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Today, I fell asleep at my desk. It's bad enough that it was for 45 minutes and that I was snoring. What makes it worse? My boss woke me up. FML
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You need to move to Japan where having a nap at work it viewed as proof that you're working very hard!


You need to move to Japan where having a nap at work it viewed as proof that you're working very hard!

I hate falling asleep in public places. im always afraid of snoring or drooling. Sorry OP! Hopefully your boss understands.

Unless his boss is Japanese I don't think he will be very understanding.

"Hope. The quintessential human delusion simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness."

You are at work to sleep. Wait that's wrong... Your fault and you deserve the punishment.

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This. I think your boss would rather you explain that you're going to fall asleep and just clock out.

This happened to me in detention in high school. You just need to focus on getting more sleep. Hope your boss wasn't too hard on you.

One time I fell asleep in class, while standing. I nearly hit the floor in front of everyone, XD it was really embarrassing.

Well at lest it's better than sleep talking OP! My sister once took a video of me sleep talking and posted it on Facebook! For a week my parents have been repeating what I was saying in my sleep!

What is with people saying I hope your boss was okay with it. I somehow doubt that most of the people commenting this have ever been responsible for much. If I were the boss you would definitely be on thin ice ....

or they are hoping that op has a cool boss and might try to understand his situation. Im sure as long as he got his work done that it wasnt to big of a deal.

So falling asleep in the lab is okay if my work is done and possibly missing the trauma pager or a sepsis protocol ? Regardless you go to work to work . He's lucky to have a job in my own humble opinion .

Opinions differ, so do situations. Just because you work at a job that requires constant attention dosnt mean he does.

I also find your comment regarding people hoping his boss understands ignorant. My boss understands if somthing like this happens and sympathizes. Im not saying you should sleep at work. If its a one time thing its not a huge deal. If its reoccurring thats a diffrent story.

Ignorance had absolutely nothing to do with this situation . It is lack of respect for his job that he is obtaining monetary gain. Yes situations differ and there may be exceptions but they are far a few between.

No, not the situation you comment about what others say is ignorant. just because bosses you encountered do not understand nor care about his sleeping problems does not mean his or others bosses wont. your blaming OP for somthing he cant necessarily control.

Correction I am saying it's his fault . Let's argue for instance he had narcolepsy. Knowing his own issue he is responsible to tell his work about his issue and in turn wouldn't be saying **** my life . I understand your argument, but regardless seeing it as a business perspective stealing company time to sleep is not okay .

Im not saying it is. However i dont think because of one mistake he should get fired for it, especially since we do not even know the situation.

I never said he deserved to be fired ... I said thin ice and that he deserves to be punished based on many other factors.

Dear lord, the stupidity... it's overwhelming. I'm pretty sure ANY boss wouldn't be to happy about his employees sleeping on the job, why? Because he's not paying them to come and sleep. He shouldn't get blamed for something he has no control over. Is that a joke? He can go to sleep earlier for starters, secondly he should drink more water that helps enormously, and third healthy diet so he won't feel drowsy. If he values his job in the slightest he'll get his act together.

Where on earth did you see a comment that a said a boss would be happy? read again. I stated that some bosses could be understanding. big difference.

Do you know if op does not have a sleeping condition? Sure you can get a better diet. Drink water. However somedays you are just tired. I mean, we are humans right?

In any (American) company, sleeping is absolutely against the rules. Most of the time it is an offense that results in termination. You can't sleep at work. Period.

#33, of OP does have a sleeping problem, then there is medication for that, I know that because I have friends with severe sleeping problems, but as long as they take medication they are fine. And if OP does not have a sleeping problem then like other comments stated there are other ways to help with that. Also I do agree that I should be on thin ice, because sleeping, at work shows disrespect and carelessness for OP's job, because OP is at work to work, and if he has to sleep, then he should stay home, because he is not getting paid to sleep

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if they had a sleeping disorder/problem they would have (or atleast should have) included it in their fml because it is an inportant factor in why they were asleep, im sure the poster would tell us because it would explain things. plus, if it was a diagnosed condition then the boss should know and theyd get in less trouble. since that wasnt concluded in the op's fml post, it just seems like op is just tired for normal reasons. anything else is just speculation

Im sure as long as op has a legitimate excuse such as stress in his marriage, sick/dying family member, or something along those lines his boss would be somewhat understanding. If he explains the situation and promises it wont happen again op's boss may let him off with just a warning. If none of this is true then op totally deserves it, but im vonna hope op had a good reason.

I kept falling asleep in my old job, mainly because I was constantly bored as I didn't have enough work to do and because the lights were so incredibly bright. I couldn't help it, and even did so in meetings with my manager. I explained I'd had it since school and I get plenty of sleep, I even have evening naps. I had some tests done but I'm still waiting for the NHS to arrange my sleep study...

In the company I work for, falling asleep on the job is immediate termination.

Please people...this is not a debate to convice people to side with you...

Sounds like you need more sleep at night. Try going to bed earlier. If you're staying up all night YDI. Can't be sleeping on the job.

There are worse things that you could have done while sleeping than just snoring. Good luck with your boss.

Hey it seems that you have you dreamed job!! Too much?? Ok.

Some places, that would be considered- stealing from your company's hours. Count your blessings if you didn't get fired.

I think I'm more irritated that I couldn't pull this off. I would not only be fired but probably be fined for endangering lives.....

#16 at this point it just sounds like you're shoving the fact that your job has peoples lives at stake in everyones faces.

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except there are professionals in healthcare settings who do nap on the job. It is something that is basically accepted as part of the career with long demanding hours, being on call, etc. So breaks are nap time for them.