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Today, my license to carry a gun expired because my manager forgot to renew it. As I'm an armored car guard, this is a problem. In order to keep getting hours, my company transferred me to the coin vault. I just finished moving 15000 lbs of boxed coins. By hand. I'm stuck doing this for a month. FML
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In Canada you need a gun licence to own firearms. To actually carry one you need to qualify annually with your company and they apply for your ATC (authorization to carry) I requalified in August and reminded my manager in September. He forgot to apply for my ATC. Nothing I could do to prevent this.

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You'll have your own 'guns' by the end of the month. Call it a blessing in disguise.


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So you were expecting your gun to lift the coins??

Idiot he wouldn't be lifting coins if he was pulling truck duty ( which you need a gun for) herp derp

Been working with a firearm for years. It's your responsibility to keep your cards up to date, not his. Do feel for you, that coin is heavy after moving just a few boxes...

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Yoda, the laws may be different in Canada. I know in Britain you can't even own a gun without being in a profession such as OP's, or a police officer.

I thought British cops didn't carry firearms.

In Canada the company must apply for it not you. Also the manager was reminded several times 2 months in advance

Hey how is that job? I live in ontario too and I'm not sure what I want to do after highschool, I was thinking some kind of armed security.

Just like when quagmire discovered Internet **** on family guy!! ... Except both arms

Especially from moving 7.5 tons everyday for a month.

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Popeye won't have crap compared to this guy.

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while this is true, he doesn't need to re-qualify at a range.

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I honesty know very little about how gun laws work in Canada, but I'm going to assume that the OP did nothing wrong here.

#5 - In almost every state you have to go to the range annually and requalify with your weapon. I've had to do it for the past 3 years for my armed security license. For a Concealed Carry permit, you don't.

Even if your company is paying for your license, it is your responsibility to keep track of renewals. Florida sends you a reminder notice 4 months before it expires, giving you roughly 8-10 weeks to send everything in (6-8 week processing period).

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5- Maybe the Canadian gun laws are different from what I am used to. We have to requal every 6 months and renew every 2 years. My main point being nobody is responsible for doing any of that for him.

#9 - myself and OP are from Canada. I have my restricted and non-restricted firearms license and we don't need to go to a range for it. The gun laws here vary significantly from the states. We can't have concealed, even if you're a peace officer.

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#16- Sucks you can't have CCW's. It's pretty tough Trying to get one here. Security officers here have to do as I stated above. The police officers here don't have to requal so often. Once a year.

Petronix, are you from Hayward, Wisconsin? I love it there. :)

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Hayward? Nice I got family from there! That giant Muskie is something!

If something was that important to me I wouldnt leave it to someone else. Until you had the paper in your hand you should have been reminding him.

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I know at my job we qualify with our weapons every 6 months and it's our job to renew our license when it's about to expire.

Pa, act 235 is armed guard. Classes 16 hours instructional and 8 range, followed by test. Renewed every 5 years, course of fire only (course of fire is easy enough you could do it one handed with a snub nose). CCW is a 20 (maybe 25 now) fee and a application. Each state varies widely, and Canada I have no clue. Still you're job, keep track....

Let's set the record straight... In Canada only police officers, armored car guards and those working in the far north can have a permit to carry. For armored car guards, the employer must submit the forms, because they are the only reason that person is getting the permit, otherwise anyone could say they work as a guard and get a permit without actually being a guard...

Imagine how many bubblegum balls you could get with that! Always look on the bright side of life.

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You'll have your own 'guns' by the end of the month. Call it a blessing in disguise.

Use the coins as your new weapon for now. Any protection is good protection.

Hey thats what i do for a living stop complaining