By me. - 07/05/2012 20:38 - Canada - Orillia

Today, I got an inconvenient erection while at my girlfriends house, so I tried to think of something stupid to get rid of it. I tried thinking of Pokémon, which actually made me harder. FML
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Tell yourgirlfriend to wear a pikachu costume when your about to have sex. It may help. ;)

It is not very effective. OP fainted.


2ndSucks 15

I think you have your cartoons confused.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Don't worry, you're not the only one. I always get lady boners while playing Pokemon.

boxbrandon11 20

Every Pokemon! Apart from Zubat. I hate those little flying *******, there's like a million in one cave.

Bubble, however, is a Pokemon move...though it was probably more a case of hydro pump...

No hydro pumping this one. Just his Onix using Harden.

Gardevoir used flash. Wild Metapod is stunned.

flockz 19

Cloyster used spikes! metapod retracted uhhh i mean fled!

hahafylop 4

119- You're picture almost have me a laughing induced heart attack.

This thread is the greatest nerdfest ever.

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

Well, I guess were actually having a conversation about pokemon. **** YEH!

173- we're I couldn't help it, I had to do something or else I would have been thinking of it all day.

I think I lost brain cells by reading this pokemón conversation...

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nateb1tch 1

Double foul! Not only dissing Pokemon, but also complaining that it made you harder, wow

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

186 - No, it's ok, it was my mistake. :)

aisthecoolest 8

I think he thought about it more while trying to stop thinking about it, happens to me all the time. :)

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

235 - That happens to me the whole time!

Tell yourgirlfriend to wear a pikachu costume when your about to have sex. It may help. ;)

unoffensivename 0

I think the fml was fantasizing about a bunny chick from final fantasy

I'm 100% sure I saw a comment on FML just yesterday by some cute blonde woman in a pikachu costume...

Next time just picture your grandma naked with her gray pubes showing. that should get rid of it ;)

Doctorhook you are correct a girl did make a comment in a pikachu costume or hoodie. Pretty interesting coincidence. Lol

zebraface123 6

so glad I'm not a least I dont think I am

FMMFL1992 3

77, Maybe you liked to walk around everywhere with a raging hard on but some people feel a little uncomfortable doing that...

One of my fears when thinking about other things to get rid of unwanted erections was that my mind would end up associating those things with arousal and whenever I see, hear or think of them it'd happen again...

xxkimmyt 9

You know Pikachu is sexy. ;)

Andr913 13

One of my gay friends made a comment about Poliwag that scarred me for life. Apparently Poliwag has good lips for...yeah... He's weird.

p3mguin 7

Misty was bangin back in the show. I don't know about that May chick. she doesn't cut it for me ;)

3- Pikachu is super sexy when Jessica Nigri dresses as her. *drools*

If you only know Pikachu...Pokemon is not for you.

Dr0reos 8

167 yeah gyarados was always what did it for me. (especially the red one)

Dr0reos 8

OP when your with your girlfriend no erection is inconvenient. Thou shalt not waste boners.

It is not very effective. OP fainted.

The harder you try not to think about your erection, the harder it gets.

Inheritance 10

Try adding water, water is super effective to rock types!

Inheritance 10

Better yet have you girlfriend help! Have her use hydro pump on your dick. Problem solved? I think so.

Giggly puff is one sexy pokemon...

kandi_kid69 15

Eh, some people just don't know the names.

I can name practially every pokemon aside from B&W. Maybe half or less of D/P/P and almost all of R/S/E and all from the rest.

Sorry guys, my phone autocorrected me. :S

166 - Knowing any Pokemon after the first 150 is lame. /hipster pokémaster

151 Pokemon! You need to count Mew!! D:

*waves cane* back in my day if you wanted a complete pokedex you had to trade to get the other two starter Pokemon!

2ndSucks 15

Pfft. There's no such thing as an "inconvenient" erection, OP.

2ndSucks 15

Have you heard of sarcasm?

I don't think Sarcasm is a Pokémon.

2ndSucks used Sarcasm. It's not very effective... Had to be done. *flies away*

2ndSucks 15

That's a bit better. Please excuse my poor wording.

HarleeMae 6

She was being sarcastic, obviously.. & this is completely off topic, but would your username happen to be referring to a song? Lol. Just wondering.

2ndSucks 15
yozakura06 2

So if your in the gym locker room and everyone is walking around naked is that an ok place to have an erection o_0?

So, Pickachu turns you on? Or Jigglypuff? Jigglypuff is actually pretty hot.. Did I say that out loud?

missamazinggg 12

Maybe he was picturing Missy?

Jakesterk96 8

7- You didn't say it out loud, you just posted it on FML.

"jiggly puff is one fine piece of ass" Anyone seen that?

And goddamned if it didn't look like an erect dick, too

Ivysaur is evolving! Ivysaur evolved into Penisaur! Do you want to give a nickname to Penisaur?

Jakesterk96 8

Your Me Gusta picture seems to go so well with your comment.

Girlfriend - Do you want anything to eat? OP - Yeah some crisps would be nice Girlfriend - Ok, imma go get some *leaves room* OP - Chatizard, pikachu....! *jizzes* Girlfriend - *walks in and stares* OP - Oh god why....

Geek...senses...tingling....Gah! *Charizard I'm ashamed of myself.

Ahh autocorrect, it had served and humiliated me for so long... We should be proud of being nerds and geeks! We have to carry it on for generations to come! Nerds and Geeks unite!

skullofdarkness 18

Just listen to a song "The Birds and the Bee drills"