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Today, I enlisted in the military. My dad now finds it necessary to act like a drill sergeant. This includes yelling at me everywhere we go to prepare me for basic training. Training begins in four months. FML
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flashback.miss 28

He's just trying to get you used to it now. But, thank you for enlisting.

As a former Marine I feel compelled to say, hahaha.


flashback.miss 28

He's just trying to get you used to it now. But, thank you for enlisting.

SexySlayer1248 18

Nothing will get you used to it, take this time to enjoy simple freedoms like choosing your own clothes, and sitting down and resting whenever you want. Also choosing what and when you eat and listening to music, get it all out now because you take the little things for granted, trust me!

Yeah, I remember when I graduated boot camp and went to "A" school for my rate training. I went to the store and bought candy, then to the library to borrow a Harry Potter book. I don't think I've ever enjoyed eating candy or reading so much. It's amazing how much you appreciate simple pleasures, like reading a book because you WANT to not because someone TOLD you to when you've been to boot camp.

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I don't know, 57. That is great practice though. When OP gets to basic training, it will be nothing but a cake-walk.

Why 'thanks' for enlisting? They're not protecting you from anything...

You'll love it. Basic was one of the funnest times. Once it's over you'll appreciate everything more

I would join the military, but stealing oil isn't my thing to die for.

Grauncho 27

Who said you could post this FML, maggot? Drop and give me fifty right now!

It's good'll be set in no time (:

PterodactylMan 23

I'm sure your dad's just joking about with you. But good luck when the training begins!

No. Don't call them 'sir'. Unless you want to hear "DO I LOOK LIKE AN OFFICER TO YOU?" just say Sergeant or drill sergeant. Lol Well, unless you like getting smoked.

K410 18

Sooo you're aloud to bring your cat too? :p

You really cut your eyes off the picture to fit your breasts?

Her eyes are in there if you tap the profile pic.

Or possibly "petty officer" or "chief" if OP joined the Navy.

They typically don't like sir sandwiches.

depends on branch the marines say sir the army say Sgt and I don't know bout the other 2 but good luck OP you'll do well

Navy says petty officer or chief depending on their rank. We call officers sir or ma'am. Never call a chief sir or ma'am.

Just a tip OP, don't call them "Sarg" either. This is the quickest way to piss off a Sergeant. "Sarg" is a scum sucking fish that lives on the ocean floor- it's in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. Just sayin', now you know...and knowing is half the battle!

Spider_Web 11

"Sa" comes before both "sh" and "sy" in the dictionary

Yes, #117, I'm well aware of how the alphabet works. My statement was an homage to a line that I thought was rather well known to most people. Maybe the last line of my comment is more your speed, but you probably missed that reference too.

Depends on the branch. The Air Force uses sir. But in the Air Forces case...never EVER use a sir sandwich.

I was active duty Air Force before I went Army Guard....don't ask. I know, what the hell was I thinking! LOL! Anyway, we never used Sir unless it was an officer, but I'm from a different generation so maybe things have changed.

We used Sir or their rank. It might have changed.

Wake up at 5am and start loudly marching around the house.

I don't think Op's that much of an asshole. She enlisted for ****'s sake!

Actually, a lot of assholes enlist. In my experience, about 50% of the people who enlist are assholes. Then they get promoted and become even bigger assholes. But I can only speak for the Navy. It's like people join the Navy straight out of high school, and then the Navy becomes their mom so that they never mature beyond that, and then those who were bullies in high school get handed opportunities to be even bigger bullies when they get promoted and given authority over others.

From what I've experienced in my familyn the officers are usually better people than those who enlist.

I don't know about that. Officers are nicer to me than senior enlisted and other junior enlisted, but that's probably just because as a junior enlisted I'm not their problem. I don't doubt I'd find a lot more assholes among officers if I worked with or for them directly.

5 am? That's luxury in basic training. :) 0430 every morning for me.

As a former Marine I feel compelled to say, hahaha.

there are no former brother just a different uniform

perdix 29

#7, I thought you guys would say, "Hoo-hah, hoo-hah, hoo-hah!"

Yeah, go **** yourself. You don't get it.

That is a true statement for you, #8. You're that guy, the one that thinks the song is,"Revved up like a douche, another mother in the night"....yeah, that guy.

Actually, I have no idea what comes after that, hence the "..."

It's "I don't know, but I've been told" the next line is too controversial for today's PC crowd.

Spider_Web 11

Eskimo cats are mighty cold?

#114, what about those of us who are on Macs?

That comment made my day, #123! Thanks for the laugh :)

Don't act so naivy. He's only pulling your army like that because he loves you. He's just trying to clear the air, force you to face reality. He is obviously proud of you and thinks this career choice is better than something like marine biology. Good luck, soldier.

perdix 29

They always forget the Coast Guard!

Say what? When did my branch stop being a military service?

Science will help humanity much more than learning how to shoot and do pushups right. Anyone can become a marine, and not everyone a scientist.

Coast Guard? You mean the Navy's little brother? HAW HAW HAW! Anyway, I thought it was the other way around. I thought the Coast Guard used to be another department, then after 9/11 it became part of the Department of Defense.

Good luck OP! I'm grateful for your service!!!

It's funny how ignorant about the military you really are. It's just sad to read that comment 50

50, I hope you realize the army prevents the country from being attacked and/or taken over. And no, not everyone can be a marine. I certainly can't because of health problems.

I hope you realize the last war on American territoy was the Civik War, and that was vs. eachother. Don't be ignorant, nobody is going to attack the United States with our 2600+ nukes. It is funny to see you hicks with no intellect bashing me because you have no prospects, lol.

72, if you are so knowledgeable about the army, enlighten me, you can keep insulting me, but that is hurting your argument(not that you had one in the first place).

101- You are an idiot. Parts of WWII were fought on American territory. And are we going to nuke our own cities if they are occupied? No. Nukes are usless if you are fighting on your own soil or if the launch sites are captured.

101.... First of all, at least TRY to do a little research before you claim how many nukes the United States have. Secondly, don't believe any number you hear (you really think we're gonna just throw that info out there? And last but NOT least you said "don't be ignorant, nobody is going to attack the United States..." DO YOU REMEMBER 9/11??? And you have the audacity to call other people ignorant. Guess what, unconventional warfare is booming, and it's unpredictable. Sincerely, The No Intellect Hick That Enlisted To Make Sure You Keep The Right To Make Stupid Comments

DonQuixote158 - 1) You obviously failed to see the puns in my comment, 2) you failed to remember Pearl Harbor, which happened well after the 1860's, 3) congratulations on insulting soldiers everywhere, and 4) get the **** off my thread and take your stupid argument elsewhere.

zahra_786 19

haha, your dad just wants to make sure your prepared to some extent. Maybe after real training you'll appreciate your dads methods and realise he wasn't so bad.