By foreverbrown - 15/05/2012 02:23 - United States

Today, I was having dinner with my college friends to celebrate the end of our first year. I said really great things about them as individuals. The only thing they had to say to me was, "Thanks for being the token black friend." FML
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Snafuusmc 12

What are these things you call "friends"?

Aw that's sad. I'm sure they were kidding!


Hahaha , I'm guessing it was a good first year of college then Aha, good to know your friends always got your back!

Would have been a better comment if you said black instead of back.

Ahh yes. The acceptances of college boys! At least they aren't hating in you!

Were you their friend just so you could be "the token black friend" in the group?

It's not if they said, "no racial" before saying it. Now I wonder if they did..

Haha it's a YouTube video by TimothyDeLaGhetto nevermind

jerseyboy732 16

sometimes i think the guy yelling racist is more racist.

3-No, I think they were trying to come off as the opposite of racists. If they have an African-American in the group, then they can assert to other people that they're not racists. (When I said African-American, that was due to OP stating that he lived in the U.S.)

29 - after reading your comment, I now wonder what African-Americans are referred to in other parts if the world never thought of it before. African-Australian?

Aw that's sad. I'm sure they were kidding!

It isn't too late to say what a bastards they are, is it?

Snafuusmc 12

What are these things you call "friends"?

ferrousWheel 6

Your comment just reminded me of the show Friends. That show was so White, it didn't even HAVE a token Black friend, or any other minorities, for that matter. Wonder if that's how OP feels--like they stepped into a brainless sitcom.

16-They actually tried putting in an African-American in one of their later seasons to appeal to a wider audience, but it was disliked by a majority of the audience, so they took him out.

lrgenesis 19

Niggas in Paris right :D Here come the thumbs down lol…

I'm sure your friends are just teasing. Don't take it too personally.

Just think about it out of all the black people there , you were the token black guy. So I guess you can mark it down as a successful first year.

at least they said something nice about you...