By foreverbrown - / Tuesday 15 May 2012 02:23 / United States
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3-No, I think they were trying to come off as the opposite of racists. If they have an African-American in the group, then they can assert to other people that they're not racists. (When I said African-American, that was due to OP stating that he lived in the U.S.)

  teague95  |  16

29 - after reading your comment, I now wonder what African-Americans are referred to in other parts if the world never thought of it before. African-Australian?

  ferrousWheel  |  6

Your comment just reminded me of the show Friends. That show was so White, it didn't even HAVE a token Black friend, or any other minorities, for that matter. Wonder if that's how OP feels--like they stepped into a brainless sitcom.


16-They actually tried putting in an African-American in one of their later seasons to appeal to a wider audience, but it was disliked by a majority of the audience, so they took him out.