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Today, I was spending Saint Patrick's Day with my girlfriend, when she started pinching me for not wearing green. To my complete shock, when she pinched my nipple, I got the biggest, most noticeable erection I've ever had in my life, and no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away. We were in public. FML
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"Sweety...can in this alley for a sec.."

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tell her to stand in front of you?


chlorinegreen 27

tell her to stand in front of you?

yes tell her to stand in front of u then bend over

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i dont see how thats an FML, i would have stroked it, then again getting purple nurples doesnt turn me on... so idk

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Don't be so HARD on yourself, just drink a couple STIFF ones and hope nobody has a BONER two to pick with you. That was awful, but I made myself chuckle.

240 - That pun surprised me so much that it erected all my flaccid hair on my head. I guess I am special like a beat off the road; a masturbator, ******-aker.

now we know really is at the end of the rainbow dont we?

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have you not heard of the waistband tuck?

HipsterFox 3

..and you can't even use the correct form of you're .. so your logic is out the window

Looks like we know where your favorite erogenous zones are. ;)

lol oppppssieess! haha it was suppose to be a comment(:

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i would work it jus acte drunk ish and push you boner up agenst random girls when she aint looking

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that might get him off ad well.

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No, think about a papercut on the tip of your boner. Think. About. It. hurts like hell! ... dont ask how i know

Wow that sounds worse than shoving stakes under your nails D: *shudders* >.<

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104- You are twisted, that made me cringe. D:

Ok...I'm a girl and it made ME cringe, too. I almost threw up!

You were masturbating and tried to wipe your dong with a piece of paper? :D

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#255 your profile fits your comment so well

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aw that sucks. when was at Patricks day?! aw crap and I was looking forward to it... kinda I'm a fail

TayonaC 10

HOLY CRAP IT IS! Well.... my day is now officially ruined

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42 hahah! so true, I was just thinking that. I had no idea what she was trying to say

TayonaC 10

lol sorry basically I was trying to figure out when saint Patricks day was... I wanted to do something for it and now I can't. :(

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I figured out what she was trying to say but she didn't do a very good job of saying it. The main problem was that she said when was AT St Patricks day. remove the at and its understandable.

TayonaC 10

crap I didn't even notice that. sorry again o__O

Budget cuts due to the declining leprechaun economy required double rainbows to converge and utilize the same end, thus requiring a single leprechaun and a single pot of gold. With 50% of their workforce laid off, stocks rose and the rainbow execs then awarded themselves another couple billion in bonuses.

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^ I didn't know leprechauns were American business men..

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..I understood you fine ^-^"

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It's pretty easy to see what he/she meant. "at Patrick's" is what comes out when you hit the a instead of the s in "St" Simple. Could have even been autocorrected. It wasn't hard to read or figure out.

If he was wearing jeans then it's not so bad, but judging from the FML, he was wearing something less stiff and showing something stiffer.

Seriously, what did men do before jeans? Dress slacks are a recipe for disaster.

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maybe he was wearing athletic shorts...?

persianjr1 7

what about stretchy pants? lol

So, the power of the dong < underwear? because wearing boxers doesn't help.

I'm assuming that, since it was St. Patrick's Day, he was wearng a kilt.

that is really embarrassing, but hopefully people were getting too drunk to even notice!

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12, I doubt you even know what an erection is.

You have a serious case of text stutter.

I'm a guy and you're still frightening me.

112 you're not a guy... you're a freaking adorable Pikachu kitty!!

(149) and I'm the one that sounds like an moron.

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thanks for admitting it 190

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190, please get off FML and find something better to do with your life before you end it due to the amount of bitch-slapping comments you receive on this site.

Shut the hell up Kykyshay. Seriously. I don't know how many times people have to tell you that before you know that no one likes you.

I know who likes me and who doesn't thank you.if you don't like my comments don't read them.

everyone just stop fighting, please. it's not worth it. honestly.

Yep, it really isn't in anybody's best interest for this MissBunny25 vs Kykyshay vs jess6blondie9 vs the world thing to continue, trust me on that. Calm down, chill out. :-)

sorry about those names missbunny. I was just mad... :-(

it's okay :) all is forgotten. dude I told you sirin was the best mod in the world. she's like that pink good witch of the north on the wizard of oz. OMG thats who she reminds me of :0 holy shit.

^ has anyone ever told you, you look like ke$ha?(: but wayyyy prettier

227 haha, unfortunately, yes. I get that all the time D: can't say I agree. but you're pretty as well :) and thank you.

lol I'm pretty sure my dog doesn't look like Kesha...actually she might a little...

thanks it's not bad cause u just have her good features

thanx! those sunglasses really bring out her eyes. :-)

bye, I'll see you later. gotta go! :)

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@12.. im not really a grammar nazi, but when u add 17 extra same letters to a word, i just have to let my guard down, and say stfu cuz ur an idiot..grow up