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Today, at the store, I noticed a girl eyeing a chocolate bunny. Her mom refused to buy it, saying they didn't have enough money. She started crying, so I decided to make her day and offered to buy it for her. Her mom reacted by slapping me across the face and calling me a "pedo." FML
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Op, here. I'm fifteen years old and am absolutely not a pedo. I am a boy and thought that I was doing something good for the girl. All of the comments about healthy eating habits are not true, the woman was buying a lot of candy, but wouldn't let the girl have the rabbit. Idk why, she reminded me of my little cousin and I decided to buy it for her. The mother did keep the rabbit, though, so I don't know why she lashed out at me :/

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Why're complete douche bags becoming parents?!

Oh my god, some people don't know what being kind, and considerate is.


stevenJB 25

Why're complete douche bags becoming parents?!

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I'm telling you, if we implemented that parental-eligibility test I suggested, this problem wouldn't exist!

The problem with that is alot of pregnancies are unexpected : / otherwise I agree

Because there are so many of them, and breeding doesn't require a functioning brain.

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Damn our primary biological function!

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#6, if we did that, the human race would go extinct in 3-4 generations.

No one knows why the parent really wouldn't buy the candy, maybe she had a legit reason. she could have just used the money as an excuse to prevent further arguing with the child. Op should have offered the money privately to the parent and let the decision remain hers. Yes she was a douchebag for accusing Op of being a pedo but I imagine it would put a parent in quite an awkward situation if they tell their child they can't have something and a stranger intervenes to basically say they can. Just to clarify, still not enough to justify her accusing Op of being a pedophile.

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Not necessarily, it would be somewhat lenient to avoid creating an "elitist" society.

If you were a parent and just told your child No on candy, how would you feel if some stranger is undermining your parenting? Yes, the mother shouldn't have reacted that way but it was wrong on OP's part for offering when the mother already said no.

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Except I really don't think ops intentions were to undermine her parenting. The mother should have respectfully declined. Op thought she couldn't afford it and was just trying to lend a hand. I have seen people that can not afford much and are grateful for small gestures like that. I think op was just being nice and the mother really could have handled it better.

It seems the lower one's IQ is, the more fertile they are, hence more douchebag parents

72, the mother definitely overreacted, but the mother could have been really annoyed that the stranger intervened, if she just didn't want to give the child the chocolate, because if the child overheard, the mother would now seem like 'the bad guy' should she still refuse the chocolate. It's common practice to always ask the parent first before offering lollies to children, and while OP's intentions were good, it still wasn't a good move on his behalf. The mother seriously overreacted, but OP should have just asked the mum not in front of the child

Because they be "god will decide if i have a baby or not"

If they don't want to get pregnant then don't have sex. Or at least use protection, there's the morning after pill, birth control.

#69- The op over hearing the conversation thought they where low on money. I would do the same. I would have probably gotten a different reaction from her because I am female.

#74- The parents will always be "the bad guy" to children. They have to say no. Life goes on. From the way it sounds she was just being a bitch. She could have said okay to him got the child the bunny and then she could've let her child eat it a little piece at a time.

A lot of horrible parents will be coming from the 13 year old girls who got pregant from being a **** or if a dumb guy somehow talking the girl into sex. I think any girl who gets pregnant while still in school(Any schooling after highschool like a university for example not included unless they became a **** while going there or if a dumb guy again talked a girl into sex somehow.) is a lost cause unless they are 18, but I hope they found their true love because I heard from a reliable source that it is super rare for highschool sweethearts to last especially if the girl gets pregnant.

yes 117 becouse rape victems are *****.. never judge withought knowing the story, becouse then your just an ass

69, Scenario #1. let's say I have a headache and somebody's child started to make a noise by crying, and child's parents have failed to address the problem. Depending on my mood I would consider buying the damn candy (it's a candy, not an expensive toy or something) to make the brat shut up. Scenario #2. Some people (especially older people) like children. If the girl is not throwing a tantrum, isn't faking crying and really looks sad/pathetic, it would be natural for somebody to attempt to comfort her. By buying her a candy, for example, talking to her, etc. In some(most?) cultures such behavior is considered to be "good". If you don't want somebody to question your parenting, stay at home. When you're not on your own property everything you do is visible to general public (for example, in certain countries it is allowed to videotape and photograph anything and anyone even without their consent, when on public property), and they will react to your and your child's behavior accordingly, whether you like it or not.

I feel like the mom could've been trying to make sure her daughter wasn't spoiled, and just used a bad excuse

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No, actually. Its simply breeding out the idiots... Instead of taking away warning labels...

Oh my god, some people don't know what being kind, and considerate is.

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Some people just shouldn't reproduce

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Some people just wanna watch the world burn. Too bad people just don't know what kindness is anymore.

Maybe it's because kindness is hard to find anymore. It seems like everyone is out there for themselves and no one else. The good people have a hard time being good, because no one believes they still exist.

I bet if a woman offered to buy the candy, no problem. It's so stupid now a days how we're supposed to wrap our children in bubble wrap and suffocate the little bastards "for their own good". Not everyone is out to kidnap and rape your precious little angel. Let the guy buy her the bunny she doesn't need to eat it right away and then mommy can decide how she gets to earn it. I get into fights with my mother in law all the time because I'm not a helicopter parent. I remember working in a mall my biggest pet peeve was parents whose kids would be two steps away and they're screaming at the top of their lungs "you stay near me or someone's going to snatch you up and take you away and we'll never see you again till the police find your body in a dumpster do you want that!?!?" (It's usually not that graphic but I heard one woman tell her kid just that way to traumatize the next generation)

You can't be nice to anyone these days with it making you a retard or a pedo. No body knows that it means to be kind or polite.

Theres this man in my neighborhood who is a bit elderly and would always give us a ball to play with if we lost ours or would talk to us. A friend thought he was a pedo but i always thought he was kind. turns out his childewn grew up and left him and his wife alone (we were neighbors for 10 years and i never even knew he had children until a couple of months ago because they never visit). he just missed having children around :(

You're comment speaks volumes... The strange thing is that most people know how but have been shut into shells through stories and experiences that they generally refuse to do so nowadays and when someone attempts to be kind (OP) they get shit on and reminded that kindness is losing value in civilization...

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I remember when I was little and my mom made me decide between two lollipops that I wanted.. I was so distraught that I was almost in tears. Then a nice looking man came up and tapped me on the shoulder and handed both of them to me and said "Here you go little lady. Couldn't help but notice you had a situation. Decided to help by buying them both for you". He then shook my mothers hand and walked away. I just remember that being like the happiest day of my life..

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What's wrong with this world? You can't even do a nice thing anymore. Kinda makes a person cynical.

While I'm not excusing the slap, it makes the mom look bad in front of her kid when others have to buy the kid stuff the mother doesn't believe the kid should have. For all we know, the kid had a horde of sweets at home and the mom doesn't want her kid becoming a diabetic and constantly demanding chocolate.

If the child had a huge stash at home, I don't think they would care if they got another piece of candy. Or the parent would have simply said they have too much at home. 77, don't automatically assume the worst. Rules are not made for the masses, because maybe someone somewhere MAY mess up. Well, not good rules anyway.

77, I get where you're coming from, but if that was the case the mother would have most likely said "no, you can't have it" rather than "we can't afford it".

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Pedo or not a free chocolate bunny is a free chocolate bunny!:D

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And a windowless white van with 'Free Candy' written on the side of it is legit.

I actually saw one of those once. They were a small local candy shop that just opened and didn't have much budget for advertising so they tried to spread word by handing out some of their handmade candy at local playgrounds.

Nice thought, but staying out of her business would've been wiser. Maybe she just told her that to have a reason to say no?

Unfortunately, I'd have to agree. If I told my hypothetical kid "no" about something, I wouldn't want some random guy going, "here, have it anyways."

Regardless, slapping him and calling him a pedo is completely inappropriate. It's insulting him in one of the worst ways possible and assaulting him.

#82 I agree with you on that, the mothers reaction was way out of line, and op did not deserve that at all. However, by being kind like that op puts the mother in a bad position unless she wants to accept. Even if she did accept, I know many people wouldn't feel good about needing money from strangers to buy stuff. (People pride is way to big sometimes)

yeah, but to slap and call him a pedo for a good deed! Context people. Pedos will be looking for children that are alone and secluded. Kidnappings are horrible and hyped in the media so we feel like our kid will be snatched while holding our hands. Almost never, if ever the case. Mom could have POLITELY declined. Politeness is a dying trait

Great intention but maybe next time just give the mother a couple bucks to cover the bunny. Strangers and candy don't exactly come across well.

All he needs now is a white van and a "puppy"

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Seems like every parent thinks that every stranger wants to get with their kid. So stupid.

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you don't get a say if you do not have kids. its instinct. the moment you have a kid your instincts and the world seems ten times more dangerous than it really is. it sucks but we just want to protect our babies.

I have to agree with #61 on this. Once you have a kids the world changes. You don't generally think everyone is out to get with your kids but then it's on the media. It's kinda like you don't notice a certain car all that often until you have that car and see it everywhere. Same concept, no kids, yeah you hear some bad things, but no big deal. You have kids and you hear and notice it all. I'd rather see over protective parents than too lax.

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it's true, i have a 2 yr old and my life has changed completely, i just want him to be safe, happy and healthy, the thought of anything bad happening to him, scares the hell out of me. =/

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I have 7 kids so even though I agree and tell my kids not to talk to strangers I wouldn't turn down someone offering to pay for something I can't afford. Maybe it's the way OP weren't about it did he ask the mother or the child? If the mother was asked the slap was totally uncalled for, but if he directly asked the child then it could have seemed like he was trying to lure her away. The way society works now if you don't have a child with you or aren't in an authority position (officer,teacher, etc) it is frowned upon to directly engage with a child since a parent does not know your true intent

There is the possibility the mom was just telling her daughter that so she would quit asking.

Can people just stop reproducing? Either that or use a condom...

Um. Using a condom typically stops reproducing. Same thing. Not either/or.

I know I realized that after I posted it. Im sorry.

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It seemed like the child was being disciplined to me.... I don't think a lack of discipline was the issue here. The mother's irrational freak out was the issue.

telling your child you cant afford something is in no way disaplining a child, its telling them you cant afford something... why does everyone think claiming you cant afford something is better than saying no.. i used to work as a cashier and it pissed me off all the time, i have 3 kids and i havent once used that excuse, and if i couldent afford something i just tell them no and say maybe next time.. ive never said no becouse i cant afford it.. thats a lame excuse, if you think your kids are stupid enough to bielieve that if you buy cigarettes or boos right afterwords... ive seen it hundreds of times...

Then don't have kids if you can't afford them.