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Today, I went outside for a cigarette since I don't like smoking in the house. When I was done, I stomped it out. I wasn't wearing shoes. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Jeez, now your foot is probably as disgusting looking as your lungs.


it's your fault for smoking. it's your fault for not wearing shoes outside. it's your fault for throwing a cigarette on the ground instead of using an ashtray

Agreed. YDI for being a smoker. Go ahead and thumb down, smokers.

buuut good on you for not smoking inside :)

As well just say its his fault for existing...

Maybe this is enough for OP to realize how bad smoking is! Seriously OP though, Every cigarette has 7,000 chemicals in it. It also contains tar,nail polish remover, rat poison,formaldhyde-might be spelt wrong- which preserves dead bodies and many more chemicals! Try to quit now OP,even after smoking 1 cigarette your chances are higher for cancer. Props on smoking outside too though! Second Hand smoke is almost just as bad as actually smoking! :)

Pretty sad though when everyone hates a smoker but finds date rape funny

flamerocker 9

It takes a boss to stomp out a cig without shoes on!

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Like they say, karma's a bitch. In this case, for slowly killing yourself.

Tdevonner 0

Jusssssss letting you know, as a recent ex smoker, when ppl talk bad about smoking and mention all the crap in it its just annoying enough to make us need to go take a smoke break yet not annoying enough for us to stop. And listing the facts is pointless cuz we kno more about it than you.

Tdevonner 0

As a matter of fact most smokers can tell you which brands have more chemicals and which types of chemicals to an extent. We just truely dont care. We also know that its burning a hole in our pocket and that we smell and are wrinkly and have to go into the cold when we dont want to...

Tdevonner 0

But we wont stop smoking it...even if our parents, grandparents, grest granparents and siblings die from it. Simply put: a smoker wont stop until they really just had enough and do not feel like smoking again. Shiiiit put that in a truth commerical lol

lmw562 3

For the opinionated non-smokers: you're the same as the people that will sit down and give the statistics and living conditions for cows to a person eating a hamburger. It's condescending and rude. Be happy that people can't smoke in elevators, buildings, and restaurants. STFU and let them live their lives. This person smoked outside, if he has kids he's probably keeping them from second- hand smoke.

truebrotrue 7

Smoking not only burns your lungs but apparently your feet too

172: This person did something stupid and got hurt doing it - then posted about it online. Giving them shit is exactly what should be happening. Its funny though that you think because theres been recent evolution in smoking law that it negates everyones right to not only think the activity itself is stupid, but point it out in any way. If you're hearing from non smokers about your smoking, then you are doing it around them or talking about it. Thats the reason you're getting bitched out. Deal with it.

blackheart24 10

Selling/buying cigarettes is a huge money maker and a big part of the economy as well. I say if you're against smoking, don't smoke, but if you're giving a smoker shit for the choices they make, them you're a dumbass. If someone wants to smoke, deal with it. What harm does it cause you? Besides having to breath in a little bit of smoke for a couple minutes. And I am not a smoker and I am not supporting smokers. Just shut up and let the people do what they want and go shove your self righteous smoking is bad shit up your ass and stop giving smokers a lecture about their choices. Other than that, YDI for not wearing shoes.

Really? What harm does it due to you? The smoke u "breathe in for a couple minutes" has a name, second hand smoke, and it is pretty much just as bad, people who smoke are morons, and for people who say that you wouldn't like it if a veggie bitched at you for eating a burger are dumbasses too, meat doesn't hurt anyone around or the person eating it...

I don't really think all you said about "smokers" is true. I don't like generalizing a group of any kind. And I think that just because that is your situation doesn't mean that that is necessarily the case for everyone. Most people who smoke are extremely ignorant of all the facts. Or they do it because it's cool and they know absolutely nothing. And for some, they stop if people they care about show their support. Someone I work with is a respiratory therapist. He works with people with COPD all the time. And other people with diseases that destroy your body using smoking. What you said might be the case with you and some other people you know, but if that's the case, you really need to have some self respect.

Im sorry if i made anyone mad, i wasnt giving smokers shit :) Im just saying that not everyone knows what can happen when you smoke, and i've seen enough people die from smoke so i just want to help stop it :(

lmw562 3

Cigarette companies dont market to kids anymore and the people that use them most likely know effects. There are cities in the us that are trying to ban smoking outdoors. Can you see an infringement of rights? 184 op deserved it for not wearing shoes and I don't smoke- never have. 200- I was not trying to equate eating meat and smoking, I was trying to show that preaching to someone about what they are doing (when it doesn't effect you) is annoying. And no, it wouldn't effect you if someone was smoking, you probably have to get closer just to tell them about their habit.

Tdevonner 0

Wowwww meat doesnt hurt anyone? Heart diseas is the LEADING cause of death in america, cancer is second. Find me a vegan who is obese n dying if coranary failure...and no i am NOT a veggie i love cheese burgers and i am an ex smoker. I never really wanted to live past 65 anyway lol

Tdevonner 0

Wowwww meat doesnt hurt anyone? Heart diseas is the LEADING cause of death in america, cancer is second. Find me a vegan who is obese n dying if coranary failure...and no i am NOT a veggie i love cheese burgers and i am an ex smoker. I never really wanted to live past 65 anyway lol

peasonearth 8

61- you say it's OP's fault because they smoke, yet your picture is a heart made of weed?

216 - it's not an infringement of rights if the government is trying to protect innocent people from second hand smoke. Smokers are a danger to themselves and their community. Plus, do you know how bad tobacco growing is for the environment??

How do you go outside when it's cold out & not realize you have shoes on until you burn your foot on your cig?

28, I don't think you know much about the world outside of your city.

well op is from Oklahoma...where it's winter time

marpay 11

And it has been unseasonably warm in Oklahoma.

Give OP a break. At least he wasn't wearing crocs...

Agreed. Crocs is possibly the worst foot wear known to man kind.

Even if OP is from Oklahoma, who's to say he/she isn't on vacation somewhere tropical? Or that it didn't happen to be a warm night

55- actually it's those weird shoes that have toes... -shudders-

Stonedmanalex 0

Nobody, 104. I wasn't saying it was warm. I was merely pointing out that nowhere in the FML does it say that it's cold where OP is so this person's comment is irrelevent

Umm this person lives in the states not Canada so maybe they don't get snow dumb ass I wish I lived in Cali sometimes cause Edmonton is killer cold right now worse then BC !!

I know ! Edmonton has so much snow right now! :)

just gonna put this out's still autumn.....

It might not have been cold you ******* dumb ****!!!!

Sillydeadperson 17

I'm sorry, but this was your fault. Bring a glass of water next time.

Sillydeadperson 17

Quitting is difficult. If the OP wants to quit, so be it. If the OP doesn't, they should get an ashtray. Either way, it's not something we can control.

Well jee, thanks Sherlock! You think the message would already be known worldwide, seeing as most people smoke. Gosh, I'm so glad you've pointed this out to me! (P.S. To the original post: Hope you feel better!! Ice that sheez D:)

Thanks for posting such an insightful message that I'm sure the op would not have known otherwise

sierra142 19

Captain obvious is......obvious.

Tell the world what you know, 4! Oh wait, the world already knows, and smokers still smoke.

HAHAHAH He has 69 thumbs up. ...... Nevermind thats not funny.

bladomas 2

ydi for smoking, i hope you burned your foot

and alcoholic should cut them with the glass of their beers? In what does a bad life habbit do so that you do not empathize on OP's pain?!

Why should we feel for op when op doesn't feel for himself or for others? Smoking doesn't just effect you, but everybody around you.

I agree, I have to hold my breath when I walk past smokers because I want to avoid as much second hand smoke as I can. One of life's lessons is, if it hurts you, you tend to want to stop doing it. OP's fault and yes the alcoholics should cut themselves they got themselves into alcoholism not anyone else.

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afcrewchief 4

Which is why most smokers go outside to designated smoking areas. If you don't smoke you shouldn't be near that area anyway.

Yeah too bad the ******* smokers dont go to their "designated smoking areas". They sit right the **** outside the building im in and i get all the second hand smoke.

llamalpaca382 13

86, you sound like a real winner.

h00l1gan 5

51 but he went outside so he doesn't give any1 second hand smoke so he is caring for other

Cat_Daniels 6

I definitely agree with 51! Smoking is bad for you no Matter what, so u kinda deserved it... But dont get me wrong, your not a bad person, you just made a bad decision.

Who the hell are you to judge him? You have no Idea why he smokes. Way to be a dick:

173. there is absolutely no excuse for I'm not going to feel sympathy for any smoker.

Well like OP said, he went outside so less people would be affected by the smoke. And if that happened to a friend of mine I don't think I would've said:" ydi because smokimg is bad!!!" and I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't either

Dominodev 3

If you use a car then shut up about secondhand smoke

You shouldnt say ydi because you smoke. Because for some people, they started smoking before anyone found out it was really bad for you. One of my friends parents started smoking on a dare. One of his classmates dared him to try it. He inhaled and coughed. Since he was embarassed about it, he kept smoking until he was good at it. Then they found out it was addictive. Then they found out it causes cancer.

Can that comment be moderated please? I can't delete it.

174 - What would you do if one of your friends started smoking? Would you abandon them and have no sympathy for anything they do because they put burning Tobacco in their mouth occasionally?

FYLDeep 25

Jeez, now your foot is probably as disgusting looking as your lungs.

FYLDeep 25

These are my favorite types of smoking side effects since they are indirect. Another one I heard that was particularly amusing related to the outlawing of smoking in indoor public areas, for example a bar. It said that since smokers have to go outside to light-up, they often leave their drinks unattended inside which leads to them getting date-raped. Not the type of side effect you would traditionally associate with smoking.

And you think that's funny? Seriously?

cj7geojeep 0

60 well the 9 thumbs up says someone thought it was...

leadman1989 15

Smoking bad for your health all around... just say no.

MsMeiriona 2

Gonna join the broken record, YDI for smoking.

kismentia 10

A. I'm pretty sure OP, along with the rest of the free world, is aware that smoking is harmful. That's probably what the gibberish on the boxes is about, huh? B. OP didn't "deserve" it for being a smoker. Going outside was courteous. On instinct, he snuffed it out, but foolishly forgot his footwear. That idiocracy would be why he deserves it.

I'm not sure which is more surprising: the fact that apparently my mom is on here, or that she has 200 accounts.

To whom is going outside courteous to? All op said was that he or she doesn't like smoking in the house. For all we know there could have been kids running by op's house while she was smoking.

marpay 11

It's courteous to the possible housemates and children inside their house.

Do we know that there were children in the house? All it says is that op doesn't like smoking in the house. It is a possible suggestion though.

tweetypie 18

Just like we don't know if there are are children in the house, we also don't know if there are children running around.

Wow you take these things seriously dont you?

Free world or not smoking is gross and addicting and smelly and expensive and harmful to your body, and harmful to others, and it's dirty, and if you kiss a smoker, it's like licking an ashtray! The buts are dirty. ALL GROSS!

LOlL hit the nail on the head my friend

kittykat1501 31

Randomness. Just randomness at its finest, 35