By dumbbus - 01/04/2015 23:24 - United Kingdom - Stockton-on-tees

Today, I got an expensive return bus ticket to visit my family 200 miles away. I accidentally tore the ticket when taking it from the machine, but the driver said not to worry, as it would still be accepted on the way back. Guess who's still 200 miles from home. FML
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Explain to the bus driver what happened. How expensive can a bus ticket be, anyways?

How come you didn't tape it back together? ....Well I guess if the other half of your ticket was still stuck in the machine taping it would not be possible but surely you could've called the company for a replacement ticket.


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Can your parents not help?

If she's 200 Miles from them, what do you think?

OP stated they were visiting and is now 200 miles from home, they would be with their family.

But she's stuck at the parent's place... she can't go back to her place.

Hmmm.. that's a tough one

Explain to the bus driver what happened. How expensive can a bus ticket be, anyways?

200 miles away could cost around 30 dollars? Could mean a lot to some people.

Depending where in the UK they're going between it could cost $25-65 one way. Which isn't really cheap for most people I know. Considering here in Canada we pay $200~ one way for about 500mi on a bus...they got it cheap...

guess u moving back with the fam


Do they not do digital tickets anymore?

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Should've insisted on a replacement

Find a bat and live it up. Wet Wednesday should be in full effect!

Tough situation. Next time(hopefully no) you should insist on getting a new one.

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That genuinely sucks OP. Best of luck.

I wonder if the bus driver was playing a sick April Fools joke on you..