By BoboCracker - 29/07/2016 23:03 - United States - Laguna Hills

Today, I have an ear infection. I was resting outside when my young neighbor flew his RC plane right into my ear. FML
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BoboCracker tells us more.

Op here, thanks for the funny comments, I'm here to clear up a few things. No, the whole plane didn't go into my ear, the nose got stuck and broke off. I eventually pulled it out, but it still hurt like hell.

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That's one small ass RC plane if it fit in your ear.

Its not that serious, unless it busted Op's ear drum.


That's one small ass RC plane if it fit in your ear.

Magic School Bus maybe?

That's sucks OP. Hopefully your neighbor said sorry at least.

That must've been so annoying, did he apologize like crazy ? I would have

If he did it on purpose, I hope you broke his plane. If it was an accident, there's no need to hold a grudge. YLS either way

Got nothing comment wise but what the hell is a Bobo Cracker? Genius !!!

If he maneuvered into your ear purposefully, one, that's some serious talent, two, you now have a free RC plane

why were you sleeping outside XD

Resting, not sleeping.

may have been resting out on their lawn or deck

Even if he was sleeping, why not? A hammock in the sun, with a slight breeze is an amazing place to take a nap.

Damn... I mean kids will be kids but that really sucks, sorry OP.

who here thought of CMDF? just me? I can't be the only old as dirt guy in this site.