By Anonymous - 28/12/2010 16:47 - Netherlands

Today, my little girl spoke her first word. It was ''Daddy''. Daddy left before she was born and she has never met him before. FML
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Most children will say Da-Da first. It isn't necessarily associated with Daddy. Sorry about the sperm donor, though.

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babies are stupid, she probably doesn't even know what that means. trust me I used to be a baby.


Most children will say Da-Da first. It isn't necessarily associated with Daddy. Sorry about the sperm donor, though.

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It wasn't a sperm donor.It was little boy who couldn't handle responsibilty

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Duh, 24. That's all the father was.

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babies are stupid, she probably doesn't even know what that means. trust me I used to be a baby.

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You people don't know anything about daddy. For all you know, mommy was a bitch and now won't let daddy see his daughter. Not everything is the man's fault.

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maybe if you shaved your stache op it would have been mama

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41 - never claimed I do. I said "maybe" because I don't know. I'm also not calling mommy names thinking I do.

I agree with #1, da-da is easier for the baby to say then mama. She'll get to mama when she realizes that's where the food comes from... lol Sorry about the "sperm donor", my father was one of those too.

Well, daddy did walk out. Most likely that means he didn't care enough to see his child anyways.

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#32 what do you mean," used to be a baby"? you still are.

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^ haters on this site that can't take a joke. smh.

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that's not really FML..."daddy" is said everywhere it's not like she knows what it means

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Don't worry, she doesn't know what she's saying. She'll start saying "mommy" before you know it.

This is true. It's so tempting for parents to imagine every sound is a word or every gas bubble is a smile. The "da" sound is the easiest to make and it's not considered a word unless she makes a concrete link between the sound and the object. For you to be taking this so personally, OP, makes me wonder if you have a touch of post-partum depression. It's very easy to be overwhelmed by a new baby especially if you feel you have no support.

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I guess I can only assume that her Dad is currently deployed in the Royal Netherlands Army, and has yet to have the pleasure of meeting his little girl. Good job OP for teaching you're child the word "daddy". It's important for her to realize how much of a hero he really is.

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There are no heroes in the army, only gun frisky morons.

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Read my comment directed at you

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Well here is the hard part to consider about the FML. We don't know whether the Dad is deployed, or if he just left the Mother of the baby because he didn't want to become more "serious". He might not have wanted a child so he left.

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^ throwback to another recent fml

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Have you ever been in a combat zone? If not, then shut up.

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#18, you are a truly ignorant piece of shit, how dare you sit there and say us military guys are gun frisky morons. I've got a little bit of news for you us gun frisky morons went out, and we fought and we died so little dumb ***** such as yourself can have freedoms, you know freedoms like... I don't know, sitting, waiting for an FML post so you can leave a comment and let the world know exactly how retarded you are. thank you and go die in a hole ya jack wagon

id have to agree. even if you don't think they are as good as usmc or airforce i dosent't mean that you can clown on them. they go through months and years of training and risk their lives daily. if you think they're just gun frisky, i dare you to join. HAVE SOME PRIDE MAN!!!!!!!

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#100 Good for u :) sticking up for the countryy! And #18 can suck it... Im not in the army or anything but thank u for the people who are :)

respect the ones who take your life in their hands willingly..... and die fighting for them...

while i agree not everyone in teh military is a gun toting freak, i have to ask, exactly what freedoms would i not have now, if the current wars being fought were not being fought?

i realize you are not completely ignorant about the military, but your one of the idiots that dont understand what is going on. the current war is a response to the 9-11 so as too keep our country safe from that again. he was refering to previous wars where if the military had not fought, life would be so different. people hardly ever join cause they just want to kill someone. almost all do it for a career, just to serve the country, or are just afraid and want to do something with their life. hardly any are trigger happy morons

thanks to all those brave enough to enlist! as fir your comment, WIN!

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why the **** would u just assume tht...?

I wish I could like this one thousand times. Well said sir!