By xYumix - 17/11/2009 09:23 - United States

Today, I was late for an interview. Going into the elevator, a man ran up to the doors but since I was late, I pressed the "close" button. When I arrived to the office, the secretary asked me to wait. The boss walked in to interview me. The man whose face I closed the elevator doors on. FML
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Don't think a few seconds to be nice on top of your already being late would matter too much...

Instant Karma.


Don't think a few seconds to be nice on top of your already being late would matter too much...

spikeisfat 6

Yeah so true. YDI

I agree. OP deserves it. Instant karma. That's what you get if you're a dick to people for a stupid reason.

Agreed. Karma's a bitch

Instant Karma.

I agree. I was going to write the same thing. Instant karma.

karma is a bitch(:

Say you tried to press the open button but got confused, SAY IT!

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haha I have done that before. I tried keeping the door open but accidentally pressed the arrows of them closing and almost closed the door on the poor person. "Door open" and "door closed" are much more clearer than trying to decide which set of arrows are the best one to pick.

And what have you learned?

saucey12 1

so I take it that you didn't get the job?

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lol karma sucks

Was this office on the 13th floor, by any chance?

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Isn't the 13th floor "bad luck?"

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Reyo 2

It still showed that the OP has a tendency of being a dick to complete strangers, which isn't a very good character trait.

@ The OP It's called Karma and it's fucking hilarious! @ #70 Strangers are dicks. Making their lives miserable is awesome.

tekcor 2

The amount of time you saved was insignificant. 2-3 seconds at best. Be a good person next time.

Dont think to much about it, you know what they say, when one elevator door closes, another one opens