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Today, after spending a day in the ER and a day in hospital, I was recovering from emergency surgery. My boyfriend left to eat and didn't come back. He texted me 4 hours later that he was drinking with his friends and that he loved his "brown eyed girl". My eyes aren't brown. FML
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Even if he weren't apparently cheating, that's rather inconsiderate of him to be out partying when you're recovering from being in the ER

Maybe they were listening to that Van Morrison song while drinking...


Maybe they were listening to that Van Morrison song while drinking...

That could actually be it. Even if he already told her he's colourblind and that she told him that she doesn't have brown eyes, they could easily have forgotten, especially with him on something so minor.

He is still an a$$, being out drinking while she is so ill.

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Perhaps! My son is colorblind and has trouble with deciphering between green and brown.

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Something tells me this wouldn't be an FML if he were colorblind.

It's not like they have to do everything together... He can do whatever he wants

Even if he weren't apparently cheating, that's rather inconsiderate of him to be out partying when you're recovering from being in the ER

I see you're point; but just because they're together doesn't mean he has to be there at all times. And why jump straight to he's cheating? OP said they were drinking, meaning their bf is most likely drunk, I bet most people (depending on how drunk they are) wouldn't even be able to remember their own eye color. (Btw, I'm not trying to depend the bf, just pointing some stuff out before everyone jumps to conclusions).

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Oh yeah, because it's totally normal for someone to go out partying while someone their girlfriend is recovering in the ER. I hope you have to go in for major surgery and your boyfriend/girlfriend whomever, decides to just ignore you and go out partying.

But if it's past visiting hours what is the boyfriend supposed to do? Hospitals don't generally let people hang out after visiting hours.

Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself after visiting hours, but he was supposed to have just gone to eat. She was clearly expecting him to come back, but instead he ditched her to get drunk without telling her what was going on until he was too drunk to remember his own girlfriend's eye color. And no, quoting a song isn't a good excuse either. There are plenty of other songs that are more applicable to someone who doesn't have brown eyes.

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It sucks that OP's boyfriend did this but, maybe, the place he went to eat at was a bar close to the hospital and he had a few drinks with his lunch and then his friends showed up and they all just continued drinking and time slipped away from him? It's entirely possible that he didn't plan it/do it on purpose. Also, just because he said "brown eyed girl" doesn't mean jack - he's drunk and drunken rambling isn't unheard of. It doesn't mean he's cheating and it's a shame that that's what mostly everyone jumps to. We really don't know any more without his side of the story/an update from OP. Ever heard of benefit of the doubt? Going out drinking instead of being by his girlfriend's side when she just had surgery isn't the greatest thing in the world but it's not worth breaking up over.

You are trying too hard. The guy is a jerk!

OP doesn't clarify if she was recovering at home or was staying in the hospital after her surgery. She could have been sent home after her surgery, depending on the nature of the procedure. Even if she were still in the hospital, its pretty inconsiderate for her boyfriend to go and get drunk with friends. I suspect it wasn't after hours because she seemed to expect he would return fairly quickly. So he's a jerk.

Sounds like your boyfriend has terrible priorities. Ditch the zero!

He might just be too drunk to even remember simple things like that.

You realise that's the name of the song right?

You know I've oddly enough been in a similar situation.

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Not sticking up for him because what he did WAS a douch move. But, the partying could be his way of dealing with the stress of seeing someone he loves stressed out and in pain. Or he could just hate hospitals. Hospitals give me bad anxiety, should've seen me when I had my daughter....

I see your point, but I gathered from the post that he *said* he was going to grab a bite to eat, as in he would be back afterwards. The problem isn't what he's doing on his own time, but that he was insincere at this critical time about his actions. If he'd said he was leaving, whatever I guess, but don't just disappear on someone. THAT is what's wrong here. Also, when I was 12 years old, my dad had to renew my passport and actually asked me: "What color are your eyes again? Brown, right?" No, dad. They're blue-green, just like yours. Lesson: People can love you and be embarrassingly clueless about your appearance. So I'm staying with the eye color part not being the issue, but the ditching your hospitalized girlfriend to go drink with your buddies is a major red flag.