By starflares - 03/07/2014 19:49 - Denmark - Yaound

Today, I moved fifteen stacks of bricks from our store to a customer's van. After I made all that effort, he decided he didn't like the colour of the bricks after all, and demanded a full refund. FML
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starflares tells us more.

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Thanks guys, I just sent him to the manager and he had to pay me +$30 to have the colors switched out, so not all that mad.

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Throw a brick in his face! + van window

It's better to be like, "A refund? No problem. Just be sure you have your receipt when YOU return the bricks. Oh, and please be sure they're in original packaging."


Throw a brick in his face! + van window

Although that does sound immediately gratifying, OP would suffer

It's better to be like, "A refund? No problem. Just be sure you have your receipt when YOU return the bricks. Oh, and please be sure they're in original packaging."

If he wants to keep his job, then this is a horrible idea.

Thats probably what his head is made of

I feel as if he did that, there would be another FML about how "Today, he was arrested for assault and vandalism. FML"

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why does the colour of the bricks even matter?

Uh, for the same reason we buy things we find nice. It is probably to be used as an exterior decor, so it does matter.

badluckalex 23

the house MUST be funxway! absolutely no clue how to spell that word..

RedPillSucks 31

He may be trying to match an existing structure. Nothing like two tone brick walls to mess up a view

21 Fung shui. Good try, though yours looks more like funks way.

@29 *feng shui. :P

You mean the feng shui OF the house had to be perfect.

also, feng shui has to do with placemrnt of furniture more than color

Lol... that's bull. I feel bad for you, OP.

jazzy_123 20

that's when you say "good luck putting em back".. OK jk don't actually say that. That person is an asshole and we all hate customers like that! it's like when someone places a big order at my job and end up saying they don't want it anymore *sigh*

Wow. I'm sorry. I can't imagine how bad that must be... Hope your job doesn't have that happen too much... Have a nice day(:

jazzy_123 20

thankfully it doesn't. thank you! (:

Can't you just say store policy is for them to bring them INTO the store themselves (due to liability concerns with employees hurting their backs etc.)? And direct him to where he should stack them...

If its anywhere like Home Depot or Rona then there are employees called lot associates who's job it is to lift heavy things and load customers cars for them with whatever they buy.

do you normally give refunds to assholes?

You have an entire arsenal at your fingertips. Use it; bricks hurt.

Should have made him bring them back to get the refund, not your problem he did not like the color

It's a job. That makes it his problem.

This is true, but the customer wanted the refund therefore he/she needs to bring them back, OPs job was to bring them out!

Wizardo 33

May as well be the bigger man and give him a handshake... to the face... with a stack of bricks.

Fistbump! "ARRGH"

I don't even know what to say to that except, that sucks. Sorry OP

killthedead 13

I know what to say to OP. It really sucks, but It's called work! It will happen again. Take the bricks back and load the the Next 15 stacks. Then say Thanks for helping me earn my paycheck and help the Next customer.