By Alice - 01/08/2009 08:15 - United States

Today, I was wearing a skirt, and running towards a closing elevator, making it just in time. As soon as I ran in, my pad fell out of my underwear and onto the floor. There were 6 other people in the elevator. I picked it up before I realized I had nowhere to put it, so I held it. For 18 floors. FML
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... What the ****? How would that even happen? Are you just wearing really tiny underwear?

fo real, im not a girl, but I think u were doing something wrong!


... What the ****? How would that even happen? Are you just wearing really tiny underwear?

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i was reading the comments, and someone asked if she was wearing a thong. that=the only thing i could think that couldve possibly happened.

yeah seriously how the hell could this happen? that's why the sticky is there. i suggest tampons.

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sometimes they get smushed up in ur ass and then they get rolled up a bit and fall out. but yes id suggest tampons to

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it's completely possible pads aren't even THAT sticky and if she was running then it just made it more likely to fall off.

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even if they got rolled up (which would only happen if she was wearing it for a few days instead of the few hours maximum) it still wouldn't fall out if she were wearing underwear that fits. Wouldn't be surprised to learn OP is a guy

I don't believe pads have superglue on them, and if OP was wearing wingless and RUNNING it is very likely it would fall out. That's why OP should probably invest in tampons, or wear shorts under a skirt when wearing a pad.

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I've never once had a problem with a pad falling off, wingless or otherwise. Then again, I was never stupid enough to wear a pad with only a skirt. Seriously, don't you usually use tampsons with those? People could probably see your pad quite easily should something happen revealing yourself.

U deserve it for being asshole. How did u grab it without anyone seeing as u were running? Were u wearing a rubberband as underwear? Tampon.

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YDI for not knowing how to wear a pad right or not wearing a type of pad that will stay on your underwear. Second of all, if it just fell out, you would be padless and dripping for 18 floors, especially after running. Either next time wear tampons or invest in some winged pads.

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225, I'm not sure how you function down there, but just because you aren't wearing a pad doesn't mean you're "dripping" unless you've got an insanely heavy flow it doesn't just stream out of you constantly, it comes in waves, and they generally don't just "drip" like you describe.

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haha this shit is funny, but how?!

because as a guy you have extensive knowledge of femine hygeine products, right?

286-- Just because he's a guy doesn't make him any less knowledgable. Your trolling with complete sexism and ignorance.

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You always wear tampons with skirts.....the **** did you have on as underwear? STRING? that is embarassing though, ew. Tsk tsk, @ least now you know....MAYBE -_-

Trousers tend to be better when wearing a pad :p In fact, if you're on you're period, trousers full stop. I wouldn't dare wear anything else :p

That acctually has happened to me before and I was wearing shorts. Luckily for me, the only people who saw it was a close friend of mine.

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Sometimes when you move a lot it will unstick and can fall out. I hope the pad wasn't really bloody and that she didn't have blood dripping off of her.

#225 It seems very assumptive of you to suggest that she would be dripping for 18 floors. Periods can be light or heavy inconsistently, especially towards the end of your period when you are trailing off. OP was not necessarily dripping.

I don't even know how that could happen.

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OP should make the other people feel awkward by rubbing it on their faces :)

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How the hell do pad's fall out of underwear! It's between your legs, even if it's not sticking on completely it is hard as hell to fall out! Maybe unless you are wearing granny-panties....

Granny-Panties would be THE BEST form of protection when weaing a pad, lmfao. There is no room for it to go

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friction made the sticky come off? may i suggest pants next time....

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I can totally see that happening.. if it doesnt have wings and it has the friction from u running to the elevator, it'll totally fall off...the bottom of it's sticky sure, but its not like super glue..

I agree, I can't imagine how this is possible. Wear ones with wings next time...haha

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that must REALLY REALLY suck. yeah it might be wise to wear pants or you know shorts under a skirt. I hope no one saw that. FYL

she said there were 6 other people in the! OP: but didn't you have a tissue or something to wrap it up? i hope you did, and not held it open in your hands for 18 floors. that's gross lol. but how did it fall off? unless you were wearing thongs which is the dumbest thing to do when you have your period and use pads. or, just get pads with wings. (: fyl though. it's embarrassing to have your pad fall out :X

I'm pretty sure if someone came running into an elevator full of people and a pad fell out it would cause a big enough scene that all 6 people saw... I think it is pretty disgusting that OP held a pad in her hand for 18floors..

heyyy that's awkward... maybe stick to the tamps next time

ydi for wearing pads and wearing a skirt while on your period

No she didn't deserve it! And if it didnt have wings then it could've come off quite easily when she was running. OP I feel for you how embarasing :(

#16 yeah she did deserve it. there is such a thing called tampons. situations like would never happen if the OP would wear them.

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...People on this site seem to confuse "You deserve it" with "You did A which caused B, therefore you deserve B". This is a bit like saying I decide to walk my girlfriend home because it's in the middle of the night in a sketchy city, and on the way back I get kidnapped and raped at gunpoint in a dark alley, and then saying I deserve it for walking my girlfriend home. Logic isn't really your strong point, is it?

#29 ydi for living in a bad neighborhood

apparently nobody on this site has any sense of sarcasm

MessyPaint 0

Compared to some of the other comments I see on this site, this is about on par, so no, it's not easy to tell what's sarcasm and what's just people acting like retards.

well maybe reading comprehension isn't really your strong point

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I'm going to have to agree: wearing a pad and underwear small enough to not hold onto it AND a skirt while you're having your period is just stupid. you don't necessarily deserve it, but it definitely wasn't a good show of common sense on your part.

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#29 Ur totally rite, people say YDI for the dumbest reasons... For instance, if u walked ur GF home, and that happened, some people may say YDI for walking her home when u knew it was a sketchy neighboorhood. But what would u do, let her walk home by herself? and peopel say YDI bc of ur neighboorhood. its just so retarded.. people need to stop beings o judgemental.

I hope to hell you're a man. Tampons are... Not always the best suggestion. I mean, I know women wear them all the time, but there's still that risk of TSS, y'know?

@#10 - Considering your username is "Ilikeboys" I think anyone has the right to believe that much of what you write on here is probably retarded. So yeah, we do have a sense of humour, just not for you.

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Seriously,, EVERYTHING has a risk!! Use a damn tampon or dont wear skirts when on your period.

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Some people don't like using tampons. And there are more embarrassing situations that could happen with tampons than with pads.

more embarrassing things w/ a tampon than a pad? like what???

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HAHAHAH okay you made my day :D

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i totally agree. there shouldn't be a button for that. how do we determine the value of someone from one specific fml? no one "deserves" horrible things to happen to them, but i mean if someone was acting silly and had it coming to them, then that might make a little more sense. if anything though i think the button should say "that doesn't suck that much" or something stupid like that lol.

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who wears a skirt wen they r on ther period?!?!?!

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Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) happens if you wear tampons longer than the suggested time on the box. I honestly don't think women would do that, or at least I would hope not. You can wear tampons up to eight hours I believe... which in most cases is from waking up till you're ready to leave from work. I don't think a woman would be dumb enough to wear them to bed; that's where pads come in. Unless this person is afraid to wear tampons, then I would say, that's her fault. Anyway, OP that sucks and start buying pads with wings.

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it doesn't matter if a pad has wings or not it still pretty dang sticky!!!!

maybe he wasnt any where near hiz neighborhood

have u read the fml about the girl in a bikini? she was walking around and her boyfriend thought he was pulling a string off her bathing suit. turned out it was her tampon string and he publicly pulled put her tampon. so yes, tampons can be more embarrassing lol