By someonesometime - United States - Billings
Today, I was fired from my job because my boss "doesn't think I'm happy there". FML
someonesometime tells us more :
OP here. First submission got posted :) there is no HR to talk to as there was only me, the owner and another coworker and we all got along just fine. I do have Resting Bitch Face but I'm aware of it and consciously smile to make up for it. I also did not have a bad attitude. The worst part was that I was still training so I haven't had time to meet the requirements of the job or not. Oh well, she was a flaky boss anyway. But she said she'd give me a good reference.
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By  redcode5  |  17

Talk to HR...

By  redcode5  |  17

Talk to HR...

By  Qandol  |  26

Next you have make sure to have smile and laugh even though it's not funny, but again they might think your some sort of Psycho, so it's a win/win or lose/lose you pick OP, good luck job Hunting.

By  Punkpoptart1119  |  20

My job tried that with me too. I have to walk to work so my manager confused me being tired from the walk with me having a bad attitude. I'm sorry that happened to you and I would definitely talk to H.R. FYL

By  CliffyB03  |  28

I was fired for being too short, and because I have a resting bitch face. The bitch face would have been justifiable if I was working with the public...I wasn't. I was a laborer.

  fishinpink  |  20

dang! if they thought you were too short then why did they hire you to begin with? smh - that may fall somewhere along the lines of discrimination I believe...? considering it was an employment termination and not like a job you were applying for that requires one to be a certain height for certain tasks and you got denied. what is wrong with people these days??