By Anonymous - 20/07/2013 21:44 - United States - Austin

Today, I was removing large shrubs from a house. I heard my co-worker yell something, but I couldn't hear him, so I just pulled the stump out anyway. What I realized too late was that he was telling me that there was a swarm of bees living behind the stump. FML
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Damn. What a pain in the bee-hind

You should bee more careful next time.


dhaworth93 8

sweet! by the way, I'm a sad, sad little man, I have no self-respect, little kids scare me so much I piss my pants when I'm around them, and I'm just pissing my life away in my mom's basement. ugh, I guess I just need a little pep-talk from the FML community, ya'know, but yeah

flockz 19

it's ok bro! you're not pissing your life away! pull it together! take those little brats to your basement and show them who's boss! wait....

Zimmington 21

1- you forgot the explosive diarrhea and how small your penis is

#23 -- That's not a level, that's a specimen.

What you need is a therapist.

websphere69 27


websphere69 27

Maybe you should work with our OP here..,

br00kr 22

Ouch. Sorry for you op!

What did that comment say?? It got moderated :(

dhaworth93 8

I apologize but it was weighing on my mind so I had to throw that out there

Wow, just wow. You just ruined it.

GuessWhatKids 13

Not sure if master troll or huge failure

Damn. What a pain in the bee-hind

That's usually why people stop what they're doing to listen... FML & YDI


dhaworth93 8

man what a stinger sorry you got bee-tacked

Zambowi 15

3 comments later and this is what you come up with smh

dhaworth93 8

yes this is what I came up with I don't see any witty comments or funny bee jokes from you so please tell us who pissed on your hornets nest

Zambowi 15

LOL WAT You're literally just flooding this fml with comments about you being first

whiteboy896 9

-5 It happens to the best of us.

Zimmington 21

23- Maybe if he didn't troll comment the 1,2, & 4 spots that doesn't just happen...

You should bee more careful next time.

dhaworth93 8

awe don't hate the first comment chill out let a man have some fun lol why you gotta thumb me down? you know what go right away cause you are just jealous you didn't get first Lol I got my first comment so shit I'm happy lol

Always have to check before you wreck

The classic question comes up -- two bee, or a whole assload of bee?

two beez! SNIPED! what's next what's next


That stings…… ok, I know that was a bad pun.

Bee-tween you and me, I don't think OP listens very well.