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  RyanMacVey  |  17

58 - well a guess am sorry but a was just saying things could be worse mate... that might actually help them more than telling them their life sucks coz they obviously awready know that

  Hamzii  |  2

the fuck? their life could be worse? the whole point of FML is to write shit Thats happened in your life. Get fucking Tumblr if you wanna talk about not knowing your dad or write your own FML

  benjimm1  |  0

what's the most confusing day in Chicago?
fathers day
u kno it's true, and stfu guy with freaky old dude profile picture ur a tool and u gross me out more than ur moms vag did


It's weird that I used to hate gayboii but now I've come to respect him in a "I'll never let you borrow my pen, but otherwise we can be cool." type of way.
@OP Steal their porn collection and THEIR Dad.

  Insane_Tea  |  15

This reminds me of Dane Cook's "divorce by broken doors" bit. Oh and I not feel sorry for you O.P because I'm gad I don't suck at life as much as you do right now.

  ihasbrains  |  10

Don't be a fucking asshole, sir. First, you do not /use/ ashes. Second, not everybody does what you would like to do. Learn some fucking respect for people's beliefs.

By  DavLynn  |  4

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  MrPacMan36  |  4

he could have been on his way there maybe?

  mccrmatt841  |  0

I'm catholic, and even I think that that's a dumb thing to say. btw not everyone is catholic and most religions or bs anyways so stop trying to tell people they're doing wrong when they're having a hard enough time as it is.


wow... it's not what a church says it's what the bible says... you need to follow the bible not whatever church says what... because the church accepts homosexuals does that mean the bible does too?? no it doesn't..... follow the bible

  KingCeltic77  |  18

For all you know, he could've died recently and want his ashes scattered over a far away homeland and they're planning the trip (I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm trying to be serious).