By Gassy - 14/12/2009 22:24 - United States

Today, I was studying for one of my finals that I had later in the week but decided to take a break and play around with my boyfriend in bed for a couple hours. We decided to 69 for the first time, and everything was going great until out of nowhere, I loudly farted in his face. FML
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Wait... Quief or fart??

HAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO!!! that is such a kinky story


Well that's just rude! 1st

Lmao!! Thats nastayyy

ugh i hate when people say 1st. put yes, i aggree, that is just rude.

killerviral 0

lol that wouldve been funny if u crapped diarria lol

XCaLX_fml 0

thats not possible his head inst neer your butt

devinashley 0

hahaha this made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry OP. that's so embarrasing. it's not rude btw, some flatulence you can't control lol. ;)

81; Somebody doesn't know what 69 is.

Kilomech 8

XD It is if she's on top.

stfu with that 1st shit.

ahhahahaha dude just got pink eye

This has to be the first 1st comment that isn't downvoted.

That's just plain repulsive. Could he look you in the eye after that?

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Should have just done 11 FIRST.

I think it's funny this has 11 down votes!

HAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO!!! that is such a kinky story

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Wait... Quief or fart??

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Ewww either way

Ew haha. Thats uber gross!! LOL!

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@8 I know you're a troll but... What? What?! WHAT?!

What did he say??

wow. thats fucking disgusting. self-control much?

You're welcome.

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I agree.