By scratchy - 08/12/2010 14:56 - Israel

Today, my boyfriend refused to have his hair treated against lice, because "men don't have lice". FML
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Your man is too stupid to be a man.

well he is clearly stupid, not much more to say.


xShannonxSammyx 7

Oh my gosh. OP: I am so sorry. Dump him, maybe?

Yes, dump him... Because that will solve his lice problem. Right.

dropdeadtrollin 0

well that's the 1st thing that comes to mind as OP's bf is a dumb ass and probably overly sexist and thinks parasites that live in hair can only be gotten by woman.

Hellooomindyy 0

It will solve her lice problem when she is no longer around the contributing boyfriend. I would dump my boyfriend if he refused and we have been together for 2 years. I love my hair too much to have it infested.

The OP's boyfriend isn't sexist, wtf? He's just scientifically retarded. Is it sexist to say that only women have periods?

dropdeadtrollin 0

@27 "Is it sexist to say that only women have periods?" No, because woman have ovaries you dumb shit. Your basically defending the boyfriend. I said he was PROBABLY sexist because he said only people with ovaries can have and infestation of head lice. When in actuality, anyone with hair, even animals of BOTH Sex's can transmit and receive the parasite. DUMB F*CK, yeah I'm a little mad bro, because dumb asses try to argue points that make no sense to argue in the 1st place and most likely have horrible upside down and backwards arguments.

Oh my... Don't take it too far my dear. It was probably a teeny tic-tac sized pun.

@ #23 You smart ass dumb ****! It won't solve his lice problems but it will prevent her from getting the bugs. Get a brain.

lucedelsoleee 0

#26, get over yourself. You'd dump a guy that you've been with for TWO years just for your hair? Right now my hair is half an inch long. I had to buzz because I fought lice for 10 months. Hair shouldn't matter and it shouldn't be such a big part of your life. Hair doesn't make you for who you are.

29, You missed my whole point entirely. No, I'm not defending the boyfriend, because once again, he's pretty clueless to think that lice is only in females. Of course only women have periods, it was an example. Yeah, the boyfriend is pretty stupid, and lazy, and a complete idiot, but he sure the hell isn't sexist.

missvee98324 0

you are the dumb shit because you can't spell you're correctly.

dropdeadtrollin 0

@38 There are two options, 1 he only thinks woman get lice because some one told him so or he thinks woman only get it because he thinks woman are lower then men? Or he is in self denial and that was his go to (belittling woman) so I'm going to say he's a bit sexist.

sourgirl101 28

I just want to thank everyone that's using people by their "number". It makes it so much easier to figure out who's bitching out who.(:

42, that makes sense, when you really take time to think about all the possible options going that went through his mind, but my first thought was that he sucked at gender anatomy.

Baby Pandas. I know that was a bit off topic but there was so much anger in these posts so i had to lighten it up.

Hellooomindyy 0

#37, so you should live with head lice for 10 months or longer because the boyfriend that's supposed to love you refuses to treat the bugs in HIS hair? Your crazy and any other female or male that's hygenic would agree with me. That is such a nasty to be willing to put up with when you can easily solve the problem.

Hellooomindyy 0

nasty thing*

MrCalves 1

I don't like 58. How can I solve this problem?

omfgrofl1337 0

Must've been a lot of paddling because everyone seems to be butthurt and ready to bitch...

MsTakenByBieber 0

37, hair does make u who u r. U buzzed it off, so now ur a dumb bitch with nothing up there.

Yea dumb him...not long will you see an FML about "Today my girlfriend dumb me because I have a head condition. FML"

beautiful_brunet 3

79 you obviously don't understand how horrible head lice is. I spent a year with it before putting kerosine in it to kill them. but your hair doesn't define who you are as a person. Granted it helps but it shouldn't be the main thing

lucedelsoleee 0

#58, read #47's post. People who have lice aren't unhygenic and you're stupid for not doing your research. And its certainly not always 'easy' to solve the problem. It boils down to you'd pick your hair over a boyfriend of two years... makes me wonder what kind of person you are...

mintcar 9

Wow, am I pathetic for reading this on my study break? It was mildly entertaining

everybody love everybody

Hellooomindyy 0

86, When your hair grows back, you can honestly tell me you would be fine with your boyfriend having lice but refusing to treat it? Meaning you will get it again and possibly have to shave it again. I don't think I'm very vain in saying that if he has no respect for ME, at least enough to treat his hair since it can be passed on then why stay with him and sacrafice your hair? Besides I already know the decision my boyfriend would make if I asked him treat his hair. So technically in the end I myself will not be leaving my boyfriend, but I think the OP should if her boyfriend was serious. I just wanted to add, that I don't really care what kind of person you think I am, your not the first or last bitch to dislike me. You have your opinions, and I have my own.

fakeaccountX 6

He was obviously wrong, it's "men don't have rice."

brightnite 0

I thunk the hate is overflow from the lesbian post. lol closed comments

79- That's pretty sad that you think hair makes you who you are. Basically you have no personality then. Wow, pretty shallow. I feel sorry for you.

best solution is to tell him that you have crabs and until he treats his lice, you won't treat your crabs

He's an idiot. Definitely dump him.

ewwwwwwwww. Sucks for you OP

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tell him bald is in

well he is clearly stupid, not much more to say.

agreed. if he really was a man he'd admit he needed treatment and not make up something dumb like that

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-20 why does he need to be a man to do that? Being an idiot is not dependent on gender


Your man is too stupid to be a man.

agreed. real men arnt stupid and make up dumb shit like that

MasterE56 4


You should just shave it all off when he's asleep.

I am so with this!

franwins0827 7

Agreed! Make like Delilah and shave that man's head!

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lice lives in your scalp so shaving doesnt help

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but it makes them easier to get rid of

stevenJB 25

When lice start burrowing into your scalp it becomes a serious medical issue. This is only present during a long, untreated case.

They do like clean hair..

Yarrachel 16

Men are lice!!! jk

You must be wrong then.