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Today, I was robbed. They took my father's ashes. FML
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probably some nice coffee. --->due date mov. ref.

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He needs to get aboard the knuckle train to Fist Planet!

17 - dont try an make it nawt about me

idk why, but this FML made me laugh so hard I nearly died... people say I'm heartless. no idea why.

HA !! thats wat you get fur bullying me

21 - why do all of yous aways bully me???

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Some people really deserve a good old fashioned fist-pump to the face... /facepalm

The point of the FML isn't "at least he/she knew their dad"... The point is that their dads ashes got stolen, so STFU.

58 - well a guess am sorry but a was just saying things could be worse mate... that might actually help them more than telling them their life sucks coz they obviously awready know that

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Any minute I'm expecting to her macarroni boiling :)

the ****? their life could be worse? the whole point of FML is to write shit Thats happened in your life. Get ******* Tumblr if you wanna talk about not knowing your dad or write your own FML

Why, why didnt they steal a TV or something!? Nothing is more valuable than a father!!!!! ( even when deceased)

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yeah dude it's not about you. get over yourself or right a FML about it.

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now THIS is an fml. wow, maybe that means yer robber knew you guys?

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you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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you better check yourself before you wreck yourself

lol@ daxflame refrence. or that rap song.

#39 that is hilarious and such a great movie.

gayboii & every1luvsboners, I ******* love the both of you.

you dont need to bitch to us about not having a dad.

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what's the most confusing day in Chicago? fathers day u kno it's true, and stfu guy with freaky old dude profile picture ur a tool and u gross me out more than ur moms vag did

at least they didn't take the tv and 27 at least you have a family

at least they didn't take the tv and 27 at least you have a family

y'all just gonna act like 37s comment didn't rhyme? smdh (-_-,)

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least ur dad doesn't beat you

It's weird that I used to hate gayboii but now I've come to respect him in a "I'll never let you borrow my pen, but otherwise we can be cool." type of way. @OP Steal their **** collection and THEIR Dad.

really I get moderated for telling gayboii to shutup? come on! I was doing the fml community a favour!

calling all grammar and spelling nazis, look at gayboii's profile.

@Leeshxx: I'm not sure what you mean.

aww sweet :) I swear it said it was before! thanks sirin :)

This reminds me of Dane Cook's "divorce by broken doors" bit. Oh and I not feel sorry for you O.P because I'm gad I don't suck at life as much as you do right now.

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stfu gayboi go give ur pen a ******* if ur tired of ur pen go buy some more from staples

Just ignore gayboii, he's an attention *****. Not to mention a sucker for a good pen

I thought your pen was your father O.o?

why are you all so mean to gayboii holy fudge

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so why does everyone care about his comment so much?

I'm sorry that's so sad ! also 1 stfu this isn't your fml but that sucks too

with an ass like that you can be as heartless as you want

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142 dude....da ****? like serious da ****?

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How do you 'use' ashes, like as a seasoning?

Don't be a ******* asshole, sir. First, you do not /use/ ashes. Second, not everybody does what you would like to do. Learn some ******* respect for people's beliefs.

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I personally love snorting them. Nothing like the smell of burnt flesh... mmmmn

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WTF?^^ This is so not Shane.

Could have at least made a good coffee out of him...

that's pretty low for someone to do that

why put that on FML? thats a sad story, not one to put on f my life...

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They stole the corpse/ashes of their father AND stole other shit in their house. That's a FML. -.-''

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some people wanna keep them. not everyone scatters them.

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Ya my father's ashes are stored in a vase on a shelf in our living room.

Should have locked him in a safe. "Help! They stole my Dads ashes!" "Why was your Dad keeping ashes?"

wouldn't that be sad? I would cry every time I walked by because I would think about how I knew that my dad was once alive and well and now he's in A VASE!!

yes but if you don't scatter them in a place of a memory or a place he loved then they ashes won't be in danger of anything ya know what I mean?

I'm a cemetery manager, and KNOW, that's just wrong. regardless!

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he could have been on his way there maybe?

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207- lol way to ease the tension of the topic!XD

I'm catholic, and even I think that that's a dumb thing to say. btw not everyone is catholic and most religions or bs anyways so stop trying to tell people they're doing wrong when they're having a hard enough time as it is.

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you can still keep the memory of them scattered or not. it was there choice to keep the fathers ashes, you don't have to scatter them.

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2 - Thats a tad insensitive...

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wow... it's not what a church says it's what the bible says... you need to follow the bible not whatever church says what... because the church accepts homosexuals does that mean the bible does too?? no it doesn't..... follow the bible

I agree why the hell haven't u spread them yet?

Why is everyone making the assumption their dad passed away ages ago? It could have been fairly recently and they're waiting to find the perfect place.

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You are dumb. Everyone has their preferences.

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For all you know, he could've died recently and want his ashes scattered over a far away homeland and they're planning the trip (I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm trying to be serious).

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dude at least you still got the memories... thats all that counts right???

Why'd you comment twice? And you actually don't know wether or not they knew their dad.

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3 some people save the ashes to bury later or just hold onto them. My nana did that.

Seriously, how the **** can people YDI this...?

That's horrible .. Fyl indeed but I agree, at least you've got some memories

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Wow who really stoops that low to steal ashes..sorry OP

Perhaps they were stored in a very fancy, expensive-looking urn.

Or the people who stole them were drunk as hell. They wake up the next morning going WTF!! why do I have an urn filled with ashes?

maybe he thought it was chocolate milk powder

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wow I didn't know ashes were in such popular demand

Because, asshole, not everyone hates his dad like you. OP was probably very close with his/her dad. You can't replace your father's ashes...

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82, feel that breeze? It was the comment going right over your head.

82 I like how u added asshole before u explained it