By asianjoe - 11/07/2011 01:13 - United States

Today, at work, I told a lady checking out to sign her name after sliding her credit card. After she started signing her name, she threw the pen down in frustration saying that the pen was out of ink. We use electronic pin pads. FML
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they let people like that have credit cards, no wonder the economy is ******


anjelicjazzy 6

i feel like this is something that would happen to me... sigh

why is this an FML for you? it's the lady who should be the one complaining.

Denikk 0

Oh yea, you met a stupid lady and all of a sudden your life is ruined.

CasualZombie 6

that's more of an F her life; for being a technologically impaired hot-headed dumbass.

I don't really get how anyone could say OP deserves this...

I wonder what she'd do with an iPhone since it doesn't have buttons...

?Because it's more amusing to standby and watch the Stupid Show.. live!

tpreston 0

that make screen protectors for a reason, to protect the screen. Although it's not your fault you work for a cheap-ass company

QfiggyQ 10

OP probably assumed that people with credit cards know how to use the machine, and the old hag flipped a nutty before the OP could explain it.

sooo how is it working for Walmart?

Did she park in the technologically impaired space?

WallyTheWombat 0

Those darn electric pens are always running out of ink. I can't remember a single time I had one with ink in it.

zombieekillah93 0

only in America...n maybe poland

sxe_beast 11

@Jacob... I know! They seriously piss me off. I usually just put the first letter of each name and scribble the rest or I put a smiley face.

MerrikBarbarian 9

wtf you have against Poland? :(


they let people like that have credit cards, no wonder the economy is ******

emeraldchicky 0

I think she's more of a cow, can I get a moo moo?

CatEyes66 0

Well, 14 is built like a man.

our cruel yet truthful comments disappeared or my iPhone app sucks ...

14 stfu. your ugly as hell. do us all a favor and put a bag over your head before you post another comment. :)

yeah with nice **** small waist and a great ass at least I show my face... I don't have some cartoon ;)

No wonder. Those electronic pads never work.