By okaythen6 - United States
Today, I showed up on set for a film that I booked a role in weeks ago. At the time of the audition, the script was being rewritten, so today I was so excited and eager to be told what my role would entail. When they handed me the script, my character was described as a fat, ugly, awkward girl. FML
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By  IndieSinger  |  0

D'aw, okaythen6, I feel sorry for you - what an awkward position to be in! You'll get some horrible comments on here but, for what it's worth, I enjoyed your FML and I feel bad for you!

By  jandrews10  |  0

This is a fake. No one is going to get on here as an actor and say this shit. Acting is don't take the roles given to you as an insult. Charlize Theron, one of the most beautiful in hollywood, played an overweight, disgusting serial murderer and had to gain around 40-50lbs for the movie "monster." So...still want to complain?

  Intoxicunt  |  5

That doesn't mean it's fake. There are some people who take that shit to heart. I'm not saying they should, but they do.
And I'm willing to bet, OP is not acting on the level of Charlize Theron. So you say "no actor....." but you don't seem to be considering the fact that there are lots of actors who are barely more than amateur and who aren't experienced in handling the business of acting.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I'm not sure whether to think you're funny and playful or a total prick.
#15, yeah maybe she should, but she probably doesn't know that yet. My guess is that she isn't used to how acting works in the real world, and it took her by surprise.

  Starfire22  |  5

Shut YOUR whore mouth! If you can't take constructive criticism, then don't comment on fml. It's not like she was calling you "stupid" or a "retard" like many people on fml like to start thier replying comments with.