By xUnluckyx - Canada

Creepy crawlies

Today, I was working, ripping siding off a house. I pulled off a sheet that was over my head. I got rained with what I thought was wood chips that were behind the siding. Turns out they were dead grasshoppers. Guess what I found in my bra after work. FML
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  oogyboogy  |  6

... maybe a note saying 'get back in the kitchen bitch!!'

  aeliz  |  0

Subjectdelta, I don't think they're offended; I think it's more the fact that the joke is getting old. I laughed the first 20 times, but now even I kinda roll my eyes when I see the whole 'get in the kitchen and make me a sammich' thing. :]

  ktbird  |  0

Give us hard working independent women one more Internet without sexists to replace this one, of equal quality, and we will leave this one.

  Busterfml  |  0

KT, uhm, the whole benefit of the Internet is mixing the good, the bad, and the stupid for a free exchange of ideas... That means you must endure or fight against every "sammich" joke made. But asking for a separate Internet is a pretty stupid idea, given the history of "seperate but equal" as a notion of policy in the US. Sure sexism is a stupid destructive notion that handicaps society as badly as racism does, but stupid jokes will continue to exist in this medium. They are said for attention and frankly you aren't helping your cause. IMO, don't feed the trolls.


how is sexism worse than racism? last i checked men dont generally organize hate groups to go out and kill, assault, and otherwise opress women... not in this country at least... carlos mencia was right when he said if you want to be treated equally and have the same opportunities as men, then you should be able to take a joke like men.

  idkweird  |  0

#104: I'm going to start this with a disclaimer. I really don't care about sexist jokes. I don't really take a whole lot seriously. I'm not trying to come across as some crazy feminist. In fact, Im pretty old-fashioned, traditional in many ways.

Just because racism has hate groups does not make it any worse than sexism. I mean, you only have to look at shelters full of battered women to see that. Do you think any of their abusers thought the women were equal? Also, though there aren't groups to do so, there are still plenty of men who assault, kill, and oppress women in the United States. Just because it's not the entire country that oppresses women (like others), that doesn't mean that sexism isn't just as widespread as racism in the US.

  aeliz  |  0

Maybe the grasshoppers were the really small kind. Or maybe her boobs are so ginormous she can't tell the difference between boob and grasshopper. :P

By  katmandont  |  0

How many rode with you to work?
If you were wearing a dress, they would have been able to (eventually) slip all the way down.
People behind you would have seen a little trail of grasshoppers pop out as you're walking.

  alexFYL  |  11

Maybe if the men would get their shit together and start bringing home some real $$$, women would go back to staying at home. When you put on your big boy pants and get a decent job, we'll talk.

By  maskedman  |  9

I guess in that story about the grasshopper and the ants, the ants only saved one grasshopper and left the rest of those bastards to die.

I guess if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to die.