By Rekt - 10/11/2016 05:40 - United States - Federal Way

Today, I was taking a break in my work truck when I saw a huge swarm of bees flying my way. I have a hand crank window so I started cranking it up as fast as I could and the knob snapped off before it closed and I got stung by the whole swarm before I could get out. FML
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I once snapped my knob when I was cranking it as fast as I could, but there were no bees or windows involved.

Next time, bee more careful with the window crank.


That stings. Really should have buzzed off. Honey, you kinda of deserve it.

Next time, bee more careful with the window crank.

Damn! Bee stings are just horribly painful. Sorry that happened to you OP! And thank god you weren't allergic,could have been worse than what it already is!

tantanpanda 26

To add on to the bright side, at least you know the ******* that stinged you died.

yea. would we consider this a mass suicide?

I once snapped my knob when I was cranking it as fast as I could, but there were no bees or windows involved.

Don't you hate those cheap crankable flashlights? i always break the knob off too. Im glad someone else has this issue too.

korylabauve79 4

I'm gonna take "shit that never happened for 500" Alex!

OP's wife: what happened to you? OP: *tells the story OP's wife: Aww. That's unbeelievable, Honey.

Maybe buy a car with electric windows or drive away from the bees?

I'm sure op had time to buy a new car in the seconds between sighting the bees and rolling up their window

They still make new cars with manual windows

Not in the moment but we are a updated generation why buy a car with roll up windows?

This may be surprising to some but people do still keep cars for longer than 10 years. Nowhere was it mentioned that it's a new one.

species4872 19

Disappointing, The story started off really good for an Apocalyptic Bee Zombie attack- - snapped off before it closed BUT I just managed to smear myself with a jar of 3 year old honey, (which just happened to on the truck floor), Confused, the zombie bee's started hovering allowing me to get my trusty pump action shot gun, ( I call him jake), Calmly I stepped from the truck. Let the Apocalypse begin.

IDK man, I don't really understand this one. If your window was even half way closed why would the whole swarm make the decision to enter your vehicle without any provocation? Also, couldn't you just shift into drive (or reverse depending on the circumstance) and just remove yourself from the whole situation? Maybe I'm just over thinking it.

Yeah I don't think this would be possible if the swarm came from the front. Maybe the swarm came from the side and were following the light through the car since the rest of the truck blocked their path? Once they're in the vehicle driving away is no good. Pretty savage.