dude came here and posted an FML about how he got infected thanks to some micro hole on a condom, I would be like "lolololol YDI u fag". Because I am not a self-righteous, self-centered prick. End of the story.

What I meant is one is a choice and the other isn't. Yes of course cancer is a natural thing; mutation has always been natural. That doesn't mean the thing that causes it IS natural (such as smoking, or incest), but that was not what I was talking about. Smoking to the point of cancer hasn't been around for that long. Even in the olden days, people found it a disgusting habit to chew or smoke (though, more chewing than smoking). Charles Dickens himself thought so. Even in the old days, people knew it could be dangerous... not quite in the ways we know now, of course. Before the "civilized" nations came about to take over tobacco, though, most native american tribes only smoked on special occassion. Actually, smoking cigs wasn't very acceptable up until recent centuries. Before that it was just considered cheap ("REAL MEN smoke CIGARS" or some such nonsense); it wasn't really socially acceptable until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Crack makes you feel good too, for a little while, but then what happens? Obviously, crack and smoking are radically different, but you see my point against your "nothing wrong with feeling a little good" argument. If you'll see my post above, though, I despise smoking but still chose FYL instead of YDI. I'm not going to judge someone for choosing to smoke on their own property, or on someone else's if it's all right with that someone else. I'm curious, though, why do you think they're more likely to spread AIDS? They can use condoms just like straight people. And what about homosexual females? Your argument fails when laced with hypocrisy.

lol now you're an expert anthropologist. Anyway, I'm not assuming or making anything up about the correlation between gays and AIDS. Here are just a few links. Check it out, and make your own research if it's still not enough. And where is my hypocrisy ? What I said is : gay males' life style is revolting to me, I'm not making any moral statement here, they just disgust me, period. Lesbians on another, tend more to turn me on, unless they're really like beefy super dykes. Nothing original here, 99% of heterosexual males feel this way. So my point is, just because someone's habits piss me off doesn't mean I don't recognize his right to exist and do whatever he wants with his body. I'd feel like a dick saying a gay guy deserved whatever problem, serious or benign he can come up with that is related. So yeah, all these people should feel like dicks saying OP deserved it, especially since he didn't bother anyone here. But no, they don't. It's okay, politically correct, trendy. **** that, **** them. "If you'll see my post above, though, I despise smoking but still chose FYL instead of YDI. I'm not going to judge someone for choosing to smoke on their own property, or on someone else's if it's all right with that someone else." So the question is : Since you're the one that started arguing with me in the first place, what's YOUR point then ? Calling me a bigot for the hell of it ? Yeah, sounds like fun.

The hypocrisy is that you've no problem with gay females, but gay males oh man that's disgusting! I realize a lot of heterosexual guys are like that, but it doesn't mean it's not hypocritical. I was saying, to put it in different words, that a habit you can't help (well, except abstinence but either way...) is different from a habit you started yourself and "can't help." That was my point, that is why I responded. As for the AIDS thing, I was just wondering. No need to get uppity on me. Thanks for the links.

Haha oh I didn't realize you were a girl. Well I guess if you had a pair of balls you'd understand what I mean. Never mind. And yes, I understand what you mean, that smokers can "help it". But what if they just don't want to, because they like it ? Non-smokers should just mind their own business, put things into perspective and wonder if everything is perfectly healthy in their own lifestyle. I don't mind banning smoking in restaurants (NOT BARS, at least not all of them, it's a nonsense), and in some workplaces for example, but all this has gone way too far. But I guess you always need scapegoats. In America, it used to be Alcohol, people got over it, maybe they will get over this too, after all.

'gay males' life style is revolting to me, I'm not making any moral statement here, they just disgust me, period. Lesbians on another, tend more to turn me on, unless they're really like beefy super dykes. Nothing original here, 99% of heterosexual males feel this way.' that's pretty hypocritical, although it's hardly fair to say you are to blame as much as the ridiculous, rigid heteronormative standards of society which are imposed on our collective minds from an early age.

Yeah, totally society's standards' fault if I get a reverse boner whenever I see two men kissing. Nothing to do with my hormones or anything. Right. Whatever...

Are you for real? THIS is what you think about people who smoke? Those are a few of the most rubbish arguments I've heard in my life.. Just to prove my point, I smoke, you don't hear me cry about it, I love it for as long as it lasts! And about the hamburger or alcohol point, fair enough, you can't possibly eat a hamburger every freakin 2 hours, but there are those people who can't go without a snack every 1 or 2 hours, same goes for booze, I don't go around shuving that in their faces so I'd wish all of you non smokers would stfu (pardon my french) about our (my) smoking habbits! and to #210, if you where in any way bothered by me smoking and told me so, I'd try and change the situation. I even support the smoking ban in restaurants, but in restaurants only. Places where there is (loud) music, where people come to drink and/or dance should have a pro smoking law. I can't stand the freaking stank, people stink, the just go around farting, sweating and so on and now I, a smoker, am forced to smell their disgusting body odeurs?! F that and f the f'ing smoking bans!!! from now on people should be forced to smoke in clubs!!!!

I agree if you didn't smoke wouldn't have happened.

The silly anti-smoke trend is far from being an american exclusivity. It's a western world thing...

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#234, you realize that by smoking we die early and spend significantly LESS time in the hospital than those who die of old age and often go in several times for different age related diseases? While smoking cessation benefits non-smokers in the short run, we help keep the costs of health care down in the long run. Good try at justifying your blind prejudice, though.

Mal2003 17

trying to justify smoking is like trying to justify suicide, but the arguments are dumber

amazinggbaby 2

And if he didn't have friends it wouldn't have happened.

Lol, what are you? Some kind of media-controlled tool?

as soon as I saw the smoking part, I hit YDI.

julian1179 0

as long as it doesn't afftect others: yes smoking also kills the people around you, not to mention the contamination

Blacksabbath211 9

first thing I thought after reading this, XD

I agree with 103 who cares none of you douches know him son could you know if he deserves anything

so how I dont know why my iPod made it son

As long as smokers smoke where I don't have to breathe it, and don't litter with their cigarette butts, I couldn't care less about if they do it or not. that aside, people should know by now that any smoking fml will have the same conversation on it.

kendallkbabe7787 0

That was really stupid.. Smoking is different from eating habbits. Smoking ***** your lungs up and it's nasty and smells horrible.

snator 0

A cigarette takes off 14 minutes of your life

AndelleRae 9

Ugh, that's awful. I can only imagine how that tasted. I'm not going to be a bitch and be one of the high and mighty who say "ydi because you smoke!" because it's none of my damn business. FYL for the disgusting taste and FYL for burning your tongue. At least the meteor shower was pretty, right?

Wow, people on this website are retards. FYL

AndelleRae 9

So, are you calling me retarded, or did you just reply to my comment to be close to the top?

DuhthatsObvious 0

I can't stand people with their 'Holier than thou' comments. May I add Andelle or whatever your name is, you are horrifyingly ugly. I wish I didn't have to look at you.

98 you are amazing, im sorry but thats effing hilarious.

Yes it does too hurt other people! We have to inhale the smoke you breathe out.

juicyjay00 0

then do what they taught us in elementary school and "just walk away"

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weeeasel 0

It's nice to see a decent person on this site occasionally. Also, I agree, FYL for getting a lit cigarette butt in your mouth. I hate it when I burn my mouth with food or a hot drink, but cigarette burns must be exponentially worse.

wow 97 shut up you worthless fag I'd rather be ugly than a worthless douchebag for no reason like you

Xrailer 0

one of those best friend moments.

lem0n_fml 0

OMFG OUCH. I'm sorry. That sucks. :[ FYL. And all you saying "YDI for smoking," stfu. It's the OP's personal choice if they want to smoke or not. Your comments are irrelevant.

You fail. Everything you deserve is because of your own personal choice.

Ya it is his personal choice to kill himself slowly by filling his previously functional lungs with smoke and tar while some of us were born with lung problems and have spen

It's not like people are not going to die slowly in an average lifetime of 80 years anyways...

philly8608 0

So if it's a personal choice, you deserve everything that happens subsequent to that? Or because some people weren't born with perfectly healthy lungs? So if you speed and someone sideswipes you? You deserve that. Speeding is a personal choice, not everyone is healthy enough to drive and speeding is the leading cause of car accidents. If you're drinking at a bar and someone beats you over the head with a beer bottle? You deserve that too. Drinking is a personal choice not everyone is healthy enough to drink. If you're old enough to read the label on the package and decide you want to smoke anyway, then what's the problem? Adults make decisions that affect their health all the time, I've listed two above, but you could certainly make a multiple page list of things people do that can kill. As long at it's done outside where the smoke isn't exhaled into other people's faces or done in their own home, then what exactly is the problem? Gotta love the new America, where you're only "free" to do the stuff other people think is okay for you to do.

Neoswords 0

Your the idiot for calling someone a idiot.Its there chose if they want to smoke,so leave them alone.

Jackadi 0

Smoking will kill you and those around you. Drinking two sodas a week will not. Also, smokers cost the Canadian society 15 billion dollars for their idiotic habit. My grandfather died from second hand smoke. So if you can't comprehend how smoking hurts everyone and this guy deserves what he got, then stfu for being a ******* moron.

lem0n_fml 0

Nonamerequired, you totally missed my point. The fact is, not everyone that smokes ******* inhales their cigarette. They don't DESERVE to have their tongue burned just because they smoke.

Neoswords 0

Finally!More people who understand that its okay if someone smokes!Sure,it may be slowly killing them,but if they want to,let them!

i dunno lem0n, i think getting your tongue burned is pretty good payment for smoking

lem0n_fml 0

Why? Does it make someone a bad person if they smoke? As all have you have so readily pointed out, it takes years off your average lifespan, isn't that "punishment?"

Yep. Smoking harms you AND others around you.

F you. You have no clue what its like to not be able to breath. Smoking means your taking that for granted. And by the way... driving is controversal only when you are speeding which is not safe. Drinking is controversial when you binge or do it to much. Smoking is always controversial. hmmmm I wonder why that is?????????????????/

Maybe I do care about the OP and all other smokers. Maybe I would like people to quit smokng for their own good. I've never met the OP so there is no way for me to benefit from him quitting and why would I argue just for the sake of arguing?

tangerine_12 0

hmm...i wonder why you need so many question marks?????????????????????? you only need one. i hate when people use like 20. its so annoying.

lem0n_fml 0

misssweetie, don't make ******* assumptions. I don't know what its like to not be able to breathe? REALLY? I have asthma. I've been hospitalized 4 times for not being able to breathe, so **** off. Did I EVER mention ANYWHERE that I smoke? No. Because I don't. So quit acting like a snotty little self-righteous brat. I don't take my lungs for granted. I'm one of the few people in this world that actually wakes up each day thankful that I can take a steady breath. So you say f me? **** you.

guys calm your stuff, I was born with asthma and lung issues is kno how lemon feels and why they are upset but really calm down

ok everyone here who thinks he deserves it for smoking has the dumbest argument it's always "o he smokes so he's bad" and the people on the other side actually make sense but of course no matter how much sense is made there's always those annoying dicks that just say "o he smoked he deserved it" so basically if you don't have anything that makes sense to say just stfu and also in willing to bet the op is ALOT better of a person then you people considering you all have nothing better to do then talk shit to someone online because they mentioned that they smoked a cig

I'm willing sorry my iPods screen is broke and makes me click n instead of m

everybody on this site always has the same arguments on this site when it comes to smoking. it's either comparing smoking to other activities that are possibly dangerous, or claiming it's a personal choice, while the anti smokers talk about cancer, asthma, lifespan, and littering. don't criticize one side without reading the posts, please.

Vilen1025 0

With all the evidence of how smoking can kill, and the fact that you do it anyway... I'm not feeling any pity for you.

You're such a good little kid. I bet you make your mommy proud.

Vilen1025 0

Sarcasm neither asked for nor needed. And it's not like I'm a sole voice... many people here are saying the same thing. I don't give a flying **** what my "mommy" says, or for that matter, what you say. I just point out the fact that the OP made some stupid decisions.

I'm so tired of the people who berate smokers for their own choice of unhealthy lifestyle, and I don't even smoke. Humans make dozens of lifestyle choices that are not always in the best interest of our health, and though smoking is probably the worst, it is still only socially acceptable to do this to smokers.

You don't give a **** what your mother says but you care what other people say?

Vilen1025 0

When did I say that I care about what others say

Quote "many people here are saying the same thing." So you rely on what other people are thinking

Vilen1025 0

No, just pointing out that I'm not a sole voice. He said I was emulating my "mommy", so I had to point out that it's not just pure bullshit that smoking is bad, seeing how many people agree that it does kill.

What doesn't kill?! It's not like you are only eating fruits and vegetables planted in your garden and only using bicycles to get somewhere. Get a life! I bet pretty much everybody here has been at McDonald's at least once, so aren't you killing yourself with fastfood? Maybe the OP doesn't want to get 120 years old, half blind and deaf, laying in a nursing home getting food through a tube? Don't judge him on hurting himself unless you have NEVER done it yourself in any way! Are you driving a car? So you are killing me and my children, too?!

Vilen1025 0

Whatever, man. It's a personal choice, after all, but I think it's disgusting. It greatly shortens your life. I'd like to live healthily, not confined to a breathing tube or in the hospital for lung or throat cancer. Frankly, this argument is going nowhere, so just **** it.

I don't particularly care about the "health" of the smoker. Yes, smoking is their choice. Just like not ever showering is the choice of someone who doesn't ever shower. Not showering is not socially acceptable, because it makes you smell bad. Guess what? When you smoke, you smell bad. You see, research and factoids and Stand ad campaigns about lung damage and second-hand smoke aside, smoking just flat-out makes you stink. Please, either stop smoking, or wear car air-fresheners for clothing.

Actually, it's been scientifically proven that living kills. Noone ever survived. Really, don't try living, the mortality rate is 100%. Now how 'bout all you "smoking kills" mofos go shove a fist up your ass? :) FYL, OP, and as someone already said, luckily it didn't go down your throat...

Hahahahaha that is the best comment I have ever read.

But the thing is smoking kinda shortens the lifespan genius. For all the smokers: thanks for taking advantage of the functional lungs while some of us have spent countless hours in the hospital in pain not able to run jump or play without serious pain or worse. Ya its your choice but I lose so much respect for smokers. Op: quick complaining. A burnt tongue is the least of your problems. Start getting checked for lung cancer.

yeah well you can say the same thing about fat people too

unlucky_1_cew 0

You deserve not being able to run and play.

lem0n_fml 0

Taking advantage? Everyone has the right to do what they want with their own body. If the smoker wishes to damage his lungs in return for a nicotine rush or such, so what? People make sacrifices in return for pleasure, that's just how life and society work. It's a sick, twisted cycle, but that's just how it is. Maybe smokers do take their previously healthy lungs for granted, but you can't make them feel guilty about the other people in hospitals who are sick and can't enjoy life to the fullest. It's not the smokers fault. Some people have everything, some people have nothing. Society is so obsessed with everything being fair and equal, but the reality is LIFE IS UNFAIR. So suck it up and quit trying to put everyone else down. Let the smokers live their own lives.

I'm allergic to cigarette and im forced to wear a surgical mask in downtown, and my parents have to carry around shots of adrenaline. I have nearly died due to second hand smoke.

lem0n_fml 0

People are allergic to many things, so they have epi-pens, so what? My friend is highly allergic to peanut butter and can't even be around the smell of it. Should everyone in the world stop eating peanut butter?

lem0n, do you actually believe smoking has any advantages, besides all of its disadvantages?

lem0n_fml 0

It has the same type of advantages that can be argued for anyone who drinks alchohol. It's all about the pleasures it gives the individual. Personally I wouldn't know exactly how smoking makes a person feel, seeing as I'm not a smoker (I have asthma as a result of second-hand smoke and I have terrible lungs to begin with), but I can't stand people who are so quick to judge and refuse to even CONSIDER the other side of the argument. Yes, smoking is unhealthy, but no, it doesn't make someone a bad person who deserves to have their mouth burned.

I feel like it's perfectly fair to say that this was deserved. Yes, it was a personal choice that was made, and we are in no position to judge someone based on that, but with every action comes consequences. Something bad is surely going to come of having a burning object in your mouth, time after time. It doesn't make them a bad person, they just need to be aware that shit's gonna happen.

would you like to explain why I deserve it really??? Its not my fault that I live on medication and have a giant bar in my chest. Its just how I was born. If your saying that I deserve it because I'm trying to put down smoking, think of it this way-- I'm trying to make people healthier. CLearly I deserve it. And yes you could say the same thing about being fat. However, I'm 110 lb on a heavy day.

Suck it up, Cancergirl, not everyone's equal, and just cause your life sucks, doesn't mean everyone else's has to.

I wasn't complaining, just trying to make a point. And I never said my life sucks. I've been blessed. Its great. Wonderful family, friends, boyfriend, school, etc. I'm not trying to give everyone a terrible life, I'm just voicing my opinion. PS "Cancergirl" is a very rude name to call someone. And even tho you meant it that way, cancer is serious and shouldn't be used that way

lemon, I'd agree with you except for the fact that there are alternative ways to get your nicotine rush, which don't hurt the users, the people around them, or the environment nearly as much.

YDI for smoking idiot. Maybe that'll learn ya.

Because he was doing something that was his personal choice, which already has a life punishment, you have to go and say that, ignoring that his friend scared him, ignoring the pain he went through, just because of his choice. I hate how bad society has become.

triplethreat13 0

most of the time i make a comment that has some intelligence to it, but right here i do have to say YDI for smoking. sorry if nobody else agrees.

its obvious your comment had no intelligent reasoning what so ever and screw you for thinking he deserved it van you worthless people stop judging everyone else for stupid little things and take a good look at yourselves I bet you deserve that ALOT more then he did

musu_fml 0

I have a question for all those saying YDI because the OP chooses to smoke; how many of you drive cars or motorcycles? Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for young people (17-25) in the developed world. It's not an unfair assumption to assume most people here are within or near that age group. So I wonder why this poster is getting such stick for his potentially-lethal activity, whilst any FML involving cars gets none of this vitriol.

musu_fml 0

And if you don't believe me, Wikipedia has a nice graph for it. If the link gets eaten, just Google "causes of death" and pick the Wikipedia article. Scroll down and see two graphs named "Leading causes of death in the United States": both show a spike in the green line representing motor vehicle accidents for young people. In fact, it's the leading cause of death from just after birth until a person's late 30s.

Nobody says anything about cars or other motor vehicles because most people HAVE to use them. Its not a choice, its the only way to get from point A to Point B in most cases. So unless you want your kid to never leave the house and live in the basement until you die, ya, cars, etc. are REQUIRED. Smoking is a choice... OP YDI for being a wimp and smoking filtered cigarettes.

musu_fml 0

I don't buy that. I choose to ride a motorcycle because I find it more fun and convenient than the alternatives; living closer to work (I used to live within walking distance of work. I chose to move 14 miles away and commute because I wanted to, and actually pay MORE to do so), or taking buses and trains everywhere, or simply choosing not to travel around so much. The myth that you NEED a car is an ugly smear on American society; you could have excellent public transport and build your homes near your places of work and recreation, but you choose not to, and so you CHOOSE to manufacture your own need for cars.

HMbarb 0

No one says anything about the car fmls because people have to drive cars. People have to work and they have to take their kids to school and they have to go buy groceries and things like that. No body has to smoke. They choose to do something that will eventually kill them even though there is absolutely no need. You cant just say that cars kills more people because that is completely irrelevant to this fml.

musu_fml 0

And I've just pointed out that I think that's not true; unless your job requires you to drive (truck driver for example), you don't HAVE to drive; you can choose to structure your life around not driving, and you don't even have to choose the driving jobs. You might bleat and cry that there are no public transport routes to take you to your essential destinations, but I can only say this: you live in a democracy, you could have had those routes if you wanted them enough to vote for them, but you didn't. You CHOSE not to.

Most people don't live in/ can't afford to live in a town that has an elementary school, middle school, high school, and college all within walking distance from the house, nor do all of those offer transportation for the kids (WHICH WOULD STILL PUT THEM IN A MOTOR VEHICLE!!!). You are one of the few lucky if you can afford to pay more to get to work, most people don't have the option to choose to pay more, many people are barely making it paycheck to paycheck as it is. Again with the public transportation....STILL A DAMN MOTOR VEHICLE (same with the MOTORcycle

musu_fml 0

And again, the reason why you can't afford to live within easy range of these things? You CHOSE not to; you all threw your money at buying big houses in the surburbs. You have a free market economy, full of choices, and that was the choice you as a collective chose to spend your money on. So again, you chose it, and you only have yourself to blame for your reliance on cars. I already counted the motorcycle as a motor vehicle; I choose to ride it. I don't need to. That's my whole point! Regarding the rest of public transport, you're right that buses will count as a motor vehicle, but I doubt they're a major contributor to motor vehicle deaths. You could be right, though. Trains, however? I don't think they count as a motor vehicle, and train deaths are very, very rare.

musu_fml 0

By the by, you assume I'm wealthy for being able to afford to live away from work; my pre-tax income, converted into US dollars, is $25,109 a year. The national average here is aprox $34,873, and that of course is skewed upwards by all the rich people right up in the top 1%.

Ok, apparently you don't know much about American culture. Only a fraction of the people living here live in "big houses in the suburbs." We have a lot of farming communities scattered throughout the US. We also have a lot of places that are nothing but apartment buildings to try and cram as many people into one area as possible. Farmers would be able to make it on there own, but not if they want anything in life other than to farm. Again, most would live MILES away from any town, school, etc. and if you want them to live "closer" to all that, that requires money. Which means they need a way to sell things they grow. Which means they need a way to get to the town to sell their products. Which means, oh wait, they NEED some form of motor vehicle transportation to get it there.

musu_fml 0

Wikipedia says "Only 0.7% of the population of the United States is employed in the agricultural sector." So they're a small exception who likely do need to drive as a necessity. Are you a farmer?

i take it that everyone who says ydi for smoking doesnt drink, eats healthily and are the perfect image of health. I think drinking is just as bad ( you can still hurt others around you) but its thier choice you should all **** yourself you self righteous pricks for telling other people how to live. And i dont smoke because i cant be bothered spending so much money.


meganisarobot 0

Seriously #17, you are an idiot. End of story. There are way too many factors that keep what you say to be possible to even happen. Just like someone else said, public transportation is still transportation. If you get the actual demographics of how many people in a given school district actually live within walking distance of their school and would get there on time, you let us know. Because right now you sound like you're pulling facts out of your ass. If you were actually being somewhat logical, you would know that school districts in many cities and counties are growing more each year with all if the new neighborhoods being built. At the high school in the school district where I live some students have to take a 20 minute DRIVE to school. That means that they have to leave their houses at 7:00 am at the latest in order to get to school on time, not even factoring traffic. That means with walking the would have to leave before 6:00 am in the morning. Now that is just the instance of my community but being a suburb community, I can tell you that my town of about 20,000 is very common around the US and your argument is absolutely ridiculous. And if everyone walked consider students who have jobs that are another 10 minute drive to their jobs. The factor of time would be completely wiped away because there's not enough time in the day to walk the distances that can be fared with a vehicle.

musu_fml 0

Megan, I haven't resorted to namecalling, so I don't understand why you have. I've already said that you only have yourselves to blame for being so spread out and far away from all your necessities. You didn't have to build your communities like that. You chose to, because you loved your cars. And now you're paying for it. 30% of all deaths in young adults are due to motor vehicles, your economy is tanking partly due to reliance on fuel costs and the corresponding crash of the housing market due to all those spread out homes being economically unviable. That's a gross undersimplification, but it all speaks to you choosing a way of building your society, and your "need" for the car is because of that CHOICE. You complain and complain about having to walk miles and miles to your jobs and schools and shops and places of leisure; did none of you ever think that you wouldn't have to walk miles and miles if you built your homes a little closer to these places? Again, I live 14 miles from work and ride a motorcycle to get there because I CHOSE to. I don't try to pretend that I NEEDED to, as you're doing. Want to blame your need to drive because you live far from everything; your fault for choosing to live far from everything. Want to blame living far from everything because you can't afford to live close to them; your democratic and capitalist society's fault, and yours by extension as a voter within that society, both with your ballot and with your wallet, for building everything so far apart. You've got exactly the needs that you CHOSE for yourself.

musu_fml 0

And the relevance of this #57? People are calling the OP an idiot for choosing to do something that's likely to kill him, whilst excusing themselves of doing something equally as deadly and dangerous because they think they "need" to do it. Drivers and smokers: both choosing to do something that might harm themselves, because they are ADULTS and are responsible for their own decisions and for choosing what risks they want to expose themselves to, and deal with the consequences of their choices. So drivers, climb off your high horse (or should that be high SUV?), because you're no different from the smokers. For the record, I'm both a driver and a smoker, because I CHOOSE to be both.

Ok, again, apparently you have no clue what you are talking about. 1) If more people did vote, the ballots would start getting rigged, because that is what people that want power do. 2) politicians that's a new concept...and people don't always get what they vote for as a result 3) the way they write some of the voting issues, if you vote NO you actually pass some things, and even the most intellectual of people get confused. You have to be a lawyer to understand half that crap...which means 4) to be educated at that level, you need to go to college...and again, since there are not colleges in every single town in every single state of every single country in the WORLD then you guessed it...CARS OR OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION TO GET THERE. Your whole argument is invalid, because it requires us to all live in a fantasy world, where everyone is kind and generous and not wanting of power or money. You find a way to brainwash every single human on earth to act that way, you get back to me with this argument of yours.

musu_fml 0

If you honestly think that vote rigging actually happens in your country, then you've got more serious problems than smoking and driving. If you know it's happening, what are you doing about it? Or don't you care?

Don't care, because there is nothing to be done about it..."The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards. The rest of us, all six billion of us, do pretty much what we are told!" Unless you know some really good computer people that can make the billionaire and even trillionaire funds disappear from the world, and some people that can take out those whose opinions really matter, then again, you are making an idealized moot point

musu_fml 0

#83: It is feasible, because it's been done; come across to Europe and see it in action. You say you don't have a choice to drive to your college, but you do; you said so yourself: "Could I go to the college that's a mile away? Sure" See? You CHOSE to go to a college where you needed to drive. And you pointed something else out: you do have public transport options, but you CHOOSE not to use it because you find it inconvenient. YOU ARE CHOOSING TO DRIVE, A DANGEROUS AND DEADLY ACTIVITY, BECAUSE YOU FIND IT CONVENIENT. Sound familiar? Something like someone choosing to smoke because they enjoy it, just like you choose to drive because you enjoy the convenience?

season4reason 0

what you overlook though Musu is that a motor vehicle when used as intended (to get from point A to point B) and assuming everyone uses them responsibly, will not result in death. Accidents happen because of negligent driving, carelessness, lack of common sense, and a host of other reasons, but if everyone were to drive their motor vehicles properly, there wouldn't be any accidents. In such a scenario, you could spend 90% of your time on the road and still be safe. Smoking on the other hand, is not like that. Here is a product which when used as intended and as responsibly as can be, will still affect your health. There is no safe way to smoke that I know of. The more you smoke, the worse for you.

Just because you live in a rural area does not mean you have to be a farmer. I have been to houses where they live on a farm, but don't make a profit off of it. They keep horses, or run an animal rehabilitation center as a hobby, not a job.

I think in your fantasy world MUSU, I would amend the facts too. Nobody would ever drink and drive, drive while eating or putting on makeup, talk on the cell or text while driving, get high then/while driving, etc. and accidents would go to such a crazy low number driving would be the safest thing to do. and saying the chose to drive for the convenience, instead of the public transit....again you are pretending that public transit isn't run with motor vehicles. I know a handful of Europeans...even some Chinese (those are some people who really know how to consolidate) and even they HAVE to use cars due to hospitals etc being too far away.

musu_fml 0

#102 If I ride my motorcycle or drive a car exactly as intended, making no mistakes ever, I still might die, because I cannot control what other drivers are doing. You are correct that death only occurs from mistakes in driving, whereas it occurs from smoking when using cigarettes "correctly", in practice you can still say both can kill you when using both correctly. By the way, that's not even taking into account the health effects of the pollution from cars, which must surely be a considerable factor in this. #107 Again, those people in those rural houses have chosen to live there, and having to drive a car is part of that choice. They have chosen a lifestyle that causes them to regularly engage in a dangerous activity, just like smoking.

Its kind of sad seeing people try to say they need to drive a car and are saying 2 miles is a long way During high school I biked about 25 km to school every morning and it took me like 30 minutes. 6 mph is a running pace. You can bike faster than that. I only did it because I couldn't afford a car. Its all about convenience. There is never necessity for a car. Its only a convenience. I smoke too but I do a shit load of physical activity. I don't give a shit if smoking reduces my life by a bit. I don't eat fast food and I run and weight lift still and do at least one of them everyday of the week. do you think smokers are a bunch of ******* with no lung capacity or something? I also play the trumpet. What do you all do with your life? It doesn't sound like any of you are in very good shape if you couldn't run 2 miles 12 minutes. I guess you deserve anything bad that happens to you if you are just a lazy slob who is fat. Thats your own life choice.

Yeah, let's run two miles to school and arrive there sweating like pigs. You and musu are completely desolusional.

helpmeiamblind 0

I hope that when you die, your family does suffer and you have to see the looks on their faces and knowing you can't do anything about it. I'm not a dick for smoking, but you sir deserve to be slapped in the face by a huge hair dick so you can get a good idea of what one really is.

vdubz 0

WRONG! YOU are the ass hole. And you are also wrong when you say there is nothing wrong with smoking! And just because you don't care that people dies and it is not important to you does not mean that no one cares. Go smoke in your house at 2am.. not in public. If it effected ONLY you, then i really wouldn't care. Go kill yourself, who cares, BUT when you are smoking around OTHER PEOPLE and forcing them to breath in the crap you choose to, THAT is what is wrong. Why should everyone else have to put up with that crap simply because you choose to breath it. Oh yeah, and why the hell are you lighting a plant on fire and inhaling the fumes. WHY?.... shows a sign of intelligence doesn't it? Owned

It can't be helped if this contentious person is suicidal vdubz. Thus the statement about suicide isn't necessary. The OP shouldn't smoke, he doesn't deserve it but he merely shouldn't smoke. i am not being sanctimonious, I'm being totally rational.

Megan how does smoking affect you as a robot? I call bullshit.

Musu, there is a huge difference between driving and smoking. First off, to quote #102 "a motor vehicle when used as intended (to get from point A to point B) and assuming everyone uses them responsibly, will not result in death." Key phrase: ASSUMING EVERYONE USES THEM RESPONSIBLY. If everybody drives perfectly, then nobody will be hurt. If everybody smokes "perfectly", then they will still die prematurely. Secondly, the "benefits" of smoking can be achieved through less harmful methods. Want a rush? Ride a roller coaster, watch a horror movie, or go skydiving. Don't smoke. Driving, on the other hand, OFTEN HAS NO ALTERNATIVE. take for example bad weather. If it's pouring rain outside, you would be walking at the risk of getting ill. Driving allows you to crank up the heat and stay safe. In blazing heat, walking from place to place would be potentially fatal due to heatstroke. Driving is much safer in those conditions. Thirdly, returning to the nature of human beings, THERE IS NO NATURAL BENEFIT TO SMOKING. It does not in any way contribute to survival. Driving, on the other hand, makes many necessities of life much easier to obtain. Example: driving to the supermarket to get food. In conclusion, while it would be possible to avoid driving in society, the benefits far outweigh the dangers. Smoking is exactly the opposite in that respect.

so because there is no natural benefit he deserves to have his tongue burned? Please. This is no different than if somebody got into a car accident that wasn't their fault. The fact that he got his tongue burned was not his fault and that means its a fyl not a ydi and if you think any other way you might as well vote YDI for absolutely everything. Propose to your girlfriend she says no? Should have been gay YDI. Lose something of monetary value? YDI for buying expensive stuff. Got into a hunting accident? Don't hunt YDI. Its childish views like that that make society such a terrible place. Just accept what other people do and if a shitty thing happens to them while they are doing it thats not their fault just because they do something you don't agree with does not make it right. Also if you are sweating after 2 miles you definitely need to hit the gym more because you are obviously out of shape.

musu_fml 0

#172: You'd be sweating like a pig if you ran two miles? You sound less healthy than a smoker. You call me delusional for suggesting walking two miles to school or work...I used to walk that distance to get to school. Crazy! #193: You propose skydiving as a safer alternative to smoking? SERIOUSLY? As for natural benefits of smoking, there are a few (I forget the sources though, so you're justified in assuming bullshit, but this is just what I remember reading): 1: Quick doses of nicotine can improve concentration and mental reflex. 2: There's evidence that suggests nicotine from smoking can help prevent alzheimers by a small degree. 3: The most important one: IT'S ENJOYABLE AND HUMAN BEINGS SPEND THEIR ENTIRE LIVES TRYING TO ENJOY THEMSELVES.

Foodeater (what else would you eat?) - He deserves to have his tongue burned not due to the lack of natural benefit, but due to the harm that he's inflicting upon others via secondhand smoke, air pollution, and setting a bad example. As for the examples you gave, those actions would be justified because there is a possible positive end result for each action. There is no positive end result of smoking. YOU WILL DIE PAINFULLY. Musu - Considering that 438,000 AMERICANS die every year due to smoking, according to the American Lung Association, and 63 people WORLDWIDE died due to skydiving accidents (, yes, I'd say skydiving is a much, much safer way to obtain a rush. As for your three benefits of smoking (which I'll assume aren't bullshit for the sake of argument) 1. Doing brainteasers has the same effect. Just buy a couple books of word puzzles or something. That would cost much less than all the cigarettes you would buy. PAY LESS. LIVE LONGER. NO SECONDHAND SMOKE. 2. Returning to the link you posted in comment #23 ( Less deaths are caused by Alzheimer' than by smoking (causes fatalities marked by the yellow triangles). And smoking wouldn't prevent or sop Alzheimer's, just slow it down very slightly. 3. I CAN NOT SAY IT ENOUGH. THERE ARE SO MANY HEALTHIER AND MORE EFFECTIVE METHODS OF ENJOYMENT. Like skydiving.

I live like 5 mins from 1/3 elementary schools, 5 mins from my old highschool, 10 mins from the middle school, and about 15 mins from a college. So I guess I'm an exception.

Okay, but how many people smoke compared to how many people skydive. How about percentages compared instead of just numbers? It's not a balanced argument, so I was just wondering.

64 % of smokers die from smoking related illness ( About 350,000 people skydive a year ( Divide the 63 deaths due to skydiving last year by 350,000 and you get 0.00018. Multiply by 100 to get a percentage and you discover that only 0.018% of skydivers die from skydiving related accidents. 64%>0.018%