By Anonymous - 14/11/2010 19:51 - South Africa

Today, I arrived home to find my cat dead and note saying, "Sorry, I tripped over him." Not only is my cat dead, but I was robbed by a polite thief. FML
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I'm moving to South Africa if this is how the criminals act. I'm tired of getting robbed by assholes who aren't even polite enough to apologize for stealing my shit.

how does tripping over a cat kill it?


No, I didn't say first!

What did you say then? You can summarize ;-)

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I really am sorry I kicked your cat and robbed you.

At least he was polite :D

that's terrible! :(

you need to hunt down the man that did this to your cat, get your revenge, write a book about it, and then sell the rights to it to hollywood to make a movie staring John Cena (not because of his acting, but because it would be funny as hell to see him crying over a cat)

106 I like your thinking it will be huge kinda like your mom but not that huge but pretty huge tho

this could only happen in south africa :P

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let's all go to south Africa and be raciest then kick cats to death!

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South africa is mostly white. Unless you were talking about being racist to white people, then okay...

BoredReader88 5

FYL OP, but at least he was polite. He didn't say "Ha I killed your cat, bitch" which in my mind would make it a lot worse

aww sucks :| fyl

I blame the cat. he should have gotten out of the way

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wtf? strange fml haha

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'Yeah, at least he didn't steal it. At least he only killed it.' Omg, dude. What on earth were you thinking when you wrote that comment? Lol!

what you just told us was that the situation couldve been fail-fail.

a dead cat or a stolen cat hmmm.....

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Sorry about the cat, but YDI for the robbed part. Sounds like it was pretty easy for the person to get in.

How does it sound like it was easy for the robber to get in? ...

FFML_314 11

What are you talking about? How does it sound like that?

I agree with you. People should have motion triggered spot lights, with 10 foot fences surrounding the perimeter, barbed wire and a military tank. If anyone gets robbed because they didn't have these security measures, it's their own fault.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

lmfao nice 51

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A polite thief? Come on now. 51, I like your comment; it made me lol. My motion sensors are pretty outdated. I think I'll get new sensors this week.

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How can u say YDI?! In case you didn't see, OP is from South Africa! We have one of the highest crime rates in the world! Almost every house is fitted with an alarm system and its mostly the installers that tip syndicates off on how to get in. Not to mention the corruption amongst the police! Fuck you for not knowing what you're talking about! OP was lucky enough not to have been in the house at the time for fear of rape or murder!

Yeah in South Africa they'll knock a hole in the wall if they really want to get in. Criminals here are of a different caliber.

That sucks. At least he was polite...?

I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. Anyone who clicks "YDI" is a heartless bastard.

I'm moving to South Africa if this is how the criminals act. I'm tired of getting robbed by assholes who aren't even polite enough to apologize for stealing my shit.

TheDrifter 23

You should try Japan doc. I hear that thieves there are so nice they even take their shoes off when they enter.

wwerulez14 6

@12 really?! Shit. I should move to Japan. Don't need some dirty thieves tracking mud onto my new carpet. Do they also stay as quiet as they can so as to not disturb my sleeping dog? That too would be very polite.

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^ lol

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#12 do they even leave a nice fortune cookie before they leave? that would be so nice.

FFML_314 11

Doc, it sounds like we need to change careers and move to South Africa.

#28... fortune cookies are a Chinese thing.

FFML, I've already booked my plane ticket and packed my shit. I've had enough of Namibia.

Actually, fortune cookies are an American thing. They were first made in San Francisco. So, they are neither Japanese, nor Chinese. :)

I would be happy if the robber left a peanut butter cookie. I'm moving to South Africa... -.-

lol, they also put on Condoms before they rape you. . .

He didn't apologize for stealing, only for killing their cat.

What did you say, then?

NVM - that was a reply to #8

zp5 4

(note) "sorry i tripped over your cat. i also stole some of your stuff. have a nice day!"

you'd expect them to use the finger prints on the note to find him.