By someonesometime - 29/07/2016 04:14 - United States - Billings

Today, I was fired from my job because my boss "doesn't think I'm happy there". FML
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someonesometime tells us more.

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OP here. First submission got posted :) there is no HR to talk to as there was only me, the owner and another coworker and we all got along just fine. I do have Resting Bitch Face but I'm aware of it and consciously smile to make up for it. I also did not have a bad attitude. The worst part was that I was still training so I haven't had time to meet the requirements of the job or not. Oh well, she was a flaky boss anyway. But she said she'd give me a good reference.

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Now you'll be as perky as all those unemployed folks he sees!


wowbuddy 19

Was there a certain way you were acting for him to think that?

Next you have make sure to have smile and laugh even though it's not funny, but again they might think your some sort of Psycho, so it's a win/win or lose/lose you pick OP, good luck job Hunting.

Now you'll be as perky as all those unemployed folks he sees!

Punkpoptart1119 20

My job tried that with me too. I have to walk to work so my manager confused me being tired from the walk with me having a bad attitude. I'm sorry that happened to you and I would definitely talk to H.R. FYL

I got fired for the same exact reason 2 weeks ago

CliffyB03 28

I was fired for being too short, and because I have a resting bitch face. The bitch face would have been justifiable if I was working with the public...I wasn't. I was a laborer.

dang! if they thought you were too short then why did they hire you to begin with? smh - that may fall somewhere along the lines of discrimination I believe...? considering it was an employment termination and not like a job you were applying for that requires one to be a certain height for certain tasks and you got denied. what is wrong with people these days??

Well you certainly won't be happy there anymore.

That does suck and is probably just an excuse, but attitude in the work place does matter.