By Sue - United States
Today, I co-starred in a production of Hamlet. Halfway through play, the actor playing Hamlet forgot his lines, threw a raging temper tantrum, screaming about how much he hated the play and how he wanted to go home in front of hundreds of audience members. FML
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  Allstarr23  |  1

Nice. To OP, how is this fucking YOUR life. It is hysterical. I can't imagine this "production" being anything bigger than a backyard show if the lead can't remember the lines and would flip shit like that. I hope someone puts it on youtube.


I doubt he would care, he only wrote parts of his plays and would be far too busy getting drunk to give a crap. He was actually an alcoholic and may have died in a drinking contest.

By  Clarice1  |  9

Wow. Maybe you could think of this along the lines of "at least I looked fantastic in comparison".
Shit goes wrong onstage all the time, although usually not as explosively as that. It's all in how you handle it. (Not that there's anything you could have done to salvage this clusterf*ck.)

  kofinater  |  3

If he was the queen of drama you would think he would have remembered his lines .

  Jonny_Trump  |  0

But the actor would get a YDI, for handling that horribly wrong. F the OPs L because she had to co-star a play that bombed. At least soldier #2 didn't have his name on the fliers. XD

By  alch4  |  0

good thing he wasn't about to kill someone in the play or he might have actually killed someone a dagger he might kill himself in front of everyone.